Bhai Gurbax Singh released, health deteriorating but firm on his decision, may refuse to take water also.

Bhai Gurbaksh Singh stands strong in spirit but his body is severely dehydrated and kidneys are getting affected ( I am sure he is going into ketoacidosis due to starvation ) but he has said verbally the following message for the sangat through some sikhs who were able to reach him for a few moments : “I am in Chardi Kalla and resolute in my goal, I may have to stop the intake of water now, there is no other way to make them listen”. Bhai Sahib has the I/V drip but how can this help to prevent protein malnutrition and the resultant ketoacidosis ? The Singh is going to pass away soon if sangat does not rise up in support.
WARNING: I am a Doctor by Profession and want to make sangat aware that there is a real risk that Bhai Gurbaksh Singh will deteriorate very fast. The development of Renal Failure in him is not due to simple dehydration as he was taking water through his mouth for all these days. The Renal Failure that is setting in is due to Ketoacidosis due to Protein starvation. The Lactic acid will accumulate and he will go into circulatory shock and pass away unless he is intubated ( artificial breathing through a machine after putting the patient in to a drug induced coma ) and put on Blood pressure maintaining drugs at that time and will also need dialysis then. Sangat needs to take this matter seriously as there is a real possibility that Bhai Sahib will pass away soon.
By Dr. Avtar Singh from Canada.

He keeps waiting. Day 25 of hunger strike completed and entering the day 26. He seems to have developed Kidney problems . He is determined to get those Singhs out of the Indian jails ……….. Will the Sikhs rise up ? 

Today, at around 4.30 pm (Indian time) our SOPW(India) team were present at the SDM’s (Sub Divisional Magistrate) office, where Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa was given bail and released, with all charges against him being withdrawn. Our team was on its way to Ropar Jail to be present for Bhai Sahib’s release, when they were informed that Bhai Sahib was being taken immediately to PGI Hospital Chandigarh as his health had deteriorated significantly. At 6.00pm our team were by the bedside of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh (see photo) who has been admitted with kidney problems and severe dehydration due to 26 continuous days of hunger strike. Bhai Sahib has been placed on a glucose drip as well as other medication. The hospital and Bhai Sahib’s room is being heavily guarded by Police, but our volunteer managed to spend a few moments with Bhai Sahib who has sent this message to the Sangat: “I am in Chardi Kalla and resolute in my goal, I may have to stop the intake of water now, there is no other way to make them listen”. Also present with Bhai Sahib was his father Ajit Singh, his son Jujhar Singh and his sister. Other Sangat had also started to trickle in, despite the heavy police presence. Meanwhile, there have been worrying developments at Amb Sahib Gurdwara in Mohali, where Bhai Gurbaksh Singh started his morcha, and where at present, Bhai Damandeep Singh Khalsa has taken his place in keeping the movement going. The Sangat requested an extension to the tent currently set up outside the Gurdwara Sahib for the Akhand Kirtani Jatha’s 24 hour Kirtan Darbar, due on 11th December, in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. This is to cater for the ever growing number of Sangat who are supporting this campaign against injustice. The management committee of Amb Sahib (who report directly to the SGPC and are therefore, not independent) have point blank refused to accommodate the Sangat and the SGPC are sending their ‘Task Force’ (largely seen as the SGPC’s own private police force) to Amb Sahib. The next 24 to 48 hours at Amb Sahib are critical as it is widely feared that the Task Force has been sent with the intention to remove the Sangat and disband the movement. Sangat Ji, we ask you – on the one hand we have one man who is willing to pay with his life in order to release our fellow Sikh prisoners, who has awoken the nation so much so, that there is now a queue of sevadaar, not only all over India but worldwide, who are willing to do the same. On the other hand we have the SGPC leaders who are in their positions by the grace of the Sangat and there to protect Sikh values, in control of our Gurdwara Sahib’s, who are withdrawing any support for the movement and abandoning the Sikhs who have sacrificed their everything, to languish forever in the jails of India. We will keep you updated with all news as we receive it.
Courtesy Sikh organization of Prisoners welfare, UK

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