Condition of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh ji getting deteriorated but govt. of India ignores the VOICE OF SIKH NATION.

I have reviewed Bhai Gurbaksh Singh’s latest blood test reports of 12 hours ago. Bhai Sahib allowed the blood test to be done at the sangat’s request. His Potassium level has dropped to 3.1. The level was 3.3 less than 48 hours ago.

Any level less than 3.5 is abnormal. Our body will use all the stored amounts of Potassium in us before the level starts falling below 3.5. Bhai Sahib’s Creatinine level has improved . This shows that he is drinking a lot of water . BUT he is not taking any fruits or vegetables or Dal for the last 30 days and that is from where Potassium is obtained. Potassium level less than 3.0 is termed Severe Hypokalemia ( The risks to body start showing their effects and can be life threatening ).

The risks are of Arrythmia ( Irregular heart beat with heart going into dangerous rhythm resulting in sudden death even ). At level less than 2.5, Bhai Sahib’s respiratory muscles will stop working and he will die of being unable to breathe. In a nutshell, Bhai Sahib is at risk of having a heart attack due to abnormal heart beat as potassium will fall below 3 in the next 24 hours and he will likely die of being unable to breathe in the next 3-5 days ( It seems his potassium level keeps falling by 0.1 every 24 hours ).

Bhai Sahib’s Kidneys have recovered but his heart is going to be at risk now.

I warn Badals, Akal Takhat Jathedaar as well as Bhai Sahib’s supporting organizations to ALL work as a team and get those six Singhs out of the Indian Jails ASAP so that Bhai Sahib can be given Fruit juice immediately as his body is in desperate need of Potassium. Bhai Sahib is at risk of Sudden Death ANYTIME now due to his low Potaasium and this risk will increase tremendously as his Potassium level falls below 3.0 in the next 12-24 hours. If he dies anytime, it will be a proof of the Society’s inability to listen to a genuine human being like Bhai Gurbaksh Singh.

Medical analysis by Dr. Avtar Singh ji. 

And what Dr. says;

As he sleeps, I keep wondering about his wife and his son. His son told me on the phone today : Uncle, what will happen to us if he is gone ? ( His voice was like a baby longing for his Father )…….I have tears in my eyes….Why does Jujhar Singh have to lose his Father and his mother become a widow ?? ………. I keep thinking about Why do we end up loosing Gems like Gurbaksh Singh that Khalsa Panth/ humanity needs Alive amongst us ? Why does the society not care enough to respond to such a genuine person ? Why politicians want to make a mockery of a commoner when he stands up for righteousness ? Can I do something more to save his commitment to his ardaas as well as his life ??? ( He is adamant that either Singhs come out of the prisons or he will say his final Fateh to everyone and pass away ).


A large scaled protest in front of Indian consulate is going to be held on 16th December in support of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh ji, those who want to attend and need more information, kindly contact brother Ranjit Singh at 0046707988336.



Sikhs from around USA held a candle vigil outside the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The day was Tuesday 10 December – ‘World Human Rights Day’ and the location was the UN Offices – an organisation set up to protect the safety and peace of the peoples of the world.

They turned out to show their support and solidarity for the movement started by Bhai Gurbaksh Singh and to show that Sikhs may be millions of voices spread around the world, but our demand is the same – we want JUSTICE to be served and FREEDOM for our Sikh prisoners imprisoned beyond their sentences but are victims of state terrorism.


Flood of Kesri (orange-yellowish) turbans in demand of their separate Sikh homeland, called as KHALISTAN or the land of khalsa. One should not forget that being 5th largest religion of world but youngest among all is itself a landless nation. British annexed their kingdom in 1849 and after 98 years, it was transferred to India in 1947 without consent of Sikhs and then Sikhs are made landless nation. More than 2,50,000 Sikhs have been killed since India got independence.

By looking at this picture, a hope of its reality takes birth in mind. I congratulate every participant and pay my regard to all of them. I ask the disbelievers, critics if they can ignore the reality of Khalistan? I am sure ….Dream may come true, where are the critics? Who can have any doubt of creation of Sikh homeland, the land of landless nation. It’s not a myth bot soon will be a reality. Hats off to participants.


It has been common knowledge within some Sikh circles that the Indians are currently illegally detaining countless innocent Sikhs. But through Bhai Gurbax Singh’s determination and willingness to sacrifice himself for these innocent Sikhs, today ALL Sikhs around the world know this unacceptable truth!! All Sikhs around the world must do whatever they can for our illegally detained brothers and sisters, those innocent prisoners of conscience. One step we could do is to completely boycott all Akalis when they come the West. Everyone knows Parkash and gang are all responsible for this continued injustice. They claim to be representatives of the Sikhs, yet refused to release our innocent brothers and sisters!!
So to show your support for Bhai Gurbax Singh you should refused to communicate or associate with any Akali!! You should not allow anyone one of them to visit any Gurdwara in the free world. For they are the ones who directly support Parkash Badal and Badal is the one who supports / allows the continued imprisonment of our innocent Sikh brothers and sisters by the Indians!!
If all the Sikhs in western world really act this way and stay united , then they have a very strong voice and much stronger effect to compel the Indian govt.  to stop injustices with Sikh community and other minorities.

 Ajmer Singh Randhawa


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    Hi there,I saw your article named “Condition of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh ji getting deteriorated but govt. of India ignores the VOICE OF SIKH NATION. | Voice of Sikh nation” on a regular basis. Your humoristic style is bravo, keep doing what you`re doing!…

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    Forgive my stupidity, but I are not able to for that life of me find your sites rss feeds. Mind directing me to it? Many thanks.

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