Sikhs in India are responding to Force with Patience. If they don’t even let us do that, where should we go?

Kindly view the statement by MPP Jagmeet Singh at the end of this post.

S. Jagmeet Singh MPP Canada was honored with the “Sikh of the Year Award” for his tireless contribution for the protection of Human Rights and presenting Sikh Personality at Provincial Parliament. It was very unfortunate S. Jagmeet Singh has not been given the visa from Indian Govt. to come and receive this award in Amritsar. He received this award through Video Conferencing during the ceremony and in his speech he dedicated his award to Bhai Gurbakhsh Singh Khalsa, the human rights activist.

Neither State Government nor the Central Government pull-down their guns against the Sikhs and their faith in the Eternal “Guru Granth Sahib ji”. Sikhs stand united, in these efforts to regain the Human Rights of the Sikhs.

We Sikhs do not feel shakened despite thousands of efforts by Indian govt. to suppress us. The NDP member of Parliament in Canada Sardar Jagmeet singh is denied visa to enter in India. Is he any alleged mass murderer like Narendra Modi who is denied visa by US govt?


The Canada govt. should ban the alleged Congress leaders like Kamal Nath and Amitabh bacchan to enter in Canada as they are all allegedly involved in 1984 Sikh genocide. Why does Canada govt. show any leniency to these enemies of humanity?

Jagmeet singh has raised his voice against injustuice with sikhs in India in  parliament of Canada and was invited by a charity organization of India known as SEVA and he was to be honored there as ‘THE BEST SIKH OF THE YEAR’ for his services to Sikh nation. It may be noted that possibly he could be the only elected politician of the Canada who is denied visa by Indian govt. His speech in parliament reveals all jeopardizes with Sikhs by Indian govt. Historic Speech of Jagmeet Singh on The Day Canada’s NDP Recognized Jaswant Singh Khalra, An Important Human Rights Defender in India.

On demise of Nelson Mandela, India mourned his loss, he was the the former South African president and anti-apartheid revolutionary whose armed resistance and leadership rendered him a “terrorist” and imprisoned for 27 years. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh stated: “A giant among men has passed away. This is as much India’s loss as South Africa’s. He was a true Gandhian. His life and work will remain a source of eternal inspiration for generations to come.”

It’s been 43 days since a Sikh farmer and activist from Haryana decided to launch a FAST UNTO DEATH at Gurudwara Amb Sahib (Mohali, next door to Chandigarh) to protest the long sentences being served by political prisoners who have been denied any legally mandated review of their cases; (even after completion of their awarded sentence) and India remains largely silent. BBC Radio yesterday recognized that while the protest has caught momentum around the world, and from various quarters in Punjab, including the oft-vilified Punjabi singers, mainstream India is largely aloof on this issue.

Given India’s recent reflections on Nelson Mandela’s life and now its loss, it is quite ironic that the Indian media so quickly defaults to referring to Sikh activists like Gurbaksh Singh as “radicals” at best. Especially given his repeated statements that as a Sikh he asks for “sarbat da bhalla”, the well-being of all (really, all), and that is the steadfast spirit of his path.

If we Sikh pick up guns to avenge the fake encounters or against atrocities, injustice and in-discrimination meted out to Sikh community, we are labeled extremists and defamed by false propaganda by Indian sold out media but when we chose a peaceful way to aware whole world abut our human causes we just get ignored by paid out media and by deaf ears. So where should we go ? We are responding to the attempts of oppression with Patience by Indian racist govt and if they don’t even let us do that, where should we go?

Introduction of Sikh history (a brief description);
The Fifth Largest Religion SIKHISM also stands in this row and before it s decided which one is most persecuted….. the history of Sikhism should also be read and the challenges the Sikhs has faced right from its Beginning 1469 should be seen. Here Guru ji and Sikhs have been tortured by Burning on Hot Plate, Cutting in 2 pieces by saw , parting in 2 by elephants, burning in wrapped cotton, cutting in pieces joint by joint, Beheadings, Wrapping on Death rollers, New born children being thrown in air n pierced by guiding spears when falling back, boiled to death in big pots, made stand in front of cannons n fired, chopped into small pieces by plucking piece by piece taking a whole day time, putting sons heart into fathers mouth before execution , 1million opponent suppressors Challenged 40 Sikhs in battle ground and than also only 32 casualties in 24 hrs Such a bravery in Battle of Chamkaur, 21 Sikhs stands against 10,000 strong force of Afridi Pathans for defending the post for more than 24 hrs in Battle of Saragarhi recognized as one of 7 battles for Height of Bravery , a child asks father to go in battleground n father says go ahead so, children of 5 & 7 years bricked alive in brick wall, Stopping train by sitting on railway track n getting martyred just to serve food to the hungry innocents in train being convicted by rulers , Golden Temple Amritsar being attacked by National Army with Battle Tanks in 1984 n thousand innocents killed while no media of national or international level and no Red Cross Society allowed to help injured to raise casualty to maximum just for raising voice against tyrant rule , 100z in jails for life term of 14 years for truth n not released even after 20 years till present day in Indian jails.. this is a glimpse of autocracies against Sikhism for standing for truth and raising voice against Evil.

History of Sikhism is written with blood and we are still forced out to shed blood as India is a biggest racist nation. It’s keen to suppressed/ eliminate a brave and martial nation and the Hindu fanatic organizations leave no stone un-turned to sub-merge Sikh religion into manifolds of Hinduism which we the Sikhs shall never allow.

We may sacrifice our to-day for a brighter and golden to-morrow.

Canadian Sikh MLA alleges India denied visa to him

Jagmeet Singh, a young MPP from Bramalea Gore Malton constituency of Ontario, claimed he has received an email from Indian consulate denying him permission to travel to India.

A Sikh member of provincial parliament (equivalent to MLA in India) of Ontario has alleged that he has been denied visa by India for his visit to Amritsar to attend a ceremony by two NGOs which selected him for “Sikh of the Year” Award.

Singh happens to be the first Sikh member of the legislative assembly of Ontario, the largest province of Canada.

“The Indian government is apparently annoyed with me strongly raising voice for justice to victims of 1984 anti-Sikh riots. I have been propagating the issue that these were not riots between two communities instead it was a state sponsored massacre,” Jagmeet told TOI over phone from Canada.

“I had applied for a visa to attend the award ceremony on December 24 but have been told by the Indian embassy officials that ministry of home affairs of India did not clear my visit,” Singh said.

“As a human rights lawyers I have been speaking out on the issue of human rights pertaining to all communities. I have maintained that the word riot is a misnomer for what happened in November 1984. It tarnishes the image of Hindus as many among them saved a number of lives of Sikhs. It was a Congress sponsored mass killing,” he added.

Jagmeet was instrumental in passage of a law, which would recognize April as Sikh heritage month in Ontario. “The province would recognize the month of April as month to celebrate Sikhism as a unique and distinct religion. This was a great honour to the Sikh community in Canada. This was the first law of its type in the history of Canada and one of the first laws of its kind in the world,” he said.

“I was selected to receive the Sikh of the year award from two organizations SEWA and International Fateh Academy. The award ceremony took place on December 24 in Amritsar. Earlier this year, I travelled to India for about a month from January to February. However when I applied for a visa to travel to India to attend the award ceremony I was denied. This may be the first time in the history of Canada that the Indian government denied an elected official a visa,” Jagmeet wrote in an email to TOI. 

Ajmer Singh Randhawa


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