Nitish Kumar disrespects the takhat Patna Sahib (Gurudwara BAAL LEELA SAHIB) and hurt religious sentiments of Sikh community.

The tout of Janta Dal United (JDU) Nitish Kumar known as CM of Bihar, a state of India when entered naked head in Gurudwara Patna sahib, (At Gurudwara Baal Leela Sahib)  – a most sacred place where 10th master of Sikh religion Guru Gobind Singh ji was born and passed his childhood, disrespected the shrine and whole Sikh community by refusing to cover his head.

The General Secretary of the Takht Sri Harmandir Ji Gurudwara Committee Sardar Charanjeet Singh called Kumar’s action an insult to the entire Sikh community. “What he did was the violation of the Sikh community protocol. We don’t understand how covering the head with a piece of cloth is hazardous to his health,” he said. He has no problem wearing a skull cap and being photographed with Muslim leaders but when it comes to Sikhs, he develops a sudden aversion to their religious sentiments,” Singh said adding had the Sikhs’ population in Bihar would have been 15 percent like the Muslims, the Chief Minister would have left no stone unturned in trying to keep them in good humor.


Bihar CM Nitish in opening ceremony of a rest house in Patna Sahib Gurudwara where he refused to cover his head.

it’s a tradition to cover your head before entrance in a Gurudwara (Sikh temple) to mark your respect to eternal guru  Sri Guru Granth sahib ji, enlightened there. Being the Chief minister of a state, he was supposed to honor the shrine, the guru and the present prominent personalities of Sikh faith but he deliberately hurt the religious sentiments of whole Sikh community.

I wonder who invited this mother f****r to this holy place? it will be better to remove all the ceremonial signs of opening of the rest house, any engraved stone or whatever is there and get it opened again  by any panthik (Religious) leader. Much appreciative if Bhai Gurbaksh Singh ji or any Sikh recently came out of Jail after completion but spending many more years in Indian jails just for being Sikh.

Fuck him off forever.


Nitish in skull cap of Muslims.

Before this he has passed remarks on Narendra Modi–CM of Gujrat state of India for refusing to accept and wear a skull cap offered by some prominent Muslim religious persons. He (nitish) himself has been seen in this skull cap, then how could he dare to disrespect the Sikh religion and hurt religious sentiments of whole Sikh community? It shows his bias thoughts on secularism. In fact he seems a supporter of Hindu ideology and a propagandist of hidden agenda of saffron terror in India who never recognize Sikh religion as a distinct and sovereign religion but call it a sect of Hinduism.

 We condemn his this act of disrespect and demand an un-conditional apology from whole Sikh community from JDU and from Nitish kumar also, if he doesn’t tender, he has no right to continue as CM. It will be better if he resigns to make harmony and peace in state.

Ajmer Singh Randhawa.


3 Responses to “Nitish Kumar disrespects the takhat Patna Sahib (Gurudwara BAAL LEELA SAHIB) and hurt religious sentiments of Sikh community.”


    The incident is of Gurdwara Bal Leela Sahib and not of Takhat Sri Patna Sahib as reported.
    Not that the disrespect can be ignored but the facts must be correct.

    Gurcharanjit Singh Lamba

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