An open letter to Vikram Chatwal (Owner/ Managing Director, Dreams Hotel, Manhatten, New York).

Dear vikram ji,
Sat Sri Akal.
Though i am a stranger for you but you are well known to me as i can’t forget the derogatory remark passed by Khushwant Singh on your wedding, i hate that guy.
Today on 18th November, i watched you on Indian TV News channel in which you are shown promoting and participating in AIDS stop program. I appreciate it but i raise my objection on your giving support to Bacchan’s family.
Most probably you seem unaware of Amitabh’s role in Sikh genocide in 1984. He was the first person to give the call to Hindus to  spill blood of Sikhs. He raised hatred slogans on national TV Door Darshan and spread violence throughout India. Amitabh and other chief organizers and perpetrators of Sikh genocide are shielded by Indian govt, hence a common Sikh is not able to take any legal action against Bacchan or other culprits.
ImageResult ………..?
More then 20,000 innocent Sikhs got brutally killed, their women raped and movable and immovable property destroyed. After loss of life and pride they were thus made penniless.
Just spare few minutes and read these blogs revealing the truth;
Qatil Amitabh- 
Monster Amitabh-    
Truth of Amitabh bacchan–   
I hereby request you, please do not give any support to Bacchans family which gets fame by keeping themselves in limelight, they are a killer family and shielded by Indian govt. We the Sikhs are not able to take any legal action against him in India. So please either run such charity programs at your own or with the help of other Sikh organizations like United Sikhs in US. OR please contact Gurpatwant Singh Pannun from Sikhs for justice.
My second humble request and wish is …….please return to your Sikh sarup. By getting your hairs shorned, you have betrayed with 10th master and this causes defamation to you, your family and to all we Sikhs.
Guru fateh.
Ajmer Singh Randhawa

5 Responses to “An open letter to Vikram Chatwal (Owner/ Managing Director, Dreams Hotel, Manhatten, New York).”

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