Amartya Sen (Noble laureate) lies with nation and Sikhs by giving a clean chit to Congress on it’s role in Sikh genocide 1984


How Amratya Sen lies with nation and misguides by giving a clean chit to Sonia Gandhi and Congress on Sikh genocide 1984? He should see any of these blogs before he try to misguide for his vested interests by flattering congress; May be eyeing on any more award?
Qatil Amitabh-
Monster Amitabh-
Truth of Amitabh bacchan–

Amertya Sen is a well known person and also a Noble prize winner but when he talks about the Genocide of November 1984 in the Indian capital Delhi and rest of India, he must keep in his mind very important facts and he should face the realities with open and impartial eyes . He should have known that when the riots takes place, there are always two groups involved at least but in the Genocide of Nov 84 there is only one group who is attacked by the support of ruling govt. of Congress party with the full assistance of police , Congress parlimentarian and workers ,local administration who provided the information of Sikh homes and businesses. The Sikh population was made completely un-armed by the police with the promise of protection to them but during the Genocides the police gave his full co-operation to the attackers. Sikh Army officers and soldiers in the uniform , were also the victims of this state planned , organised and sponsred Genocide. Three days long killing of Sikhs in the national capital with absolute free hand to the mobs. Weapons, kerosene and tyres were provided to the mobs for the killings of Sikh women , men and children. I hope that you do understand that it was a Genocide of Sikhs in every aspect. It is my duty as a human to educate a highly educated person like you that the Congress party of India is completely responsible of this Sikh Genocide of Nov 84 by each and every way. Sonia Gandhi , Manmohan Singh, Rahul Gandhi and many others are fully responsible of this crime against the humanity. Because they provided support and protection to the criminals of this Genocide with denying and delaying of the justice to the victoms of Sikh Genocide for the last 29 long years till the day of today. Mr.Amertya Sen , accordance to the law if you protect , reward , hide and finance to the killers , then you are also with them and one of them . Your conclusion about the non-responsibility of Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Manmohan Singh and others in the Sikh Genocide of Nov 1984 is absolutely nonsense and completely wrong and proves that you have a soft place for these killers and criminals in your heart. I would like very much to tell you that being a noble prize winner i had a soft place and respect for you too like many others in the world but after looking your soft heart of Congress , you have completely lost the soft place of my and of the many others hearts . It seems that you are suffering from Congress syndrome like many many others by denying the truth and the reality and we pray to our RABB (Almighty Lord)  to give you the wisdom , vision , concious and moral courage to see and hear the truth and reality of the Sikh Genocide of November 1984.

(Riaz Ghuman).

1984 riots not comparable with post-Godhra violence: Amartya Sen

NEW DELHI: Nobel laureate Amartya Sen has said the Gujarat riots of 2002 are not comparable with the anti-Sikh riots in Delhi in 1984, rejecting Infosys chief N R Narayanamurthy’s view that the post-Godhra violence should not stand in the way of Narendra Modi becoming Prime Minister.

While describing as “absolute shame” the fact that those responsible for the 1984 riots had not been brought to judgment, he sought to differentiate between the 1984 riots and those that occurred in Gujarat under the watch of chief inister Modi.

Sen argued that Congress leaders, Sonia Gandhi,Manmohan Singh and Rahul Gandhi, who were fighting elections to-day, were not the people responsible for the anti-Sikh riots. No one had accused them of that, whereas Modi was the chief minister when the riots took place.

Moreover, he said that the anti-Sikh riots were not something that fitted into the Congress philosophy. “There is no philosophy of killing Sikhs in the Congress,” he told NDTV in an interview.

(The biggest liar on earth flattering Congress and the high ups for his vested interests, may be eyeing on another award from indian govt?)

On the other hand, he said that treatment of Muslims in Gujarat raised the question as to whether they were treated as second class citizens. “That is a continuing problem,” he said, adding Narayanamurthy was a great friend of his but he did not agree with him on this issue.

Asked whether the recent assembly poll results showed that there was a Modi wave or more of an anti-Congress wave which he was riding, Sen replied, “I would tend to think that there is an anti-Congress wave perhaps in the sense that the party is exhausted.

“Perhaps, in a sense, one of the big things about Modi is that any firm leader has an advantage when the leadership problems in Congress remains unresolved.”

Asked if he thought the Congress should formally declare Rahul Gandhi as prime ministerial candidate, Sen said, “They have to have a game strategy. Election is not won by promising to win elections. I don’t think what the Congress strategy is at this time in winning the election.”

The wise people  say; if you do not have a good face, at least you can talk with wisdom and knowledge. Talking without complete knowledge on any subject shall  give the opportunity to others to laugh on your ignorance.
I feel pity on Noble laureate Amartya Sen for his poor performance.

Ajmer Singh Randhawa


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