Attention Manjit Singh GK, Panth demands your clarification;

ਏਤੀ ਮਾਰ ਪਈ ਕੁਰਲਾਣੈ ਤੈ ਕੀ ਦਰਦ ਨਾ ਆਇਆ !!


When you were on visit to Italy, you were stopped at airport and asked for removal of your turban for a security check. You objected and refused to remove your turban. Whole Panth supported you and stood next to you but unfortunately today on 4th December two turbans are unfortunately removed in India. One in Delhi by a BJP leader in Tilak Vihar but your team tried to hide this news, second incident is reported from Amritsar where a turban of one among five beloveds (Panj Paiare) was removed by a police officer. 

You were busy in Delhi assembly election so we didn’t tried to contact you but now in the evening when election is over, you haven’t issued any statement on either of incident.

Whether the incident reported from punjab not concerned with you?
Whether your silence doesn’t indicate that your mouth is shut to speak against your masters – the Badals?
Why you didn’t take any action in Delhi and why the matter of turban removal of Shavinder singh – an Akali dal activist, not reported in Police and why that BJP leader not arrested?

Please clarify your views and issue a statement at earliest or it will be seen as if a turban of an Akali leader is removed, only then it should be objected but for others you or DSGMC not concerned.

Please convey the message to your masters that we the Sikhs in Delhi demand stern action against that Police officer who dared to humiliate FIVE BELOVEDS OF GURU, no apology shall be accepted.


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