Slavery in Sikh nation

Yesterday on 04-11-2013, the volunteers at Gurudwara Rakabganj, Delhi were busy to  welcome the  visitors in exhibition on 1984. Suddenly they noticed Mrs. Gursharan kaur w/o Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh coming out of Gurudwara. She herself walked towards exhibition but before that the volunteers could receive her, a bob cut haired lady in her group, suddenly started screaming and complained pain in her foot. Mrs. Gursharan kaur had almost entered the exhibition and looking at the pictures displayed. Her intention was diverted towards that lady who was crying in pain. In pain, she was saying that she couldn’t go inside and Mrs. Gursharan kaur may go but it seems that bob cut haired lady was from any special agency which didn’t want the w/o PM to enter in exhibition and see the painful pictures revealing role of Congress in Sikh genocide 1984. Mrs. Gursharan kaur turned towards that lady and went back without entering the exhibition. The Sikh volunteers were amazed to see the drama staged by that lady who whisked away the w/o PM.


4 Responses to “Slavery in Sikh nation”

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