Hunger strike to free Sikh prisoners languished in jails since 1984 in India

DAY #12 ‘Free The Singh Or Watch Me Die’
A Sikh person sat on hunger strike untill all the Sikh prisoners languished in indian jails since 1984 are not freed. Almost all of them have completed their punishment but the racist indian govt keeps them behind bars. This man Gurbax Singh was also imprisoned and after his release he raised voice for his other jail mates who are not freed.
This is a discrimination with Sikhs in India and an attempt to keep Sikh community as suppressed which they oppose. Sikhs are not Hindus but a sovereign and distinct religion (5th in largest in world). It’s a complete religion and fulfill all terms and conditions to be called a religion but all efforts by Indian govt. and majority Hindus are made to submerge this religion into main folds of Hindu religion. Thus every method to abolish Sikh culture or to eliminate them have been applied but Sikhs raise their voice in solidarity all over the world.
Bhai Gurbaksh Singh has resorted to a hunger protest in a final and desperate bid to wake the conscience of the Indian Government that refuses to release the Sikh political prisoners who have long served the full term of their sentences yet continue to languish in jail.
It has been twelve days since Bhai Gurbaksh Singh last consumed any food but he remains in high spirits, we pray for his continued strength and chardi kala.
Please do your bit by watching and sharing this video…
 Courtesy; Sikh Organisation for Prisoners Welfare (SOPW). UK.

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