The fast continues but replaced by a Sikh youth

26 days are passed but the Indian govt. has not given any ear to the demand of release of Sikh prisoners in Indian jails despite they have completed the awarded punishment and are languishing in jails in illegal captivity. The silence of Indian judiciary is also suspicious. The media failed to give a coverage prove our allegations as paid media in India. The ineffectiveness of human rights activists in Punjab is of no use when they couldn’t raise a voice against atrocities on Sikh youths or they were stopped to act in Punjab. They must issue a statement to aware general public.

Police forcefully removed Bhai Gurbax Singh and arrested him by sending him in jail at Ropar (punjab). But the spirit of Sikh nation was not broken. first five Sikh replaced Bhai gurbax Singh in his absence and started Hunger strike but next morning a Sikh youth Bhai Damandeep Singh set on FAST UNTO DEATH with support of Sikh organizations and in general. The protest is going on. The voice is raised from all parts of India and Sikhs protesting in front of Indian consulates in UK.


This is a call to Sikhs worldwide to stand up for human rights and gather at UN head quarters on 10th December.


Support from Canada. 

Canadian Sangat–Today is 25th Day of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Ji Khalsa’s Hunger Strike for release of Sikh prisoners who have completed their Sentence but are still confined in Indian. Jails.  A  meetingis held  in this regard at Guru Nanak Sikh Gurudwara (BC). Sangat is requested to please attend and support the Movement.


Support from Australia.


Hunger strike started in Srinagar, (Jammu and Kashmir),India. 

Beside in Chilled Weather of minus -8 degree celcious tempereature, At-least our Young generation has  shown support to Bhai Gurbaksh Singh ji (In the form of hunger strike at Amira Kadal Gurudwara Sahib Srinagar) Who is on hunger strike since 14th of November 2013 to release the Sikh prisoners who are languishing in jails even though they have completed there sentence. Hope our elders will definitely will boost their moral towards Khalsa Panth .


Sikhs in Delhi organized a protest march today and lighted candles right outside main entry of Tihar Jail in support of on going campaign to release Sikh prisoners who have completed their punishment awarded by courts, But still languishing in jails.


A protest march in support of Bhai gurbax singh on his demands to release the imprisoned Sikhs in Indian jails as they have completed the awarded jail term but not  released, instead still languished in Indian jails. This march was started from Sector 34 in the after noon on 8th December 2013 and shall end up at Gurudwara Amb sahib at Sahibjada Ajit Singh Nagar, (Mohali) where Bhai Gurbax Singh sat on FAST UNTO DEATH but removed by police after his arrest and shifted to a jail.


This protest march ended at Budhail jail where three of five whose demand is being made to be released are languished.

Soon the number of these protest marches may increase world wide. As the govt. is keen to suppress Sikhs and to continue it’s atrocities on Sikh youths in India.

We fully support Bhai Gurbaksh Singh and the awareness he has created. Nothing has changed in the past 3 decades, the manner in which Bhai Gurbaksh Singh has been treated is testimony to this. However, the Guru’s Sikhs will remain steadfast and the Morcha continues. 


3 Responses to “The fast continues but replaced by a Sikh youth”

  1. hariparkashsingh Says:

    I support Bhai GURBAKSH singh Khalsa! Great article A.S. Randhawa!

  2. Francisco Hammerstad Says:

    more at Voice of America (blog). Filed Under:

  3. legit hyip Says:

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