We hereby remind you that Bhai Gurbaksh Singh ji has sat on FAST UNTO DEATH since 14th November and his fast is entered in 35th day, his only demand is safe release of all these six and if anybody else also languishes in jail after completion of his awarded sentence. So the steps be taken at earliest to save precious life of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh also.


to-day his last will was taken to Sri Akal Takhat – the supreme seat of Sikh faith in Sri Amritsar, punjab and presented to its Head priest jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh. In this will he has given all the rights to donate any part of the body to the needy persons after his death which is sure in near future if govt. do not accept his demand to release the Sikh prisoners.

List of six persons who languishes in Indian jails after completion of their awarded sentence but deliberately not released to suppress Sikh nation.

1– Name: Gurmeet singh–

S/o Jaswinder Singh,

Add: 1431, street no-4,
Guru Nanak Nagar, Patiala.
Under house arrest (nazarband) at Budhail Jail, Chandigarh.

He was sentenced by Sri Ravi Kumar, additional Sessions Judge, Chandigarh on 31st July. 2007 under sections 302, 307, 306, 120-B (IPC) and dhara 3,4 &5 in a blast case material. He is facing life sentence and under arrest since 1995( date of arrest:- 05 Sep. 1995) So far he has passed 18 years of his life in jail. So far he is never released or given Parole and his name never appeared in any crime after his arrest.. He bears a good conduct.

 2– Name: Lakhwinder Singh,

S/o Darshan Singh,
Add. 156, Gali no-9,Guru Nanak Nagar,
Opp. Gurbakhsh Colony, Patiala.

Nazarband: Budhail Jail, Chandigarh.

Detail : Lakhwinder Singh was awarded sentence by Ravi Kumar, add. Sessions judg, Chandigarh on 31st July, 2007 under sections 302, 307, 306, 120-B(IPC) and Dhara 3,4&5 in a blast case material. He is languished for life sentence and lodged since 1995 (Date of arrest 05 Sep. 1995) He is not released on parole since his arrest and his name also never appeared in any other offence. He also bears good conduct.

 3-  Name: Shamsher Singh,

S/o Surjeet Singh, 

Add: Okasi Jattan, Rajpura,
Distt. Patiala. Punjab.

Nazarband: in Budhail Jail, Chandigarh.

Shamsher Singh was also senetenced by same judge, same court on same date 31 July 2007. He languishes in jail since 1995, he was arrested on 11 Sep. 1995.  He has also not been released from jail and his name also never appeared in other offence since his arrest.

It’s to be noted that this Court of Ravi kumar remarked a special note that the names of these three had never any record of history sheeters in their life and there was nothing to prove if they could be involved in such heinous crimes. He bears good conduct. 

4– Lal Singh,
S/o Bhag Singh,
Add:  Vill. Akal Garh

Distt. Kapurthala, Punjab.

Nazarband at: Maximum security jail, Nabha.

 Lal Singh was awarded his sentence by Sri CK Butch, special judge Mirzapur, Ahmdabad dehat (Gujrat) on 8th January 1997 under TADA, sections of 3,4 &5 (IPC) under sections 120-B, Blast material section 5 and arms act 25(1)A. He was arrested on 14th july 1992 but presently lodged in maximum security jail, nabha, Punjab. So far he has been in jail for the last 21 years.

 He has visited home for 20 times on parole. His name also never appeared in any offence since his arrest.

It’s to be noted that Punjab & Haryana High court has recommended to Gujrat govt. fro his release. He bears good conduct.

5– Wariyam Singh,
S/o Atma Singh,
Add: Vill. Baari Baara, Distt. Shahjhanpur, UP.
Nazarband: Baans Bareilly Jail, UP.

Wariyam Singh was sentenced by special judge in Pilibhit on 10th January 1995 under TADA act, under sections 120-B of 3&4 (IPC) He is sentenced for life. His date of arrest is 17th April 1990 and at present he is languished in baan Bareilly jail of Uttar Pradesh.. He has passed his 24 years of his life behind bars.  He is never released from jail and his name never appeared in any offence since his arrest.

It’s to be noted that a 14 year old child (juvenile) was also sentenced by this same court and that boy (now 34 years old person) could be released only on hue and cry by many humanity organizations and puvlic pressure.

 6– Gurdip Singh Khahira,

S/o Banta Singh,

Add: VPO. Jallupur, Khahira.,

Distt. Amritsar, Punjab.
Nazarband at: Central Jail, Gulbarga, Karnatka.

 Gurdip Singh was sentenced by special judge of Bidar on 15th December 2001 under TADA act and under section 120-B of balst material act  3& 6 (IPC), 302, 307 & 427. he is under arrest since 6th Dec. 1990. He has passed more then 23 years of his life behind bars. He has a good conduct and his name also never appeared in any offence since his arrest. 

There is not any obstacle in their release from jails but political decision awaits there release.

We urge the govt of Punjab to make the release of these three Sikhs Gurmeet Singh, Shamsher Singh and Lakhwinder singh assured as they they are residents of Punjab and all the technical problems may be solved at earliest to pave way for their safe release. The prisoner Lal Singh—his release can be made possible by approaching the Lieutinent Governor of Chandigarh as he is lodged in a jail in Punjab.

Gurdeep Singh is a resident of Punjab so govt. of Punjab can play a pivot role in his safe release. The remaining prisoner Wariyam singh, the UP govt. can be contacted for his safe release.





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