Amnesty International stands for the watch and protection of human rights all over the world. But i must say this with a great pain and regret that Amnesty International has failed into his commitment and actions. Is actions have been very disappointing when we see to his dead silence in the matter of Sikhs human rights. Its constant dead silence for the last 30 years over the violation of human rights and the injustices to the Sikh Nation by the Indian govt. , is not an achievement that Amnesty International can be very proud of and it is not a remarkable performance either, which makes the humanity very proud of. How could Amnesty International possibly not noticed such a great violation and killings of thousands in India on such a barbarian way that world have never seen before and there is no end of this barbarik Hindu mindset ongoing suppression of Sikh Nation. The silence of this world organization in this issue upto now is very shameful and loses its all the credibility. Mr. Gurbakhsh Singh Khalsa is also a very big victim of this cruel en inhuman system Indian govt. and he has already lost many very precious years of his life because of dirty and corrupt system and its fake cases against him. he knows very well about the injustices, done by the state and central govt. . Today it is 40th day of the HUNGER STRIKE of Mr. Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa in demand to free the Sikh prisoners , who have completed their sentences in the jails , should be free. Some of these prisoners are very old ages , are still in the jails after six years of completion of their sentences. This is the real way the democracy and human rights works in the biggest Democracy of the world. I am still unable to understand that how can Amnesty International close his eyes from these great violations of human rights and dignity and how can Amnesty International let the Indian govt. to getaway with all these injustices ? The world community expects and demand the very firm action from Amnesty International to open his eyes , ears and mouth to speak against this ongoing suppression of Sikh Nation , because by keeping such silence this organisation of world human rights has no credibility at all and by its this kind of action ,they are helping and working with the suppression and suppressor. Amnesty International must remember that they are also accountable of their mandate and their duties , they stands poor. Amnesty International will be never given any kind of Amnesty , if they let Indian who violated of human rights getaway. Amnesty International will have to come out and speak loudly about Mr. Gurbaksh Singh Kkalsa and his Hunger strike to the international community because this is the only way to serve the humanity and to prove the mandate , credibility, and respect of this organisation . Amnesty International wake up , open your eyes and open your mouth and let see and hear the world that Amnesty International is not DEAD YET.

It’s to remind Amnesty International that their silence or ignoring the injustice and in-discrimination with Sikhs in India seems an attempt to support Govt. of India which has one motto only — to keep the martial and brave Sikh nation suppressed. It tried to eliminate not only in 1984 but continued for full decade, human rights activists were banned in Punjab but you remained silen, even on killing of a prominent Sikh human rights activist Jaswant Singh Khalra by Punjab police and its DGP KPS Gill, your lips were tight. How could you be called the vigilant organization upon human rights violations? How could we have any trust in your organization which ignores the human rights violations in Punjab and with Sikhs in India?

Ajmer Singh Randhawa


  1. Kiana Albano Says:

    I’ve been reading this blog for just a very good although. Keep up the magnificent job you are doing here.

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