Protest continues world wide while FAST UNTO DEATH entered 31st day

Gurpreet singh Guri from village Kila Haans in Punjab, climbed on the stage in a cultural program during final day of Kabaddi match in Guru Nanak stadium, Ludhiana. He shouted slogans in favor of Bhai Gurbax Singh and thus tried to draw attention of world media on FAST UNTO DEATH of Bhai Gurbaksk singh ji. Soon the police arrived and whisked him away. Its reported his turban too was removed in scuffle there at stage.
Though the Punjab Police has alleged him arrested in drunk but the Police,a dministration, courts all belongs to govt. and they are free to level any charges to frame him or other Sikh youths.
meanwhile the song and music continued from background of stage which revealed that te artists performing do not sing the song but just act on recorded voice.
Shame on Jaspinder Narula  being famous singer she fooled the audiences there.

Today at three o’clock, in London, the five day hunger strike that was started by five young Sikhs (although once it began, three more joined them, to make it eight) outside the Indian High Commission, was brought to a close. A final heartfelt ardas was performed for the release of Sikh political prisoners who are held in Indian jails beyond their sentences, with no hope given for parole or even day release. The plight of these prisoners has been highlighted recently by the incredible 31 days so far, of hunger strike by Gurbaksh Singh in Mohali, India.These 8 young Sikhs; Rupinder Singh, Davinder Singh, Harwinder Singh, Jaswinder Singh, Maninderjit Singh, Bageecha Singh, Gagandeep Singh and Manroop Singh, had been reciting Gurbani outside the Indian Embassy since Tuesday and did not take in any food throughout. Today, there were representatives from many Sikh organisations as well as Sangat from as far afield as Bradford, Derby, Birmingham, the surrounding London areas, as well as Kent. Sangat TV and Sikh Channel were filming as well as several reporters from the British media.

ImageBalbir Singh Bains (founder of SOPW) was humbled by the youth who requested that he say a few words to the gathered Sangat. He began by thanking everyone who had shown such great support and highlighted why we had held the peaceful protest, what our goals were in doing so and how we can continue to build on this momentum. He appealed, particularly to all UK Gurdwara’s and Sikh organisations, as well as any individuals who feel they have a skill to offer, to stand together in this movement.

Balbir Singh stressed that, we are not asking for special favours or preferential treatment, we simply want the same legal rights that are afforded to other prisoners in the Indian system. Once a prisoner has served his sentence and has been of good character while in prison, they are eligible for release. We demand that the Indian government not treat us like pariah’s, but as the upstanding citizens of India that we are.Balbir Singh ended by saying SOPW is committed and always has been, to the prisoners, to whom we give a VOICE and HOPE. SOPW was born from the Sangat and belongs to the Sangat, we will continue the legal battle to free our prisoners.

There were a large number of youth present and they made a collective decision that for the period until June 2014 (which marks the 30th anniversary of the attack on Harmandar Sahib) two volunteers at a time will continue the campaign, by canvassing the public, everyday, outside the Indian Embassy and distributing leaflets highlighting the Indian Government’s double standards for Sikh prisoners.

Lastly, we would like to thank the youth in particular for their incredible seva. They put all their daily tasks and work aside and sat for 24 hours a day in the wind, cold and rain while peacefully protesting and reciting paath.

Anna hazare hunger striked for roughly 12 days and got workd wide media attention….. Gurbaksh SINGH is roughly 32 days into his hunger strike and ready to give up his life because sikhs are unfairly locked up in Indian prisons…..
We need to make the world stop and take notice of his fight 4 freedom BEFORE he passes away and NOT after….
Peaceful Protest In Support of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Ji Khalsa For Release of SIKH PRISONERS from Indian Jails – United Nations Headquarters New York.
Ajmer Singh Randhawa
After his release he revealed in an interview that …..
“My act was pre-planned and purely based on my impulse to do something for the elderly gentleman who is risking his life for a humane cause,” said Gurpreet Singh Guri 
Ludhiana, December 23, 2013 : Gurpreet Singh (32), who was arrested for breaching security at the finale of the Kabaddi World Cup here on December 14, said he took the step to show his solidarity with fasting activist Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa.

“My act was pre-planned and purely based on my impulse to do something for the elderly gentleman who is risking his life for a humane cause,” said Gurpreet, a resident of Qila Hans village in the district, while talking to Hindustan Times after his release on Monday.

Gurpreet, who runs a readymade garments shop in the village, said Khalsa was on a fast-unto-death and despite paying attention to him, chief minister Parkash Singh Badal and deputy CM Sukhbir Badal were busy with the Kabaddi World Cup.

“I wanted to make my words heard, so I went up the stage and took the mike from Punjabi singer Jaspinder Narula. I shouted in favour of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh and raised slogans against the SAD-BJP government, but unfortunately, the mike was turned off and my voice did not reach the chief minister,” he added.

Gurpreet said he reached the stadium in the bus the government had sent to the village to ferry people to the venue. He changed his seat and managed an entry into the VIP gallery.

He jumped from a height of 10 ft to land on the ground. His turban got untied, but he did not stop to pick it up. He rushed to the stage and took the mike from the singer. He also carried pamphlets, in which he expressed apology for the disturbance, to be distributed among spectators. Earlier, he had handed over his mobile phone and other belongings to one of his acquaintances, without disclosing his intention.

Gurpreet said the police took him to the control room set up in the stadium and later brought him to the CIA staff. The police interrogated him and also took his personal computer and mobile phone. Later, he was sent to the central jail here on judicial remand; he was bailed out on Saturday.

Gurpreet said he had never met Khalsa, but he was getting updates about his activities through news and social media.

Lost father, brother in 2000

Gurpreet Singh is the sole bread-winner of his family. His father, Rajwant Singh, died of tuberculosis in May 2000, while his brother was killed in a road mishap the same year. Gurpreet is married and has two daughters.



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