Is it not a direct interference in Sikh religion by denying visa to eminent Sikh personalities to visit Golden temple by India?

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The Indian govt supports the tainted bureaucrat Devyani khobragade and feels proud on her safe return to India but not bothered if US Court takes any action against her. She has made a fraud in Adarsh society, Mumbai and have many other lands purchased in her name. Kindly see:

In one of our previous posts it was revealed in detail but the same Indian govt. refuses to issue the visa to two eminent Sikh personalities, both MP in their nations. First is MP Jagmeet Singh from Canada. He was denied because he raised his voice against atrocities against Sikh nation in India and invited attention of Parliament of Canada and the public on discri9mination and injustice with Sikhs in India. Kindly see:


The other one is Dr. Anarkali Honaryar from Afghanistan. She studied during Taliban rule and worked for women in Afghanistan. The Indian high commission in Afghanistan is said to have not given any reason for denial of visa. “Honaryar has travelled to Punjab in the past. She is renowned Sikh MP in Afghanistan where the Sikh community in extreme minority- only few hundred. Thousands fled during Taliban rule and migrated to India or to western countries but she remained there and worked for prosperity or her community and worked as an icon to Afghani women. Why is she denied visa is not yet known but our question is… could India refuse visa to any person willing to go on pilgrimage to Golden temple?

Is it not a direct interference in Sikh religion? How could any govt. select or refuse any person to pay his/her obeisance to master of religion? Does it not show that Sikhs are the second class citizens in India? And if not second class, then are they suppressed since the invasion of golden temple in 1984 by Indian army? It seems the mentality of this Hindu govt. is not changed.

I am sorry to say that the elected Sikh members of Parliament in India are also of no use for Sikh nation. It was their moral duty to object on refusal of visa to Sikhs willing to visit holy city of Amritsar–the city of Guru Ramdas which kept all the four doors of golden temple opened for all four classes of society and welcomed the enemies too there without any discrimination. The 10th master of Sikh religion Guru Gobind Singh ji said,” Manas ki jaat sabai ekai pahichanbo !!” means “know whole human kind as one race.

Then how could the Indian govt. take any decision itself to ban visit of any person to Amritsar?

By: Ajmer Singh Randhawa.

Note: My one reader has sent his views on this post and current on goings in India against Sikh nation.

kindly view:

It is not easy for Sikh Nation to live as a minority in India because the existence of Sikh Nation as a separate Nation and Sikh Faith is not favorable to Hindu faith. Sikh Faith is a revised religion and it was introduced by Baba Guru Nanak Dev to the mankind.  As compare to Hindu religion there is no division of society based on the cast system and everybody is an equal human being and color, race and ethnic back ground play no role.  In Sikh Faith everybody is asked to sit together, eat together , pray together and in a pool take a bath together. On the other hand Hindu cast system doesn’t allow such anything at all . The supremacy of Brahman make him the most powerful and he has the absolute control on the whole Indian society. The Sikh Faith forms a danger for the inhuman way of Brahman, ruling the society. It is a fact that Brahmans started interference in Sikh Faith more than 500 years ago and throughout the centuries it never stopped ever. Many times the Brahmans collaborated with the Moguls to crush the Sikh Nation and many times they tried on their own to kill the Sikh Nation and destroy their properties .
But Thank GOD and the Blessings of their Guru Sahibaan the Sikh Nation is survived and their Faith too but it is not over yet . The Sikh Nation is going through a suppression of Hindu mindset ruling elite in India . The Sikh Nation is a 2nd class citizen of India and they are treated like slaves . The Hindu majority has lived a thousand years in slavery and in a period of more than 500 years the Sikh GURU Sahibaan and the followers of Sikh Faith helped the Hindu population and saved their faith, lives, women and respect by sacrificing their own lives. 93% Sikh sacrifices in the struggle of independence from the British rule is also an excellent part of Sikh history of serving mankind in India but there is no recognition of this at all and instead of any reward, Sikh Nation was called a criminal tribe. Sikh Genocides , destruction of the holiest Shrine of Sikh Faith, the world known Golden Temple and a loss of 300,000 innocent Sikh men ,women and children as a result of Indian state sponsored terrorism against the Sikh Nation.
When this all has not worked , then the Indian Hindu ruling elite has come with much more inhuman and offensive measures to suppress the Sikh Nation to arrest anyone who is demanding his human basic rights in India and the Sikh people who are living abroad and they talk about the Sikh human rights , are not allowed to enter in India by denying them a visa to visit India to see their family and love ones. All those people who never talk about the inhuman system of Indian government, are always welcomed by the Indian government and in this regard you can see the participants from many countries, who came to attend a meeting in Punjab on the January 10 to 11 this year. Many hundreds of thousands of Sikh men and women are not given the visas for last 3 decades to visit their families. This is an ongoing suppression of Sikh Nation in the 21st century. The violation of Sikh human basic rights inside the India is an old success story and now the Indian state terrorism has expanded in the rest of the world and the Sikh people are losing their human right to visit their families too by the Indian embassies and consulates which have become the terror cell of Indian state sponsored terrorism . 
It is very important to speak out against this kind of terrorism of Indian government to refuse visas to those people who want to visit the Sikh religious Shrines and other Sikh institutions. It is not only a violation of Sikh basic human rights but also a violation of international human rights and the Indian government should not be allowed to get away with his this crime against the Sikh Nation. It violates the fundamental rights guaranteed to citizens of India by constitution also which allows free practice of his/her religion as …..
4-Right to freedom of religion, including freedom of conscience and free profession, practice, and propagation of religion, freedom to manage religious affairs, freedom from certain taxes and freedom from religious instructions in certain educational institutes.

Right to freedom of religion, covered in Articles 25, 26, 27 and 28, provides religious freedom to all citizens of India. The objective of this right is to sustain the principle of secularism in India. According to the Constitution, all religions are equal before the State and no religion shall be given preference over the other. Citizens are free to preach, practice and propagate any religion of their choice.

Religious communities can set up charitable institutions of their own. However, activities in such institutions which are not religious are performed according to the laws laid down by the government. Establishing a charitable institution can also be restricted in the interest of public order, morality and health.[25] No person shall be compelled to pay taxes for the promotion of a particular religion.[26] A State run institution cannot impart education that is pro-religion.[27] Also, nothing in this article shall affect the operation of any existing law or prevent the State from making any further law regulating or restricting any economic, financial, political or other secular activity which may be associated with religious practice, or providing for social welfare and reform.[28] (

Please comment and share your views to raise your voice against injustice, suppression and discrimination with Sikhs in India. GET UNITED AND RAISE YOUR VOICE.
Ajmer Singh Randhawa.



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    Is it not a direct interference in Sikh religion by denying visa to eminent Sikh personalities to visit Golden temple by India? | Voice of Sikh nation

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    Is it not a direct interference in Sikh religion by denying visa to eminent Sikh personalities to visit Golden temple by India? | Voice of Sikh nation

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