Arvind Kejriwal reportedly said that what was the point of celebrating Republic Day when women were getting raped in Delhi. He also said that the centre was to be blamed if the dharna was hampering preparations for Republic Day.


Delhi CM Kejriwal slams Delhi cops, urges people to join protest.

Arvind Kejriwal on Monday openly turned against the Centre and the Delhi Police and began a dharna in central Delhi demanding the suspension of a few police personnel for alleged dereliction of duty.

Since the AAP won the Delhi assembly elections and congress MLA who cried in Congress bhawan and pressurized the Congress high command to give support to Arvind kejriwal to form the govt. If they had not given their supprot, kejriwal couldn’t form the govt. in lack of majority. It was compulsion of congress that it gave its support. the newly elected members of congress were sure that if Delhi goen on election again, the possibility was — they could lose their seats and kejriwal’s AAP could mark an easy victory in their constituency but…..

the politicians from both these rival parties – the congress and BJP both took lightly to AAP, they were shocked on their victory, they never had any dream of it, they were stunned and regretting but they had lost. They are old sharks and shall not allow Arvind kejriwal to run his govt. so smoothly as he dreams. These corrupt politicians now have joined hands to uproot and fail the people’s elected AAP govt by hook or crook. They are playing every trick to defame AAP.

The corrupt top bureaucrats and police officials are working for these old sharks and do not want the honest man rule upon them, there easy income is gone and they fear of sting operations so they are playing tricks to defame and put hurdles before AAP. Every media channel is in search of critics of AAP. I was at Jantar Mantar and first question on any interview, i faced was if Arvind ever promised you or if we have any word against Arvind kejriwal but when we say NO, they get embarassed and their face expression changes. How could we tell a lie?

Arvind is a good friend of Sikh nation and we have hopes on him. he is a new comer, has formed his govt only two months ago. Let him work and then see the result after one year or more. Why to criticize him in the beginning? He doesn’t know any miracle that he will bring happiness over night? These corrupts know the weaknesses of system as they have ruled for years. 

Why do you forget that Indira had appointed his favorite officials on top posts in administration which were used by her son Rajiv to eliminate Sikhs in 1984, similarly these bureaucrats and top Police officials provide their services to Congress and BJP not for common man. So need is to bring change in administration and transfer these dirty fishes, only then AAP shall be able to give a clean administration.

He has the hard nut to crack but public of Delhi is with him.

We pray for his success.

Ajmer Singh Randhawa


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