I feel proud to be blessed by Neta Ji Subhash Chandra Bose-the great freedom fighter of India.

Can you find any difference in these two persons?

 On 23rd January—the day when Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Was born in 1897 in Cuttack (Odissa). His journey of life started from cuttack and ended at Dehra Dun in April 1977.

Kindly read this report but please do not go on my poor English as i had not good command in English at that time.


My name is AJMER SINGH RANDHAWA and I am a SIKH by religion, I belong to Dehra Dun which is now the capitol of Uttrakhand, earlier it was a small, calm and quite place, known as DOON valley, is situated in Shivalik hills.I got my education here and while doing my B.Sc. I started Taxi Cab business as I was very poor and I had to quit midway my studies afterwards to feed my family and to look upon my parents’, and started operating in between Mussoorie and Dehra Dun. Once I was coming down from the heights of Mussoorie to plains of Dehra Dun via Rajpur in April 1977, I encountered with a strange happening in early morning at about 9.00 a.m., which changed my whole life.
I stopped at Rajpur to drop some passengers, suddenly I saw a police sub-inspector of that area, standing with two constables waiting for a lift, he was known to me and was my best friend. His name was SURENDRA SHARMA. He was the second officer in-charge and really a smart young police officer. Mr. Inderpal Singh was in-charge of Rajpur, Police Station. I called him and asked if he was in any need. He replied me with a questioning look and asked which side I was going. On the contrary I replied that doesn’t he see that I am on the way to Dehra Dun. He humbly requested if I could adjust them and drop them at 194, Rajpur Road as he was in a hurry to reach at that place, I nodded and adjusted him on my front seat along with his two constables. It was hardly one or one and a half km. distance but he was out of his senses and disturbed. I asked him the reason of his outstanding behavior he groaned and replied that a V I P, is passed away at that place and he is going to inquire about that VIP and also replied in an anger and used policeman’s language that he had just received a wireless message from the than GOVERNER of UP that a VIP had passed away at that address and he should deploy escort in that house for the safety and to avoid any sort of inconvenience so he is going to visit there and to know more about the dead person.
I got very curious to know because it was a small place and death of any VIP in isolation woke the sense of curiosity in me, I too joined him. This property belonged to His Highness of Maharaja of Patiala state of Punjab. I stopped the car at roadside and went inside the kothi (banglow).
I entered into the premises of that house, there was a guest house on the left side, On the right side was grass lawn. The appearance was very beautiful, a complete silence could be seen. After passing about 70 or 80 feets, there was a hut ( small temporary makeshift ),The single door entry was from the rear side, We stopped outside and inquired from the attendants the identity of the deceased person, listening the answer I rushed inside the hut, stepped inside and on seeing the dead body I was just stunned as there was no blood left in my body, there was laying the body of a saint (saadhu) covered under ice to preserve for few days. Oh, I knew him, I used to take him to different locations during the last 4-5 years, I had taken him to several places in my taxi- cab. I never-never had ever thought about his personality, He was such a great person, every Indian had a regard for his struggle for independence, He fought a war with British army by the help of Japan to liberate India. And here he was laying silent in front of me, in complete isolation, Neither any govt. official nor any other person except 2-3 attendants of him were present there who confirmed his identity.
At that time every moment passed with that great saint, the said (Subhash Chandra Bose) during his life time flashed in my mind, I remembered every moment how he managed the trick to hide his identity . I shall try to explain the steps he used to take . I always found him silent; He never used to speak even to me when he was traveling nor with his co-passengers accompanying him. Only once I came to know that swami ji ( the saint ) was about to speak with his people, I was also considered one amongst them as I was very familiar with them. The saint or swami ji knew my name also as I used to visit him quite often. So I was called in-side . The room was completely empty, no furniture or bed , except one chair in the middle of the room. I sat on the ground. I was just alone in that room. Than after a few minutes swami ji entered into the room and got seated on the chair. I bowed before him and touched his feet for blessing. He raised his hand to bless and placed on my head. It was a great moment now I realize, He was the man to whom all the Indians were dreaming to appear one day, and I was being blessed by him. He asked a few questions about me and my family. He spent about 10-15 minutes with me and than he went back. He was having a charming personality and in his good health, with white open long beard, long- white hairs spread on his shoulders, height was about 5’8”, Simple, attractive and smiling face with a glow on his forehead I still remember. I feel proud now as I am among a very few persons who are inspired and blessed by Subhash ji in independent India.
At least, My next generations will feel proud upon me and tell this story to others also. I got- inspired in the true sense to tell this truth to the world without any fear of the Indian govt. and I am ready to face the worst also. I know that by disclosing this fact, I may be killed or face other difficulties but for the sake of the truth, I should be ready to face any such eventuality.
I remember every time when my services were required, his attendant used to call me (the attendant had to come in search of taxi cab, at taxi- stand) after the cab was hired, I was taken to the place of the saint, there that attendant brought a half- filled- bucket of water with cut-pieces of lemons dipped in that bucket. He did the lemon wash every time the rear portion of my car, than rubbed the seat covers, door mattresses, the roof with those water dipped lemons. I used to laugh on all this acts of him though on request he did clean whole roof instead of the rear portion only. The reason wasn’t to hygiene but something else, which shall be disclosed later.
Than he used to bring some white mattresses to lay upon the rear seat cover, rear seat of driver, rear door mattresses etc. Whole rear portion of the car was covered with white mattresses. After the task was complete, the saint paid the visit, he always kept an orange color, yellowish-orange colored cloth to cover his arms and hands. Than he got in and I be given the directions to the desired place of destination. After spending their time, I was taken aback with them. I was allured by paying me twice or thrice the actual amount (my fair). Thus I never bothered to know about that saint. I never tried because in the nearby holy place Haridwar, there were many rich saints whose wealth is in millions, still there are such saints. So I was allured with more money which covered my eyes with the curtain of money. I ignored everything.
Why was he doing all this? What was the reason of washing and covering the seat covers? And even being washed with cut pieces of lemons? The answers of these entire questions flashed all of sudden at once. Oh ! my god, he used to hide his finger prints. Being a science student in my life I could not understand it. How stupid I was? The acids in lemon react with the chemical used for taking finger prints.

Anyway I come to the main story, This saint took a Samadhi [transcend meditation] continuously meditating for 110days, but on 93rd day, a blood spot was seen on the back side of his neck. In this deep meditating- position the body is never touched, thus a disciple of MAA AANANDMAYI was called from nearby Ashram, ( the holy place where saints reside and meditate) of MAA- ANANDMAI (mother). The name of the called disciple was SHIV BALYOGI. He meditated and declared the said demise of SWAMI SHARDANAND JI ( Subhash Chandra Bose or Netaji ) , to the heavenly abode, than this news might be forwarded to the Prime- Minister or The President of India, from there it was sent to the Governor of UP for necessary arrangements. It was the Governor’s office which flashed the wireless message to the police officer, in-charge of the concerned area i.e. Rajpur Police Station. DEHRADUN of UP. I was the only person who knew the fact of this wireless- message other than the police -officials and I was the only first person to reach on the spot with police or say i took the police there, so nothing could be hidden from me because the administration had not stepped in till then. Even I entered into the hut before police personals. Thus I became the eye- witness. Whereas I understand, out of Subhash’s 2-3 attendants, there must be someone from the Indian intelligence, as he was under constant vigil. I have also come to know that his secretary named Dr.Ramni Ranjan Das, was working for intelligence. Though he(Subhash) was in isolation but he was certainly getting some money from some unknown sources to meet his expenses or the daily needs. Otherwise how could he survive and keep the attendants? His expenses were certainly covered by Govt. of India or by some highly influential people. The govt. was aware of Subhash, and his activities.

Now as per the administrative orders, the body of the holy deceased saint was kept for 10 days at the same place for to pay the last homage to the departed soul. During these 10 days I almost used to visit every day to know more. As the police officer was my best friend, I wasn’t stopped to move around by anybody because I was known by everybody. During those days I met many distinguished visitors in which I met the most publicly known person Mr.UTTAM CHAND MALHOTRA, I met him many times and heard him personally. He was the person, with whom Mr. Subhash stayed for 47 days in KABUL, as a roommate when he was trying to escape from India. Mr. Malhotra provided all sort of help needed to escape toBerlin and to Subhash, from the British intelligence. So he was pursuing that this deceased saint is no other than Subhash Chandra Bose, ( Supreme commander of Indian National Army ). The great Indian revolutionary, and that with whom he had shared a room in hide in KABUL, continuously for 47 days, doesn’t he recognizes him, but his voice was never heard. He was telling this truth since 1961. Now, Mr. Uttam Chand Malhotra is no more. He was a great patriot. Had he not helped Subhash or had informed British intelligence, history of India would have been completely changed.
So I am thankful to him. (The INA had been formed by a Sikh captain S. MAN MOHAN SINGH). He wanted to raise it’s strength to 2,00,000, but was not permitted to keep more than 20,000. Hence he refused to attack on India with this little force. At this he was arrested in Singapore. He was sent to work on Railway line in New Guineaalong with his captured troops. This place was known as Death valley. After this Subhash from Germany was invited to take charge of INA by the efforts of Sh. Ras Bihari Bose. The invitation was sent by Govt. of Japan. Subhash accepted and came to Tokyo viaSingapore, with the support of Germany and help of Japan, Subhash took over the charge of INA in 1943, and raised the strength as per the need).
It is also true that Japan govt. paid two tones of gold in lieu of Subhash Bose to Hitler, who sent him from Germany to Tokyo by submarine and for other expenses though it was paid in the name of transfer of submarine technology from Germany. Both the countries were equipped with submarines so paying in lieu of technology transfer was just an eye-wash only. This gold was transferred by the submarines at Malaya islands while transferring the only civilians (Subhash and Abid Hasan) from German submarine to Japanese submarine during second world war. The gold was unloaded from Japanese submarine and reloaded at German submarine.
There I also met with a niece of Subhash and her younger son. This gentleman was a little over-weight, you can call him good- healthy person. If they had not come there from such a distance to pay their last homage to the departed soul of their nearer &dearer one, what else had compelled them to travel so long unnecessarily required. That is also from thousands of miles away. That’s the question arises on their visit. Though after such a long time I have forgot the name of the lady and her son but this is the truth I am disclosing before the curious readers. I am just prevailing the truth and trying to put the facts before the readers to justify.
Draped in Tri-color the body, now after 10 days was escorted by a convoy of three trucks of police armed constabulary , beside many other Govt. and private vehicles and taken to Rishikesh, about 43 km. from Dehra Dun at the bank of holy river GANGA (GANGES) for funeral. His pyre was set at a pious place. By giving a Full State Military Honor with21 Guns salutes and turning the rifles of policemen’s downwards. The pyre was lit in flames. This tradition of gun salute is given only to the personals of armed forces or to the distinguished dignitaries, Head of the nations, not to the civilians. If a saint had died in isolation, why was this practice performed specially in this case as the deceased was only a saint. Many other saints have died since independence, How many of them have been given this special tribute? All this clearly indicates that the deceased person was certainly Mr. SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE. (Not any ordinary person). Whereas the identity of the deceased had already been discolsed earlier in February and July 1962, by Major Satya Gupta and Sh. U. C. Malhotra in a press conference in Calcutta. The deceased was not only a saint but a high-ranked army officer. Govt. itself approved it by giving full guard of honor to mark the respect. No confusion was left.
There is a tradition not only in India, but throughout the world that the funeral and the last rites are performed by the family members only until the deceased is a distinguished person or a VVIP. In this case, Officially he was not any such personality or having any high post in any office of repute. The deceased was simply an ordinary person died in isolation. Then why the Govt. agencies took control of the funeral in it’s hands like they do at the death of any VVIP.
I tried many times to unravel the truth but could not get any success. After the death of Subhash (in Hindu religion, when any person becomes SANYASI, He gives up the materialistic world and is known by a new name blessed by his guru or master), Swami Shardanand was his name now), I used to narrate this story to my passengers that my city has the honor that such grate personalities have lived there. I never tried beyond that but in 1992, I went to Statesman office in Delhi , I narrated whole story but they ignored. Again I tried to contact Mr. Rajat Sharma the famous TV anchor, but his PA just ignored in 2006.Than I became silent as no one was giving an ear. Now in 2008, for the last 4-5 months we are trying to approach Swami RAMDEV , but with no success. Swami RAMDEV is capable to pursue the govt. and to disclose this in large gatherings. I am sorry to say no interest is shown by him. Sooner or later he is going to join politics. So, he is having his own interests.
When Mukharji commission’s report had been tabled in Parliament, I got upset as it was an attempt to misguide public and was away from the truth , then somehow I approached Mr. Devendra Bhasin, presently Media advisor to Uttrakhand Govt. who was the spokesperson ofUttrakhand Mission of Netaji Dehra Dun. I narrated the whole story to him, he assured me to highlight it. He asked if I had any photo. I felt sorry and told him that when I visited first time I had no camera, and afterwards the police had stopped shooting any photos, rather than only police- photographer S. Jogi, (official photographer). He is still having but refused to provide without permission of DIG of police. By the efforts of Mr. Bhasin, I came in contact with “Uttrakhand Mission Netaji”, at Dehra Dun, which was trying to establish facts to unravel the mystery of the death of Subhash and also trying to prove that Swami Shardanand and Subhash Bose were not two different persons but Subhash ji is known as swami ji. After meeting me, they are sure now and with our joint efforts, We have only one mission to build a great world famous memorial at the place where Subhash breathed his last. That’s the goal and mission of our life. We are completely dedicated to this mission whether Govt. helps us or not. We are even ready to build the great memorial with the help of our brothers ( the Indian public).Only we want that the same LAND be provided to us. Since 2006, I joined this mission. We are all working under the superb guidance of Sh. O. P. Sharma, Chairman- Uttrakhand Mission of Neta ji Dehra Dun.
On 24th Dec.08, I was called upon by Sh. O.P. Sharma, the president Uttrakhand Mission Netaji, Dehradun (Uttrakhand), to accompany them to interview a 92 years old ex-officer, a retired Colonel of INA. We were three persons; the third person was Sh. R. N. Sharma (W.president). We took a copy of our blog and went to meet Col. S. Pritam Singh ji at his residence in Doiwala, Dehra Dun. He was in a poor health due to old age factor but was fit enough to answer our questions. He was among the few of Netaji’s trustworthy staff to travel by air on 16th Aug.1945 from Singapore to Bangkok.
                                          Col. Pritam Singh and Sh. R.N.Sharma
First of all I showed him the picture of Swamiji-[Netaji], (only face was shown) and asked him to recognize. This picture was taken in 1964 ,the source was not disclosed and full view was not shown to him. He recognized in first glance and all of sudden he replied,” Netaji. Yes! this was the prompt answer I was expecting but immediately he turned from the track and said,” Photo to koi bhi banaa saktaa hai.” I replied this is a real photo taken beside the dead body of the late Prime Minister Sh. J. N. Nehru in 1964. He was just stunned, speechless and could not believe. I had got the answer from one of close associate of Subhash. It was a proof that the saint in the picture is Swami Shardanand/Netaji. Subhash was alive. He came there to pay his last homage to late Prime Minister of India. The picture shows Mr. Subhash Bose as a Sanyasi, (Swami Shardanand). I again asked if Subhash had died in air-crash, How could he appear all of sudden in 1964? He replied to ask this question from Nehru and Mountbaton

“MEN MAY LIE BUT CIRCUMSTANCES DO NOT” Viewers please compare both the pictures of Subhash for the evidence of identification and send their comments.
Neta ji in 1964 final copy
ImageThen I started to ask some questions from “RELATED QUESTIONNAIRS” of my blog, he did not answer any of those but how could I had him escape so easily so I asked,” OK. If the saint (swami Shardanand) was not Subhash, why all of you men from INA have joined his ashram only and became his disciples?” Here he found himself helpless and could not answer immediately. After a little pause he replied,” Due to his high spirituality.” I replied this was not a right answer. There are many saints of his cadre with high spirituality like pilot BABA , why not you INA men joined him or other so-called saints, Moreover not only you have become a disciple but all men from INA. Secondly what had motivated him that he went to Bengal from Dehra Dun to join Shaulmari Ashram as a disciple? Could not he find any other ashram in adjoining Rishikesh and Haridwar? Moreover being a Sikh i dared to ask him that Sikhs generally do not run around these sadhus because Sanyas is not permitted in Sikh religion.
He had no answer to this question. Though on the contrary, instead of answering he kept on commenting and cursing Nehru, Mountbatten and Edwina (wife of Mountbatten, he also held them responsible in cons pirating to divide India.
Govt. believes the assertions of Col. Pritam Singh that Swami ji was not Netaji but denies the assertion of another close associate of Subhash, Major Satya Gupta, who disclosed in press conference that Swami Shardanand ji was Netaji. He made this assertion in Feb.1962 immediately after he paid a visit to the Shaulmari ashram and met Subhash Bose as Swami Shardanad ji in his new avatar .
I believe that Maj. Satya Gupta was a true soldier. He disclosed the facts in the interest of nation. It has been 47 years since he disclosed. We are still facing difficulties to prove him right but Col. Pritam Singh is a liar. By telling a lie and shadowing the clouds of mystery on disappearance and re-appearance of Subhash Bose, he has betrayed with whole of the nation and especially hurt feelings of the admirers of Subhash Bose.
Col. Pritam Singh had written a letter to the Governor of Uttrakhand on 12th Nov. 2001, complaining of Ashram’s land was being forcibly grabbed by one Inder Singh, (we have the copy) who was in relation to MLA of the ruling party and he was threatening the functioning committee of Ashram, they were being terrorized by him. The help of govt. was sought in this matter urgently, that’s why the appeal was made directly to the than Governor of Uttrakhand.

In this connection a telegram was also sent by Col. Pritam Singh ji to the President, Prime-Minister and Home Minister of India on 01-11-2001, to interfere and to save the land from LAND MAFIA. In this telegram, the contents are very important. He has written,” ASHRAM SE BHARAT KE GAURAV KE PRASHTH JUDE HAIN.” Means—The unfold pages of this hermitage are connected with PRIDE OF NATION.
I insisted many times to disclose this, the meanings of this line. What was that pride (the secret pride) he mentioned but every time his reply was that Swamiji was a man of high spirituality though he did not disclose the real identity.
He might not disclosed but it was already made to public by Sh. Uttam Chand Malhotra in July 1962, and earlier by Maj. Satya Gupta in a press conference at Calcutta in Feb.1962 after he met Swamiji alias Netaji and disclosed that Swami Shardanandji of Shaulmari Ashram was in fact Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. It was only indicated in telegram. (See box above).
On the basis of the complaint to hon’le president and Prime Minister of India by Col. Pritam Singh, Mr. O. P. Sharma also lodged a complaint. The District Magistrate/collector initiated the inquiry. The inquiry officer sent back the report without recording any statement of the complainant Sh. O. P. Sharma, and filed the remark that with his inquiry it does not prove and no proof of Swamiji’s being as Netaji could be found and land grabbing by one Inder Singh Khatri was found baseless. It was purchased by him from the real owners in 2001. Col. Pritam Singh denied the charges made by him and also did not commit that Swamiji /Netaji was one person. So the charges made in complaint were found baseless. No action was taken against the land grabber Inder Singh. This officer was not appointed to find the facts if Swamiji/Netaji was one person. In his opinion there was no need of any commission to probe as he himself had given the verdict. He was deployed to inquire the charges of land grabbing. Nothing else. He was not concerned if Late Swamiji was Netaji or not but he should have gone on the contents of the complaint and of allegations made within.

The three commission whatsoever declared after a long probe in diffrent countries, a police inspector did the same work in just one inquiry. The matter was closed after this and final report was submitted. What a great idea?

The meeting ended after about 2 hrs. My conclusion of this interview is that, not only Netaji made any commitment to the Govt. of India and Russia before his release and his re-entry to India, his motherland, but he also did commit on behalf of all his men from INA that no one will ever disclose his identity. They (INA men) have taken an OATH OF SECRECY before him to not to disclose that Swami Shardanand is none other than Netaji Subhash Bose. These Men from INA, are true soldiers who being abided by their oath, shall never disclose the evidence of identity of there Supreme Commander. Result whatsoever may be. No doubt they are loyal, dedicated and true soldiers. Any nation of having such dedicated soldiers, having spirit like them, the saviors of nation, would feel proud upon them and his strength of dedicated army but I am sorry to say they are loyal to Subhash only. This was also a reason they were not adjusted in Indian army after independence. The Govt. was feared, that in future they could be provoked and revolt in favor of Subhash. On the recommendation of Lord Mountbatten,and agreed by Nehru, a precondition for independence the INA soldiers were not re-inducted into the Indian Army.
This is the picture of Swami Shardanand of Shaulmari Ashram,(Subhash Chandra Bose ) beside the dead body of Late Prime Minister, Sh.J. N. Nehru in 1964.
Film Number 816-B…This Film Shows Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Visiting The Funeral Of Jawaharlal Nehru On 27th May,1964…This Film Shook India Through & Through…British Newspapers Published It With Supreme Importance…The Govt Of India Had Been So Scared That They Censored This Film…After A Decade, The Govt Produced A Different Cambodian Monk, Saying That Was Not Netaji In The Film But This monk to Bluff The Nation! 
Anujdhar & Co have been propagating false things like Veera Dhammvara story……So sharing these crucial pieces of info here…To be Thrown on their face :
pictures Subhash bosehttps://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=313161522067329&set=a.121581887891961.30582.100001204516315&type=3&theater
(B) This monk is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, without any shadow of doubt…Why are we so convinced?
ANSWER : In the month of May,1964,when the entire Nation was harping the same note,when the the issue raised to an international height,when the Govt of India was at a total loss,what could have been done to settle everything very easily?…the answer is very simple!…that so called ‘Cambodian Monk’ could have been brought in public immediately…as this so called ‘Cambodian Monk’ was a V.I.P,the Govt had full knowledge about his identity,whereabouts…had that so called ‘Cambodian Monk’ been summoned by Govt and had this photograph been showed alongside the monk,then everybody would surely have accepted that the Monk beside Nehru was not Netaji at all but this so called ‘Cambodian Monk’…now,how long does it take to fly in that monk from any corner of the World?…24 hours, 48 hours, 1 week, 2 weeks, maximum 1 month…he arrived after 10 long years…a decade!!…during the final sessions of Khosla commission in 1974…there he made some funny comments:I was amused blah blah blah…our question is my dear Cambodian Monk,where had you been all these years?…An Entire Decade!!!

The Governments of India have been playing and will surely play a little longer…After that?

The Incident In Detail – On 28/05/1964,Netaji, along with some Buddhist Monks arrived at the Teenmurthy Bhawan(the mortal body of Nehru was kept there) on three taxis…time was approx 11am…Shri Gulzarilal Nanda was then the interim Prime Minister of India…Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri was given the responsibility to welcome/handle V.I.P Guests…From the taxi, Netaji sent an envelope to Shri Shastri and Shri Shastri came running to welcome him…Then Lal Bahadur ji and Netaji went inside the Teen Murthy Bhawan…After sometime,Shri Shastri escorted Netaji back to the taxi…After that Netaji arrived beside Nehru’s body and offered a giant garland of roses as homage…Netaji also added a note to the garland in English…The note said,”Another name of Jawaharlal Nehru is courage.Let us confront the crisis of our nation for the future of India”…The note was undersigned as ‘Subhas Chandra Bose’.
Now,let us discuss about the consequences of that documentary film…It gave rise to a huge uproar across the country…Not only did it shook India,waves hit beyond Indian boundary…80 Members of Parliament visited PM Shri Lalabahadur Shastri and proclaimed that the Monk was Netaji SubhasChandra Bose,without any shadow of doubt…Shastriji could not reply anything ever!…This photograph also sent a ripple in England…It was published in very important newspapers like Daily Mail,London Times etc,with a caption – ‘Tell India! Who is this Swamiji!’.
Now,what did the Govt of India do?…They had been shaken to such an extent that the part of that film was totally censored…As I have earlier mentioned that the documentary film(film number-816B) has been a big headache for the Govt of India,they wanted to bury it once and for all…In that effort,a so called ‘Cambodian Monk’ called Veera Dhammavara (Deponent number 224)was sent to the Khosla commission in 1974 during the final session,to misguide/bluff the commission…Veera Dhammavara story turned out to be a superflop,as it should! 
In June 1977, after having been travelling in India for several months, we arrived in Rishikesh in the morning of 19th April (according to notes from our diary).

As we approached the town, we saw a big funeral pyre ready for cremation on the stony banks of the Ganges. We had already seen a lot of cremations while in India, so it was not the pyre itself that surprised us but rather the fact that there were quite a number of heavily armed police cars at a discrete distance. A small group of people gathered around the funeral pyre, which had not been set on fire yet.
Driven by curiosity, we got nearer and a few of the people standing around soon hurried to ask us if we were journalists and wondered how come we had heard of this event. We made it clear that we were just tourists. Then, when they saw our cameras, they were very eager that we should take photographs, for we were about to witness an event of historical relevance to India.Next to the pyre there was a big wooden box full of sawdust and ice. The corpse of a dark skinned old man had already been placed on top of the pyre. Someone who seemed to be the most important man amongst those gathered there introduced himself as Suresh Padhye and gave us his address in Amravat, in Maharashtra (we enclose photograph taken right there).
He explained to us that:

It was the corpse of Chandra Bose, founder of INA (he told us briefly about the INA, of which we knew nothing), who had died a few months earlier somewhere on the Indian Himalayas, where he had lived in hiding and meditation. The Indian authorities had refused to give permission for a
public cremation for fear of revolt and demonstrations, mainly on account of the upcoming elections at the time. Later, once the elections were over, permission was granted on condition that it was carried out privately and under police surveillance. The corpse had been kept in sawdust and ice for those months. When we got nearer to take some photos, as requested, we could truly notice the very strong smell. They insisted on having photos taken of the corpse’s prominent forehead, because that seemed to be one of his outstanding features.

In a moment, the cremation followed its course and the skull could be seen; one of those gathered there bathed in the river following the ritual. Then he cracked the skull with a long cane he had dipped in the Ganges and greased with ghee. There came an elderly woman who started wailing and writhing on the ground, for a moment it looked as if she were about to throw herself into the pyre. Then she bathed in the river with her clothes on and left the way she had come.

This is an account of what we saw and wrote down in our travelling diary that day.
That was 1977, as we already mentioned. In those days we didn’t know who to tell about it. Now, we have entered the web and clicked on Chandra Bose out of curiosity, where we have been surprised at the vast number of items on his person and mysterious disappearance, the air crash in Taipeh and so on.On reading about the existence of the MUCKHERJEE COMMISSION for the research into the end of Netaji Chandra Bose, we have decided to let you know about our experience concerning that cremation. We keep the photographs taken there, which may be interesting for your research.
Looking forward to hearing from you,jon indo

My gratitudes to both the tourists who arrived by chance at Rishikesh and took the pictures of cremation of Neta ji and sent me after 35 years in 2012 after reading my blogs.

 Ajmer Singh Randhawa
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3znJ1YdSwY  ……….Death of Subhash bose (Part three).
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmRDZYNG2qc  ……..Death of Subhash bose (Part two).


9 Responses to “I feel proud to be blessed by Neta Ji Subhash Chandra Bose-the great freedom fighter of India.”

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  8. I feel proud to be blessed by Neta Ji Subhash Chandra Bose-the great freedom fighter of India. | Voice of Sikh nation Says:

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    Can you find any difference in these two persons? KADAM-KADAM BADHAYE JAA !! KHUSHI KE GEET GAAYE JAA !! YE JINDAGI HAI KAUM KI !! TU KAUM PE LUTAAYE JAA !!  On 23rd January—the day when Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Was born in 1897 in Cuttack (Odissa…

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