No Modi – No RSS

It seems that RSS is going to fulfill it’s dream to grab power through initiation Narendra Modi as it’s stooge by announcing his a Prime minister candidate with support of it’s sister concerns like BJP and other like minded pro-Hindu political parties in India. His candidature is seen as a new change in Indian politics.

(In attached picture you can see Narendra Modi as a Sikh. This picture was taken in 1975 when he hide himself from atrocities by Indira Gandhi during emergency in 1975. He changed his get up to save his life. But Sikhs in Punjab raised their voice against emergency and filled the jails to which Indira became enemy of Sikh nation. This lead finally to Operation Bluestar in 1984 and then she paid the price with her life in same year). 

Yes that’s true. So far Indian national Congress is responsible for all kinds of disturbances (communal and political) in India before and after partition of India to remain in power. The attack on Golden temple and killing of Sikh youths for a full decade from 1985 to 1995 was part of their malicious moves to retain power in Punjab and to suppress Sikhs. Congress is a racisit party but it seems that whole India has become a racist nation. Not only Congress but the Hindu fanatic organizations supported by RSS, playing politics and communal cards are a threat to minorities in India.

This was foreseen by many intellectuals before partition also. Prof. Pooran singh, in his letter to John Simon (Simon commission) in 1928 expressed his fear as following; Whatever he said 85 years ago, is true word by word. Hindus got power in India and their atrocities on minorities and other communities is beyond any description. In the name Hindi, hinu and Hindustan they keep threatening and terrorize Muslims and Sikhs of this nation. More than one million Sikh youths have been killed by Congress in Punjab but the alleged police officers, perpetrators of sikh genocide, bureaucrats are gieven promotions, the police officials and army officers who invaded Golden temple have been decorated and a safe future is provided to them even after their retirements. The victims are compelled to attend the Courts on every date but the alleged conspiraters are free to be present in Courts. Sikhs and Muslims have lost their faiths in Police and judiciary. Only a miracle can save this nation. And that miracle is not hoped from Narendra Modi—a stooge of RSS.

The Seeds of Tyranny


The following extracts taken from  an Open Letter written in 1928  by Prof. Puran Singh to Sir John Simon of “Simon Commission” fame.

The Simon Commission was appointed by the British government in 1927 to report on the working of  the Constitution in India and to present  recommendations for reforms. Its members were from the Conservative, Liberal, and Labour parties. J. A. Simon served as chairman

October 21, 1928

Dear Sir John Simon:


It is, therefore, not extricable from the so-called religious bias and bigotry. Self-government in India means government by the very few cunning and aggressive people, who, once put in possession of authority, would twist all letters of law and constitutions to their individual wills and make them work on the communal or the so-called religious bias.

The Muslim does not believe in any country as his own. He believes in a brotherhood, which, by its sheer number, must conquer the whole world. To him, political advancement of the Muslim brotherhood is his real progress. From a racial point of view, this Muslim outlook is worthy of praise, and such a community of people, unless forced by compelling circumstances, forever refuse to live under any alien domination. The Muslim essentially desires to rule over the world and even his children dream of a pan-Islamic Asiatic Empire.

The interest of Muslims in India cannot be national in the sense that the national congress of the Hindu Intellectuals so far has been declaring to mean. Men of exceptional outlooks can be found in all races, and in India’s Muslims also. To get such exceptions together at Lucknow and find agreements merely on the surface of things in certain wording of a few formal resolutions to agree to the Nehru Committee’s Draft, is to me a ludicrous unreality of the so-called history-making announcements.

I was going to say it is indulgence of the Indian intellectuals in happy phrases when the country is slowly and surely going from bad to worse. For the reason given, which is in the very constitution of the Muslim mentality, he can come to no terms with the Hindu, but those that give him the domination and advantage over the Hindu and all other low-lying communities living in India. Any compromise arrived at would collapse as soon as the Muslim finds out that it is not to his interest and he would thereby be put merely in a position of disadvantage. Agreements bought at such a price are not worth the paper on which they are written. Surely, the Nehru Report is not founded on true patriotism nor true nationalism in which the individual community merges into the large nation with a flaming passion.

Come to the Hindu. He is the implacable, but cowardly foe of the Muslim. He does not trust him and in the heart of his heart, he considers him filthy, cow eating, treacherous, barbarous, one capable of any tyranny, rapine, plunder and cruelty. Even the touch of a Muslim pollutes his food! The Hindu believes his own culture and caste superior to all other human institutions. He alone is pure. For this very attitude, in him also, there can be no genuine feeling akin to that noble patriotism which shapes the destinies of nations to their freedom and progress as in the West.

Thus, there are two distinct mentalities at dagger’s drawn, in spite of profession of friendship, political union and social amities. One is aggressive, self-assertive, revengeful mentality of a united people of one religion, one creed, one caste, with a dream of an empire driving them onward. The other is the self-centred bias of a highly conservative, non-progressive, over-individualised, indifferent, disunited, dollar-loving people who have consented to be slaves for centuries.

The Hindu is still referring, for orders, to his old scriptures from where no more orders come. He cannot raise the marriageable age of the girl. He cannot remarry his child widow. He cannot give up caste and superstitions. He is hopelessly bound with the past, somewhat like the Russian peasant tied to the superstitions of the Roman Catholic Church. This eternal difference between the Hindu and the Muslim is seen by Dr James Cousins even up to the method of wearing the Hindu dhoti and the Muslim trousers.

It is, your majesty, And it would be a song most pitifulThat Akbar’s legs were traitor to his feet, And after these long miles of journeying Flaunted discovery. An hour ago I died to Islam and was born a Hindu But you are struck halfway from life to life Loins downward shamelessly a Mussalman.

Akbar ­

I have seen Hindu trousered.

Tansen ­

Very true, But there is something deeper than the fact That has escaped you. Take a pair of trousers From Muslim’s leg and put them on a Hindu’s And they will seem alike aliens of the race. Aye, perverts from the faith. No, no too much Hangs from your waist to risk. Here take this cloth And reincarnate quickly.

Akbar –

If my limbs Could ape the Hindu as glibly as your tongue Takes on his language. I far more would fear To lose myself in that which we assume, Than be unmasked, and so I rather choose To don the Hindu than to slough the Muslim. And being both be either at the need.(He has put on a Hindu dhoti or skirt)

Tansen ­

“Well, well the risk at least is covered up.”The Kings’s Wife

Then there are Sikhs, for example, amongst many important newly created nations.

And each of these minorities is pulling in its own way because each one believes in a new inspiration and a new life that it wishes to save by cutting itself from the Hindu stock. If the mother-stock shoots up, the beauty and life of the new graft will go.

For example, the Sikh believes in the inspirations of the Ten Gurus. His past begins from Guru Nanak and his future lies in the progress of his ideals. His masters did cut off a portion from the dead stock of Hindus and infuse a new life into it. They isolated the Sikhs from the disintegrating people called the Hindus, who are self-hypnotised slaves of a peculiar theological tyranny of complex intrigue of Brahminism. The Sikh Gurus moulded a fine strong nation out of the terror-stricken masses. All historians admit the worth of this great experiment of the Gurus and appreciate how Guru Gobind Singh infused a spirit similar to the Bushido Spirit of the Japanese into his Sikhs. The Guru isolated them from the dead mass around.

The Sikh keeps long hair and wears a sword. However ridiculous these signs may appear to the modern, considered under the local social conditions of India and the environmental context, they are the fruits of an act of genius which has concealed the new life of a whole nation under such trivial things – the knot of hair and beard – as nature conceals the lightening spark in the soft wool of clouds.

Hindus have seen that this process is against them. The Guru has declared the Hindu dead as long as he does not join his Khalsa for his emancipation. The Hindu cannot tolerate such experimental condemnations of his caste and religion as the Guru makes by the very reactivity of his fresh inspiration on the masses of the Punjab. The Hindu turned down Buddhism in the past and is thinking of devouring Sikhism, because both systems condemn the Hindu tyranny of caste masquerading as religion of love.

A few straws show which way the wind blows. Mahatma Gandhi preaches against keeping of hair. He denounces those Sikh shouts of conquests as communal, as against national, with which they battered the Mughal tyranny and became a free nation. The Sikh will die if he cuts his hair and assumes the Hindu shape. The patronising attitude which the Nehru Constitution adopts towards the Sikhs is the policy of the Hindu Congress to include the Sikhs in the Hindus.

Perhaps you will say I am wasting your time; but I assure you, you and your friends will be equally wasting your time if you, only as constitutional lawyers, sitting down like Pandit Moti Lal Nehru and the men of his mind, write Constitutions for this India where the witches’ cauldron is boiling and Walpurgis night is on. Any Constitution coming in here like this essentially means the domination of one community over all others which must be kept in a permanent state of suspended animation. All progress under such Constitutions shall be one-communal and not multi-communal. It would no more be diarchy but it would be a form of civil anarchy in administration run by an autocratic and communal majority.

The herd and its vote does not really matter. The whole District is run by a few officers. They are not chosen by the people. They are the real autocrats. And if the services are corrupted by communal bias, it is the more powerful community that shall drive the others in practical details of administration.

The Hindu, if he is in the chair, would tease the Muslim mass and if the Muslim is in authority, he would injure the Hindu mass. Votes for electing a truly representative Legislative body under such conditions of communal tension in securing the monopoly of authority under any such system as adumbrated by the Nehru Committee shall, for all times, be wholly impotent and ineffective in maintaining the morale of the public services. The adult franchise is but the herd vote.

By giving the Montford Reforms you took away all the noblessee oblige of the “Steel Frame” services which did work like irresponsible autocrats but in a spirit in which there was some odour of benevolence. After the Reforms, India has become no one’s land, the cost of administration has gone up and the spirit of the services demoralised. The past cannot be brought back and the future cannot be assured, neither as you might wish nor as they might desire. It has become no one’s business, for example, to look after the costs of the Government.

You have tried for the last hundred years to teach us and to make us into a free nation as you say, but, unlike the Afghans who are much less civilised than ourselves, in spite of your intentions, we as a people, are but a set of women who can just dangle their bangles on their wrists and pose beautiful.

America threw your tea into the sea and Washington led, and then was the Constitution drafted. One can understand Abraham Lincoln proclaiming from the housetops his grand political maxim – the Government of the people, by the people, for the people. That was some culture, some education which grew restless and effectively restless for its freedom.

But a trained statesman must laugh in his sleeves at the impotence of men like Gandhi and Moti Lal Nehru, who wish to be Abraham Lincolns of India without the substance which entitles the people on this earth with human nature, as constituted, to liberty.

I have said you have tried a hundred years to educate us and look at this great and disappointing intellectual disaster. There is not one Amanullah in this whole country of India, there is not one Kamal Pasha. This fundamental problem of education which you also have taken into your hands is such as cannot be solved by systems but by men.

If you really wish to lead India to independence or Dominion status which practically means independence with an empty and courteous bow to England, I say, do not give the poor people of India, Constitutions, do not define their rights. Let all these things come later, but give us say a real Dictator to train at least one province, say the Punjab, at the cost of the whole of India and make it really independent and see incidentally with what sport other provinces bear this wonderful concentration for the sake of the uplift of their brothers of blood of the Punjab.

So far, either you have not done your best to educate us or you are unfit to organise nations to freedom. You must confess either unwillingness to make us men, free men, or the utter incompetence of your system and men as you have so far given us. The education our Universities are giving is the imitation of that luxurious academic training which you give to your youths to enable them to run the Empire and its Embassies.

Of what use is it to us? Afghans have arsenals, aeroplanes, but we are rendered so impotent that our youths cannot earn their living! We get mere crumbs that fall from the Olympian Tables. All, in India, must overwork to death to have one meal a day or die of starvation. We the farmers are crushed under steel heels.

Courtesy: Puran Singh Studies, PunjabiUniversity, Patiala, Punjab.

So I appeal to all countrymen if they really wants to see India united and make sure that peac and harmony between all communities prevail and well maintained, please do not support Narendra modi and keep restrain to strengthen hands of RSS, there will be real threat if Modi is sworn in as next PM. He is already facing allegations of Muslim massacre in Gujrat in 2002. Please chose a person with clean image as we expect our PM as head of family controls all family members. There may be many differences in a family but the head see them equally. Our PM should also believe in equality and win trust from all sections of society and religions in India. I do not support Congress but kindly do not correct two wrongs with one right. RSS is more dangerous for this nation than Congress.

Ajmer Singh Randhawa.













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  1. asrandhawa Says:

    The evidence of Hindu fascism and conversion in Hinduism by giving rebate in Income tax for Hindus only. Is this the secularism in India?

    secret behind reservation quota
    why india has two income tax act
    [1] income tax act of india 1950
    [2] laws 1955

    huf tax laws are specially designed only to benefit mainly hindus of india because Hindustan is belong to them
    so they can have extra benefits.muslims,christians,jews need not to apply.sikhs,jainas,buddhist can apply but they must sign up on forms and declare that they are hindus and give up Sikhism identity. but a secularism,india democracy.
    very clever keep the low cast hindus and to lured

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