Join FREEDOM MARCH in Punjab

Rihaai march or Freedom march is going to be organized on Wednesday the 4th December 2013 from Sri Akal Takhat Sahib ji Amritsar to Mohali via Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Samrala and Morinda.

Every person irrespective of their religion, caste or community is requested to join it as we the Sikhs in India, through Fast unto death by brother Gurbax Singh ji, demand from govt. of India and the state of Punjab to release all those prisoners from jails who have completed their punishment. The govt. has no right to keep them in illegal captivity. They must be released with immediate effect and on priority.

Indian govt. is also urged to stop it’s ongoing atrocities upon Sikh youths which is a common practice in Punjab. If India wants to be united and doesn’t seek one more division, it should give a full stop to arrest Sikh youths on fabricated charges. Bhai Paul singh, a human rights activist and Baba Baljit Singh Nihang also should be released and all charges be evoked against them.

Where the punishment is required, the govt. and Indian judiciary are incapable to take action. Why no action is taken against Amitabh bacchan for his alleged role in Sikh genocide? Why other chief organizers move scot-free and never punished? Is this not failure of Indian govt. Why no action against Police officers allegedly responsible for killing Sikh youths in fake encounters is ever taken? Why these tainted police officers are promoted to high influenced posts? Why justice is not delivered to victims of 1984?
Is there a two type (dual) of justice and law functions in india – one for govt. touts and the other for common men?





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    Really enjoyed this article post. Will read on…

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