Brave Khalsa dropped their swords, follow non-violence methods to persue their demands on deaf ears.


Bhai Iqbal Singh Bhatti enters his 39th day on hunger strike.

His demands are justified.

He is mainly focused on ;

1- A fast rack Court for all cases pending for the last 29 years means since 1984,

2- To issue new Passports for all those Sikhs and their families who got political asylum in foreign countries. One should not forget, they escaped to save their lives and families as Beant Singh & KPS Gill were behind them to kill. These Sikh youths managed to escape and in getting political asylum though they are not wanted/needed in any Court of law in India,

3- All Sikh prisoners be released from jails languished under TADA act and have completed their awarded sentences,

4- All senior citizens languished in jails be released on humanitarian grounds without any discrimination.


I went to Jantar Mantar and met Bibi Nirpreet kaur who handles this campaign herself. Volunteers of United Sikh mission under Bhai Harminder Singh were also present there. I met every one, they greeted me warmly and requested me to join this mission. I have assured them and if Waheguru permits, i shall be a part of this campaign from to-morrow as i too support demands of Bhai Iqbal Singh ji. This campaign will continue irrespective of threat to life of Bhai sahib ji. His health getting poor day by day, He has lost more then 16 kgs, his sugar is under control but he complained of backache and pain in his legs. these are signs of weaknesses. He will get his medical check up tomorrow and then only fresh medical bulletin shall be released.


If he dies or gets arrested, somebody else will take over the charge but hunger strike must continue. Bibi Nirpeet kaur plans to carry out this campaign at every cost.

Yes ! i noticed the expenditure as the tent owner was there demanding his bill which was Rs. 35000/-  till 8th January and goes up day by day, the visitors are served food, tea etc. and paid for their bills, loudspeaker and electricity etc are paid, water is purchased and 2-3 cars are kept there with drivers to meet any emergency. Bhai Iqbal Singh never demanded any help/donations but these expenses needs to be covered.

Reported by: Ajmer Singh Randhawa.


3 Responses to “Brave Khalsa dropped their swords, follow non-violence methods to persue their demands on deaf ears.”

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