The FAST UNTO DEATH of Bhai Iqbal Singh ji Bhatti has entered it’s 50 th day to-day on 23rd January. He started on 5th December in france, later on shifted to Mohali but then decided to keep the fast continued in capitol of India. So it continued but his base was now shifted to Delhi at Jantar Mantar. He is here on FAST since 1st January 2014. 

It’s to remind you that he never broke his Fast. He is always gathered by Sikhs around him and it’s continued since 5th Dec. 2013.
But by the grace of Akal Purakh Waheguru ji (almighty God), he enjoys HIGH SPIRIT inherits in veins of every Khalsa by Guru Gobind Singh ji.
Gurbani says;



The Akal Purakh himself takes care of the Sikh !! 
The master is always kind enough to his slave !!


In the evening, i went to see Bhai Iqbal Singh Bhatti along with my wife. I was very delighted to see two great personalities of Sikh panth present there. One had visited from Abichal nagar Sri Hazur Sahib, Nanded-Maharashtra. 

He is Sant Baba Gurmeet Singh ji langar sewa wale. You can see him in the picture on the left side . He came their to stamp his support by his personal visit.

Next great personality is Sant Baba Amrik Sngh ji Ajnala. He is head of Damdami taksal. Both of them assured their support to the mission of Bhai Iqbal Singh ji Bhatti. You can see him sitting beside Bhai Iqbal Singh ji Bhatti. On the right side of Iqbal Singh, i myself is seen sitting with all these great people. They wished more sangat to gather there and encourage the volunteers and Bhai Iqbal Singh ji at Jantar Mantar. 

I also came to know about Jasbir Singh Rode staying at Gurudwara Rakabganj at a distance of about one km. from Jantar Mantar. What inside story of his meetings, he might better know but why this person is in Delhi and not visited to see Bhai sahib  creates some doubts of his mal-intention. 

Bhai Iqbal Singh Bhatti has lost his 19 kgs weight since he started his Fast. I am told he is never hospitalized in his life and still enjoys the blessings of his master Guru Gobind Singh ji. He is determind to continue his his FAST. Either he will asked to end the fast gracefully or his end shall be witnessed by us. 

If the Sikh nation wants release of its legends from Jails and raise their voice to punish the perpetrators of Sikh genocide 1984 or they want justice with victims of 1984, then i request all Panth dardi Singhs, Sikh organizations and every individual to mark his presence here, to show their support and solidarity with Bhai Iqbal Singh ji. No media has paid any attention because the Indian media is paid media. They are not paid or they may not get enough ads during telecast of any news relevant to Bhai Iqbal Singh so they ignore but the TV channels in UK are covering every day.

Ajmer Singh Randhawa






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