Attention of paid Indian media is invited

Whether paid Indian media (print & electronic) give a coverage to hunger strike by Bhai Gurbax Singh which has entered in it’s 16th day? If Anna Hazare sits on one day hunger strike and passes his strike by living on Glucose and Lemonade, the media keep coverage and propagate whole day and night but when a Sikh raises issue and invite attention of world on violating human rights by keeping the Sikh (and some others too) behind bars even after their jail term (Punishment) is over but not released? And as there is no one to highlight their agony, no one to help? Human right’s activists are not allowed to work with free hand in Punjab and Sikhs facing attrocities by all means and the state/Indian govts both justify the fake killings in Punjab? Only yesterday, in it’s judgement the Punjab & Haryana High Court have given a clean chit to guilty police official and praised their role? Is this democracy or DEMON-CRACY?

So every Sikh in every part of the world is requested to highlight the hunger strike and demand immediate release of all prisoners languished in Indian Jails since 1984.Protest notes should be sent to embassys and demand should be made by Sikh organizations all over the world.
I sent tweets to many of the news channels and main Newspapers. Let us see if they give any report.


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