An appeal to all Human rights organizations and Indians all over the world.

Humble appeal to Punjabis and Indians to come out and support Mr.Gurbaksh Singh who is on a hunger strike to protest illegal detentions by India. Hundreds of Sikhs are languished behuind bars in jails since 1984. there is no end to attrocities upon them. Sikhs were massacred brutally in 1984 by Indian govt. itself and those who protested. were arrested, nearly one hundred thousands killed in fake encounters by Police. And a number got political asylum in western countries.

But the tyranny on Sikh nation in India never stopped and continue as india is the biggest racist nation.

Illegal detentions are unjust and violate human rights. They can destroy lives and families. If we don’t put an end to these detentions we will be living under threat and fear. Any of us or people close to us can be victims of illegal detentions. Let us make Punjab a better and safer place where its citizens can live their lives with some dignity. Mr.Singh has taken up this protest for the people and not for any publicity or personal gain. All must support him and make this protest stronger so we can abolish the practice of illegal detentions.

His FAST UNTO DEATH is entered 17th day today.
 I am fully aware that i may have to pay the price one day for raising my voice but the fearless warriors are born to change the system and sacrifice to uplift the suppressed and fight with oppressors. I too have taken pen in my hand rather than a weapon and keep fighting with anti Sikh, anti minority, anti social elements of India.
Your kind co-operation and support shall give us strength to expose these violators of human rights. To day we demand release of all those prisoners from indian jails who have completed their jail terms but still languish without any hearing or support from world.
So please come and join us.


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