Sonia Gandhi her role in protecting and shielding Congress party leaders who allegedly participated in the November 1984 anti-Sikh violence.

The federal court in New York on Monday granted the Sikh rights body’s request for more time to amend its complaint about her role in protecting and shielding Congress party leaders who allegedly participated in the November 1984

anti-Sikh violence.


Whether the most powerful Lady in India who is President of UPA, the ruling party of India and Chairman of Congress party really protects and shilds the perpetrators/ chief organizers and other high profile culprits responsible for Sikh pogrom of Sikhs in1984? Let us try to find some fact on hidden secrets.



1-    Amiatbh bacchan, the famous cine star of India, raised the hatred slogans on national TV (owned by govt. of India) and gave a call to Hindus in India to spill blood of Sikhs. I am the eye witness to this hatred call and honourable Chief justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court too raised his voice and questioned the Indian govt. to reveal identity of easily recognizable celebrity. He writes in the list of questionnaire in the beginning on no.3 & 4. Just view his questions;


Retd. justice R S Narula of Punjab and Haryana High Court and a former judge of Supreme Court of India, before he passed away, at his website and has invited all future commissions to probe to some questions about Indian govt. conduct in 1984.


3. Who was the clearly visible and identifiable man who continued to be shown on the Doordarshan television throughout the first part of October 31-Nov. 1 night (standing at the threshold of the room where lay the dead body of Indira Gandhi for public view) shouting: “Sardar Qaum ke ghaddar” and “Khoon ka Badla Khoon” – openly inciting spilling of Sikh blood.


4. Why no action has been taken against that man, till date, for openly spreading disaffection between communities and provoking bloodshed of identifiable persons ?


Is there any doubt left that this person is known as Amitabh Bacchan?


Instead of punishment, he is provided the security cover of NSG commandos and he moves scot-free and enjoys the life.


Charges against Amitabh Bachchan – Bollywood Star are :

• During “84′ Sikh Genocide”, Amitabh Bacchchan was shown on television inciting people to kill Sikhs after the assassination of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

 He said, “Sikhs had not only assassinated Indira Gandhi, they had killed the mother of the nation.”


• He gave the message ‘Khoon ke chheente Indira ko marne walon ke gharon tak pahunchne chahiye (The bloodstains must reach the houses of those who killed Indira)’ and incited Hindus to spill blood of Sikhs by appearing Live on Door Darshan by giving a call of blood of Sikhs as,” KHOON KA BADLA KHOON, means BLOOD FOR BLOOD or BLOOD WASHES BLOOD on behest of his friend then Prime Minister of India-RAJIV GANDHI.


There is not any evidence in history of India where the defeated enemy is chased and finished but who runs away from battlefield is never punished. Mohammad Gauri was defeated by Prithvi Raj Chauan 17 times but the tyrant Mogul invader when defeated Prithvi Raj in his last attempt, he arrested him and took him to Kandhar and tortured him, He was made blind. Though the brave king was master to hit the target on source of sound and he killed gauri and then he and his poet both killed each other.


 I mean to say how this custom to eliminate a group of people suddenly introduces in culture of India?  


This culture to avenge the death with whole community or group of people and eliminate them is brought in India by Sonia Gandhi only. This culture is imported from Italy. Lu sangu lava lu sangu This is an italian phrase which means BLOOD WASHES BLOOD orBLOOD FOR BLOOD. The readers can imagine it’s impact and can easily understand who was the script writer of the slogan-KHOON KA BADLA KHOON. She gave this example to kill the Sikhs in one go and he followed these instruction and ordered the TV team to cover the shoot and used celebrity of Amitabh and gave this script to this cine star to shoot in his angry and provocative image to incite majority hindus of the nation to kill Sikhs in every city. Result — more then 20000 innocent Sikhs were brutallymurdered, their women raped and their properties were destroyed to make them penniless.

2-    Veer Sanghvi—who is an editor of India’s leading news paper ‘The Hindustan Times’ once interviewed Sonia Gandhi– the daughter in law of Mrs. Gandhi. This video is available on youtube also. In this interview Sonia Gandhi herself admits that Indira used to give tips to her son Rajiv Gandhi to what to do in case of her sudden death as she was feared of her assassination by Sikhs who could avenge the attack on Golden temple with her life so she used to give lessons to her son to how to avenge Sikhs after her sudden demise. The highly decorated posts were already being adorned by her trustworthy appointed faithful bureaucrats and other senior posts in Police, Army and …….. security forces. These trustworthy officers could give their services to fulfill the ambitions of Rajiv Gandhi and help him to achieve his goal.

3-    Jadish tytler, is one among the Chief organizers of Sikh genocide in 1984. He was promoted to Cabinet Minister by late Rajiv Gandhi – the PM of India and Chief orchestrator. Since then he adorns the influential posts. He was also given a ticket to fight the election for Parliament but was compelled to revert on protests by Sikhs but he is enjoying the status of high up in congress and fully protected though a legal case on killing and leading the death squad in 1984 is in Court but that’s all to throw dust in eyes as for the last 29 years, he is not punished and no justice is done with victims of 1984.

4-    Kamal Nath, another cabinet minister was also promoted to join the cabinet soon after the Sikh genocide. He was also awarded for his role to set on fire a historical gurudwara in Delhi (Gurudwara Rakabganj) and killing two Sikhs allegedly by the mob lead by him and in his presence. He is still in cabinet. He had face the anger of Sikhs on his visit to UK, USA  and Canada but govt. is keen to protect him. He too enjoys his life under protection of govt. provided security and away from clutches of law in India.

5-    Sajjan kumar — he is also one among the top organizers of Sikh genocide, he is responsible to lead the death squads and to kill the Sikhs in outer Delhi. Though he lead the mob in many colonies, provoked the hindus and attacked on houses of Sikhs and contributed in killing of Sikhs but a case in killing of few Sikhs in Delhi cantt is going on in a court. A drama of justice is being played for the last 29 years but he is fully protected by Sonia Gandhi as he was a loyal servant to his late husband who refused to take any action against him despite he was requested by jullious Rebeiro, former DGP Punjab. He was also given the ticket in 2009 to fight for Parliament election but on protest by Sikhs, the ticket was given to his brother who won and became a member of Parliament, thus he was obliged in an indirect way. Now again his son Jagpravesh is contesting the election for Delhi assembly, the family is thus blessed by Sonia and her party – Congress.

No fare legal action is possible against these high ups until Sonia Gandhi in power.

These are few important examples of shielding the perpetrators from law and place them on high profile posts, giving them liberty to enjoy the life and an assurance to keep them protected always. I am sure the Sikh community worldwide shall support efforts of Sikhs for justice in USA who are making every effort to bring these culprits under hammer of law. They are to be condemned as they too tried to eliminate the world’s fifth largest religion like Hitler tried to kill Jews. Sonia gndhi is responsible and an accused to provide these perpetrators a security cover and to protect them clutches of law. She is accused of shielding the killers of humanity and thus violates the human rights.



7 Responses to “Sonia Gandhi her role in protecting and shielding Congress party leaders who allegedly participated in the November 1984 anti-Sikh violence.”

  1. asrandhawa Says:

    Excerpts from the speech of Lord Singh in Lord’s Debate on Human Rights Violations;

    I will give another example of this less than even-handed approach to human rights. Next year sees the 30th anniversary of the Indian army attack on the Sikh Golden Temple in Amritsar and the subsequent massacre of tens of thousands of Sikhs throughout India. An independent inquiry headed by a former Chief Justice of India found overwhelming evidence of top Congress Party involvement. Yet our Government’s response to this attack on a minority faith was total silence. When I raised the matter with a then Cabinet Minister, I received the reply, “Indarjit, we know exactly what’s going on, but we are walking on a tightrope. We have already lost one important contract”. He was referring to the Westland helicopter contract.

    How many evidences the world needs that India is a biggest racist nation and it protects and provides security to mass murderers by placing them on influential posts?

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    • asrandhawa Says:

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  4. Alvin Lacerte Says:

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