Current update on Bhai Iqbal Singh ji Bhatti (France).


The current health update of Bhai Iqbal Singh ji, report card on 23-01-2014.

Weight 72,900 = kgs,
Blood sugar = 129,
BP = 130/80.

He seems in his good health and high spirits. I am informed that he never faced any health problem in his life and now he enjoys high spirit of khalsa during his FAST UNTO DEATH hunger strike started on 5th December in France.

he is determined to go on fast until his demands are not accepted. He may follow the path of Darshan Singh Pheruman who got martyred on 74th Day but he assured me that he will not compromise.

Bhai Jasbir singh Rode is already staying Gurudwara Rakabganj Sahib. What meetings going on indoor with DSGMC leadership and Akali leadership is not known but so far he or anybody else not contacted Bhai iqbal Singh ji Bhatti. Why he is in Delhi is not known to me but some hodge-podge may be going on.

I pray good health to Bhai sahib ji and success to his mission as he is fighting for Sikh issues. We need to give him full support.

So every Sikh youth should pay a visit to him to encourage him and to show his solidarity with him.

Ajmer Singh Randhawa.


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  1. Freeman Bargen Says:

    Pleasant and quite interesting article. Your point of view is more or less the same as main. Thanks!

  2. Lonnie Ellenbecker Says:

    Good and extremely interesting publish. Your point of see is more or a lot less the same as main. Thanks!

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