Freedom march stopped at Golden Temple, cane charged

It’s confirmed that the voice of Sikh nation is being crushed by state govt. of Punjab on behest of center govt. of India.

The Freedom March, which was organized to raise demand to release prisoners languished in Indian jails despite their jail term is over. But the oppressive Indian govt. attempts to crush this voice of humanity in favor of freedom for all.
The petition on attrocities in Punjab is already pending in a US Court against Parkash Singh Badal. This brutality act in Amritsar carried out by Punjab police on peaceful demonstrators needs to be condemned in one voice.
The Sikhs if hold weapon and avenge the attorocities are labelled as extremists in India but when they try to raise their voice in a peaceful manner, their voice is thus suppressed or crushed by Govt. Then how to raise our voice against discrimination, injustice, attrocities, killingso fsikh youths in fake encounters etc.

Could this govt. tell us the way to raise our voice or the only solution which seems a separate nation from India called Khalistan or Sikh homeland? Aren’t we provoked to demand for a separate nation as we are ts reminded that in India we are landless nation and all the western govts. support and stand with Indian govt for their vested interest as they see a huge market for its population?

The most shameful part of Punjab Police is seen today when they stopped the march and in this scuffle, the turban of a high priest among five beloveds who were leading the march, got removed. The turban is highly respected symbol of faith for a Sikh person. We condemn this brutal act and demand resignation from CM of Punjab. He has no right to adorn this seat after removal of the turban and attrocities carried out on peaceful protesters demanding release of prisoners in Indian jails despite their awarded jail term is over.

Why does Indian govt. wants to keep them in jails? it should be revealed and made public.

Just see the pictures how police stopped the Freedom march for prisoners release;


Ardas (Holy prayer) was performed before march proceeded at Sri Akal Takhat sahib, Amritsar.


The Freedom march was topped soon after it started at Sri Akal Takhat sahib, Amritsar.Image

scuffle broke out with police soon after it was stopped.


Turban of a high priest got removed in scuffle, shame on Punjab police–shame on CM Badal.
It has been learnt that the march is again resumed and moved towards it’s destination Mohali after the scuffle when high priest of Akal Takhat jathedar Gurbachan singh intervened. He arrived outside the Golden temple and talked to police officials.
By seeing the huge crowd willing to march, the police was forced to allow the march. Now reports are there that it has arrived Ludhiana after passing through Ludhiana and Phagwara.
So the march continues.


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