Sikhs demand justice from Indian govt

A QUESTION TO INDIAN GOVT. AND PUBLIC IN LARGE that when Anna Hazare or Baba Ramdev (both Hindus) go on their hunger strikes, their strikes ends up in presence of media personal and in flash of their cameras but when a Sikh go on FAST UNTO DEATH to demand release of those unfortunate Sikh prisoners who are still in indian jails despite completion of their awarded jail terms? Why Indian judiciary also not questions the Indian govt. and the Jail authorities the reasons to keep them in illegal captivity?


Why Anna Hazare or Baba Ramdev not came in support of the cause to humanity and supported VOICE F SIKH NATION? Is it not thier communl bias thoughts which stopped them? If yes how they expect any support from Sikhs and Punjab to meet their demands? What stops them, whether their ego? Because they were never on FAST UNTO DEATH but were taking LEMONADES AND GLUCOSE WATER while on hunger strikes?

The arrest of Bhai Gurbax Singh ji and by keeping the Sikh prisoners in indian jails in illegal captivity, it proves that India is only home for majority no place for other communities or poor people. Govt. and its judiciary are running on corruption and bribes. The whole Indian System is based on the rule of “might is right”. 

After the arrest of Bhai Gurbax Singh, five Sikh youths (including one woman)sat on strike and continued it but soon a decision by Sikh nation was amused to see when a Sikh youth Damandeep Singh came ahead to sit on FAST UNTO DEATH AND CONTINUE THE MISSION  of Bhai Gurbax Singh ji.


Our hats off to him and we pray almighty to give him success in mission and all the prisoners be freed soon.

Kindly pray for his success.

Panth da Daas;
Ajmer Singh Randhawa.



5 Responses to “Sikhs demand justice from Indian govt”

  1. bro vox Says:

    There is no justice for minorities in India, it is a bander cracy not democracy. These people should then do not have to live with us and therefore we want a free Punjab – AZAD Punjab which is our wish. We need our nation !!!!

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