The martyr of martyrs-evidence of unparalell martyrdom in Sikh religion.

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh !
The scared place where every devotee bowed his head in due honor to commemorate the martyrdom of great Sikh martyr Baba Deep Singh, unparallel in history of humankind in all religions. He fought without his head on his neck but holding it in his left hand and fought for many hours. He covered a distance of nearly 8-9 kms to reach holy city Amritsar. 

He took a pledge before going to battle field that he will give his head only before his Guru Ramdas (4th guru of Sikh religion) at golden temple but on the way, during the clash, one of the Mughal commanders, Jamal Khan, attacked Baba Deep Singh Ji. As they fought, both men swung their weapons with great force, leaving both of their heads separated from their bodies. After seeing this scene, a young Sikh warrior called out to Baba Ji, reminding him of his vow to reach Harmadar sahib or golden Temple. Upon hearing this, Baba Deep Singh Ji immediately stood up, holding his severed head upright on his left palm while holding his Khanda (Two edged sword) in his right hand. He then continued fighting (with strength derived from the recitation of JapJi Sahib) and moving towards Sri Harmandar Sahib. Upon seeing the sight of Baba Deep Singh’s headless body tearing through their numbers, most of the men in the Mogul army fled away in terror. Baba Deep Singh was able to continue fighting and fulfilled his oath on finally reached Sri Harmadar sahib  there he bowed and lay his head on the parkarma (rectangular walkway) of this sacred Gurudwara. The Sikh Army continued to fight the fleeing Mughals until victory was achieved. Baba Deep Singh ji is remembered by all Sikhs as a brave and courageous martyr with an unflinching dedication to the Sikh principles.

He reached at the outskirts of Amritsar or to say at the boundry. Presently known as ‘Shahidan’. Baba ji stopped there, recited ‘japuji sahib’ and than threw his head in the direction of golden temple which fell at this scared place in periphery (Parkikarma) of Golden Temple. Any body n this planet can not even throw a stone at this distance.
Thus Baba ji kept his words and fulfilled his pledge by offering his head to Guru, he liberated Golden temple from tyrant moguls and freed the sanctum sanctorum.

This scared place where every Sikh has bowed his head in due respect to babaji is removed by SGPC (Akalis) because they objected bowing heads of Sikhs other than Guru Granth sahib ji but forgot they deserve to honor their martyrs also and history teaches the nations of their glorious past to which these ignorant ignored. 

Come lert us offer our respect to Baba ji and by looking a glance on his valor and obedience to his guru. Waheguru may also bless us the same power and will to fight with enemies of Panth. I wsh chardi kalaa (high spirit) to Khalsa.

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh !





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