Britain declares – No evidence of SAS -Bluestar link without any result of inquiry


David Cameron come on speak the truth ; do not put the truth under the carpet.

With reference to my previous post i am surprised to read the statement of Prime minister of Britain Devi Cameron. He directly refuses the involvement of SAS in helping India to plan attack on Golden temple to flush out Sikh militants from there and to keep mission top secretive? 

In an address to House of Commons, David Cameron said there was no evidence so far that SAS was involved in the 1984 Operation Bluestar, and added that the action was planned and carried out by the Indian army.

In today’s Hindustan times, Delhi a report is published giving his statement. But on the contrary the same news paper accepted involvement of SAS. The readers can read he facts in previous post.

But the report published in Hindustan times dated 15-01-2013 reveals ….. RAW facilitated SAS officer’s India’s visit, kept it hush hush.

May i ask Cameron if the inquiry he ordered – is over in a day? If not – how he gave a clean chit to British involvement? 

Mc Fadden said Operation bluestar had left an ‘open wound’ and that British Sikhs were concerned about the recent revelations of SAS collusion. He said the ‘wound’ would not heal until the full truth came out.

In a letter to Foreign Secretary William Hague, Watson asked questions about the revelations:

1- “Was the cabinet informed?”

2- “Which ministers took the decision to give Military support?”

3- “How many personal were involved?”

I hope British govt. shall conduct a fair inquiry and answer these questions. Sikhs wants transparency as there wounds are still fresh and further an apology from Britain on his said support to India on attack on  a place of peace and tranquility . 

Cameron praises Indian Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh for his apology on attack but he forgets that the victims of 1984 and Sikh nation is denied justice in India and no perpetrator so far has been punished for the last 30 years. Indian govt. protects lives of these alleged high profile accused and shield them. They move scot-free but victims of 1984 are bound to attend every hearing in Court in fear of cancellations of their cases. They are attending at their own cost, by giving their daily earnings, and in the false hopes of justice.

Ajmer Singh Randhawa.


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