Bhai Iqbal Singh Bhatti has ended his 56 days fast:

The two
We can never forget the kind efforts of Bibi Nirpreet Kaur ji who gave his full support to achieve the mission of Bhai Iqbal Singh to great extent as she assured to pay all the expenses of this campaign since Bhai Sahib started his FAST in Delhi, before thet all these expenses were covered by him only. Nobody else has paid for these expenses other then help in form of langar and bedding seva etc. by DSGMC for full month. We sinserly thanks Manjit Singh GK, his team, Bibi Nirpreet kaur, Harminder Singh from United Sikh Mission, Inderpreet Singh from Sri Akal Sahaai Foundation, Harsimran Sandy from Jammu, Mann deep Singh khalsa, Rajinder Singh Rangeela, Iqbal Singh and Sikh channel with kind co-operation from Media Punjab (Germany),  and also to all team members whose names are not given here. Pehredar, Spokesman, Daily Ajit and some Hindi News papers which covered the news regularly.
Kejriwal on footpath
Chief minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal who slept at pavement in protest is very kind hearted person and feels agony of a common person. Last year in May 2013, he made a commitment with Bhai iqbal Singh that if his party comes in power, he will do the needful to do justice with Sikh issues. By the grace of god, a miracle was seen in the end of 2013 when his party Aam Aadmi Party won the assembly elections and he was sworn as Chief minister of Delhi.

He didn’t forget his commitment and sent a ‘LETTER OF ASSURANCE’ to Bhai Iqbal Singh by giving his consent which was opened by MLA Jagdip singh in presence of another MLA Jarnail singh and offered a glass of orange juice to end his fast.

On 27th January, Bhai Iqbal Singh ji Bhatti refused to end his fast as he requested Panth to suggest him if he should end his fast or continue.

I pasted an appeal on facebook in this regard to know your view.
Bhai Iqbal Singh ji called few Sants in Punjab so that they may be here till 2.00 PM on 29th to discuss on this issue and to finally decide.
None of these eminent personalities of Sant Samaj arrived. We had already given this time of 2.00 o’clock to both the MLAs of Aam Aadmi Party.
We had refused them to end the FAST despite their several requests day before yesterday. And called them to day.
Both of them arrived at given time.
Media was also given the same time but Sant Samaj was no where to discuss or give their any valuable suggestion.
Now we the sangat of Delhi had to take a final decision, and we took it.
Arvind Kejriwal CM, Delhi, not only issued a ‘A LETTER OF ASSURANCE’ to Bhai Iqbal Singh ji Bhatti but he himself assured Sikh people to be with them in fight for justice.
Bhai Jagdeep Singh, elected MLA of AAP offered a glass of orange juice to Bhai Iqbal Singh ji to end his fast in presence of another Sikh MLA Bhai Jarnail Singh from his party. Than a 3 year old Sikh child Anhadbir Singh too offered the same glass of juice  to Bhai Iqbal Singh ji, he again took some sips and loved the child affectionately.
Last year in month of May, he had assured the same but then he was not in power but after he got the power, he kept his commitment and tried to fulfill it.
We didn’t want our sympathizer, a good friend of Sikh nation who stands with us in our time of needs.
Today before the we could end the fast, he (Arvind Kejriwal) again opened the PANDORA BOX by giving the news of SIT probe and his meeting with LG Delhi.
This provoked his rivals. They had no way to escape, BJP and SAD welcomed it. Shiela Dixit also welcomed it but the real face of Congress shall be exposed if they oppose.
Kejriwal also demanded release of Prof. Bhullar and here BJP and SAD is silent but Congress is going to file a petition against it tomorrow in Supreme Court.
Here it was already expected. Why this same Congress do not demand inquiry against Sumedh saini who is alleged of killing father and uncle of Prof. Bhullar?
The demand of issue of passport to Sikh people abroad who got Political asylum in Europe or in other countries…is a good news that the Indian govt. has accepted Bhatti’s this demand but allowing only to children below 18 years. Some of them got it yesterday. They were also denied by Indian consulates.
But why does the Indian govt. not issue the passport to these Sikhs abroad?
Because these Sikhs in their youth fled to Europe, Canada, and US to save their lives when butcher KPS Gill was killing them. Those who managed to escape applied for political asylum, they got it. now they have families and they want to return india to pay obeisance to their Guru in Amritsar and other towns, also to meet their other family members but Indian govt. do not allow them. They have a right to pay obeisance to their Guru at Golden temple and Indian govt. should allow them to pay a visit. They went abroad in fear of life not for a honeymoon.

But by the end of this fast, one should assume if the struggle of Sikh nation is over. If our demands are not accepted, then we will be free to restart our struggle, may be after one month. We are also planning to organize a large scale protest in Delhi on 1st Nov. 2014, in which every Sikh shall be requested to participate. The number may go very higher, more then a lac. (One hundred thousand).

So please keep watching VOICE OF SIKH NATION.

Ajmer Singh Randhawa


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    We can never forget the kind efforts of Bibi Nirpreet Kaur ji who gave his full support to achieve the mission of Bhai Iqbal Singh to great extent as she assured to pay all the expenses of this campaign since Bhai Sahib started his FAST in Delhi, befor…

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