Indian law & human rights just like Elephant teeth.

Many of us know very well that an Elephant has two types of teeth, one type which he has to show to others and 2nd types of teeth he uses to eat but never let to see others. Indian law and human rights are also just like Elephant teeth and if you want to know in very strait and open words, you may say a pure hypocrite.

First of all the courts ,where these Sikh young men were awarded sentences ,were not an independent, but highly politically motivated by Indian Hindu mindset and nobody could ever say that those trails were fair, because the whole and all systems were busy to let them get convicted and nobody was searching the truth , they were falsely accused of .Nobody can win ,when the whole system is working agaist him. It was not matter of giving justice but it was a complete demonstration of power and suppression of Sikh Nation.It was a real state terrorism and it went on. The double standard of the Hindu mindset domination was very easy to see , because the real killers and mass murderers like General Braar, KPS Gill , Sumedh Saini , Biant Singh ,Rjjiv Gandhi, Sajjan Kumar , Jagdesh Tytler, Amitabh Bachchan and may others were never ever charged of killing of thousands of innocent Sikh men ,women and children.

These mass murderers move scot-free under protection of National Security guards but the Sikh victims have to attend the Courts on every date for the last 30 years at their own expenses and by leaving the source of their earnings, their daily earnings to feed their families. They appear in Indian Courts in hopes of justice which is never delivered to them but the perpetrators and Chief organizers are promoted to high influential posts and appointed as Ministers in cabinet too–to save them from  clutches of law and to allow

This is the real face of this so called justice system of so called biggest democracy of the world. The system has done nothing against the killers of Sikh Nation but instead they punished every one who said that this system was not honest to the Sikh Nation and this was their only crime. They were awarded very long sentences for doing noting and the system gave the killers absolute freedom and awarded with powers .These political prisoners were not given a single chance of parole which they had the legal right for . The politicians of central and state govts. were absolutely aware of this human right of these political prisoners but because of having power Sikh prisoners were kept in jails , even after the awarded sentences. In fact it was a prolongation of suppression of Sikh Nation. There is no such existence of human rights at all in India. The Indian govt. knows only one right and that right is to suppress the Sikh Nation by each and every possible way and they are using this right very wildly and absolutely without any kind of shame what so ever .

The case of six Sikh prisoners is no different then this tale of horror and injustice. Why were they not released once they had completed their awarded jail term?  Why were they detained after their jail term and what rights do the state/central govt. has to keep  them behind bars? The case of these six Sikh prisoners have brought the ray of hope to families of other unfortunate prisoners languished in Indian jails which are reported in hundreds now all over India. They must be released without any further delay.

Thanks to efforts of a single man in Punjab – Bhai Gurbax Singh ji khalsa who kept FAST UNTO DEATH for their immediate release. He is like a Messiah (Angel) for these  prisoners.

Alas if any such Messiah opens the doors for Indian POWs languished in Pakistani jails since 1965/71 wars?

In the hope of their early freedom;
Ajmer Singh Randhawa.


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