Dilbagh Singh and Mandeep Singh have been given 14 years, Harjit Kaur is sentenced to 11 years and Baljinder Singh received 10 years 6 months.


Sheer injustice by Britain: It seems British judiciary is also influenced by indian judiciary as it has given verdict on attack of mass murderer Gen. KS Brar who is responsible for killings of thousands of Sikh pilgrims inside golden temple in invasion by Indian army in 1984. Army killed hundreds turbaned sikhs in streets of Amritsar in frustration of its high casualities.

Gen brar, a patit sikh himself was attacked in britain as his visit provoked british Sikhs and they tried to avenge the killings of innocent pilgrims Sikh men, women and children in operation Bluestar. this was a sudden attack, a result of provocation not preplanned as they were not having any deadly weapon otherwise this bastard would have been killed.
I feel shocked on this sentence to these BRAVE FOUR. But not dismayed on looking in the past when Udham singh was also sentenced in britain by same judiciary to punish him as he killed the butcher General Michel o’dyer. He too killed innocent Indians in Jalianwala bagh in 1919 but the count of dead public was very low comparing killings by General Brar.

My hats off to all these BRAVE FOUR OF BRITAIN.


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