Man Mohan Singh or Narendra Modi-none required as PM of India




Narendra modi while calling from dias of Baba Ramdev at Talkatora Stadium to day on 5th January 2013, stressed upon using the voice by youths with confidence and to take a lesson from Baba Ramdev. I was also an admirer of Baba Ramdev but his cowardice act at Ramlila ground last year compelled me to think the other direction. All my hopes were shattered at once when i saw him dressed in a woman suit and his arrest while trying to escape in fear of police.


Unfortunately it was the same date when Sikh youths gave a befitted reply to invading Indian army being handful in strength but resisted the advance of mighty army for 72 hrs or more. The mighty army was stopped like a wall by untrained Sikh youths.

How could a man–a denouncer of world who became a monk to throw dust in eyes but a multi-millionaire can give any spiritual guidance or lead the nation or a group of people mostly from majority Hindus other then provoking against the present govt to avenge and settle a personal score? If he denounced the world then why is he collecting wealth and play role in active politics?

So i do not agree with Baba Ramdev.

And yes on Narendra Modi– the man behind carnage of gujrat in 2002 when more then 2000 innocent Muslims were massacred but this man never apologized from nation but dreams to lead this nation. What hopes can the minorities can have on him? If Congress is guilty of orchestrating the Sikh genocide and killing more then 20,000 innocent Sikhs throughout India, the Narendra Modi and BJP too have a blackspot on their forehead. 

By getting support of few of the stooges doesn’t mean the nation has forgot this massacre and one massacre by Congress and then another by BJP can not be justified but shall be condemned.



If PM Manmohan singh claims that history will judge his deeds then certainly he will be remembered inline to Giani Zail singh who was also a stooge to Indira gandhi. There is no difference in these twp puppets. He too never took any action or never dared to take action against perpetrators of Sikh genocide and failed to give justice to victims of 1984. He also failed to punish the guilty police officials who killed thousands of innocent Sikh youths in one whole decade but are promoted to higher posts and rewarded. Even the revelations and confession by former police officials on such fake encounters were just ignored.

And Narendra Modi–he filed a petition in Supreme Court against Sikh farmers who were invited by Lal Bahadur shastri–former PM of India to fertilize the barren lands in Kutch but now by their hard work, these barren lands now grow rich harvests. On the PM’s call, a large group of migrants poured in, and between 1965 and 1984, the Gujarat government allotted land officially to 550 people of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan in the district. Of them, 390 were Sikhs.  They settled across the district, not very far from the local villages, in the middle of their farms. It was the year 1969 and it was the first time Sumrasar village, near Bhuj in Gujrat when curious villagers turned up to see a borewell dug up by a Sikh farmer. Few had ever seen it work, as they depended entirely on rainwater for the barely one crop they harvested a year.

Nearly 45 years later, this part of Kutch, which continues to receive Sikh migrants, stands out from the rest of the district. On the strength of the legendary Sikh entrepreneurship, a green pasture rests there now, referred to as “Mini Punjab”. Modi keeps eye to get them vacated and transfer/resell them to corporate houses on huge profit at higher prices.

So how we Sikhs can say proudly if this nation belongs to us? We the Sikhs are landless nation. it may be ruled by anyone out of you but the animosity shall never be given up by you people and we do not hope of any justice delivered by any govt. in India. We Sikhs have given up all the hopes of fare justice in India.



A ray of hope is seen again through Arvind Kejriwal but only time will tell if he helps to punish the guilty or shields them. PM Man Mohan Singh and fanatic Narendra Modi–none is our choice but we wish Arvind Kejriwal to lead this nation.

Ajmer Singh Randhawa


3 Responses to “Man Mohan Singh or Narendra Modi-none required as PM of India”

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