Hunger strike continues by a group of men to achieve the mission to set free the Sikh prisoners in india

Punjab again on fire. This forceful attempt to feed brother Gurbax Singh proves that the preacher on non-violence India is scared of peaceful protests. If Gandhi is praised for his agitations on hunger strikes, then why a common man is stopped to follow on path of Mahatma?



It’s now revealed by eye witnesses there in gurudwara Amb sahib that the policemen who took forcefully Bhai Gurbax Singh were under influence of alcohol. They were drunk but dared to enter a holy place of Sikh worship, their gurudwara. This is itself a disrespect to holy place and provocation to Sikh community as it has hurt the religious sentiments worldwide. 

The Parkash singh Badal, being himself a Sikh has no right to rule state as earlier in 1984 he betrayed with Sikh nation by demanding army attack on Golden temple in Amritsar He betrayed and a letter in evidence to his treachery is available on net. Just see the copy;



Contents of the letter;


April 25, 1984.

To, Mr. R. K. Dhawan

1, Safdarjang Road,

New Delhi.


Respected Mr. Dhawan sahib,

 As you know that Mr. Gurcharan Singh’s (Tohra) life is in great danger, so I am writing you this letter. Sant Jarnail Singh is not going to give up and now I strongly feel that we have to do what we planned earlier and Sardar Parkash singh Badal has already explained to you in details. Most of Bhindranwala (sic) men will run away when they see the army and most probably he will too.

Major Genral Jaswant Singh Bhullar and Professor (sic) Manjit Singh Sidhu have agreed to go to America. Full arrangements have been made. Sardar Didar Singh Bains of America and Dr. Jagjit Singh Chauhan will work with him. They have been told to stop Sikhs living abroad before they get organize (sic) and start supporting Sant Jarnail Singh. Please let your people know to support these men with all assistance in every form.

    We will soon provide you the names of those Sikhs who live abroad and supporting (sic) Sant Jarnail Singh. I am sure that our plan will work and this ordeal will be over in no time.

Yours very sincerely,

Sant Harchand Singh Longowal.

And now after 29 years, he has betrayed again with sikh nation as he himself is an enemy of Sikh nation. A petition is already pending against him in a US court. He is alleged to shield the tainted Police officers.and of atrocities on Sikh youths. 

How could the voice of people be crushed? If so, their will be no revelations on corruption, mll-practices, human rights violations and so on by govt. Bhai Gurbax Singh has chosen a right path by going through FAST UNTO DEATH to aware the whole world on injustice and discrimination and violation of human rights by indian govt. in India upon minorities as the youths of minorities are arrested and then kept in jails without any trails for many years. Sikh and Muslim youths are being faced this agony in India. 

The hunger strike shall continue and as replaced by a new group of men and women. The VOICE OF SIKH NATION  can never be suppressed or crushed, please join us and give us strength to keep raising our voice against all odds.


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