After 30 years Sikhs are now called Indian nationals, only by Arvind Kejriwal (AAP).

Everything would have been alright if the fast unto death of bhai Iqbal Singh ji had been ended next day. The credit of ending fast is gone in favor of Arvind Kejriwal Chief Minister of Delhi, not  in the account of Badal’s so all this political drama, hue and cry is staged to hold grip on and influence to Sikh voters.


Badal’s are in a dilemma if Delhi Sikh voters are with them or his victory in Gurudwara election was anyway connected to their fame or any of their good deeds.


In fact, it was the anger against Sarnas which burst out and Sikhs in Delhi voted against him and Akali dal could get a good lead.

If any credit of this victory goes, then it goes only to Manjit Singh GK and to Manjinder Singh Sirsa. Sikhs in Delhi have full faith in these two Sikh leaders.

But these two Sikh leaders do not have any political background, no identity of their own other than their connectivity with Shiromani Akali Dal –Badal,  so by  raising Sikh issues and by openly writing letters to President on release of Bhullar and nother letter to LG, Delhi, Kejriwal raised demand to SIT Probe on 1984 Sikh genocide.

No other political leader of any political party ever dared to raise this demand other than Kejriwal. If we allege Hindus to vote and support Rajiv Gandhi in elections soon after massacre of Sikhs and stamping its approval by their votes, than i appreciate these Hindus who today stand with us to wash those dirty stains from their forehead.

Parkash Singh Badal had demanded Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe of the riots called as Sikh genocide related cases in May 2013 but now when Arvind Kejiwal has demanded and assured Sikhs on its formation, Badal refuses it in January 2014. 

What a hypocrite Badal is?

The Sikh community should come forward openly to support and join AAP. We have seen rule of Badal which has completely ruined Punjab. If we allege Govt. of India for its failure in curbing Drugs, its Narcotics department failed to control drug mafia than certainly we need to condemn Badals for promotion and sale of drugs in Punjab. The name of Bikramjit Singh Majithia has been revealed as king pin. The Partap Singh Bajwa, President of Punjab congress is also named y culprit Bhola. N Punjab,

The revelations made by an ex-police officer Surjeet Singh on killings of 83 Sikh youths. The Badals took no action and of ordered any inquiry. The how could he persue the demand of SIT on pogrom of Delhi from Govt. of India? Retd. DIG Shahsi kant too made several revelations but to no effect. Badal himself is accused of his role to invite Indira to attack on Golden Temple in 1984. Now Arvind Kejriwal has taken the  initiative with his new team in Delhi govt. to show solidarity with Sikhs and tried his level best to write letters to President of India and to LG. The results are being seen in a short time. The release of Bhullar is not far. The formation of SIT team may be declared in near future. The riots of 1984 may be called as Sikh genocide and setting of fast track courts to do justice with Sikh nation demanding punishment to high profile perpetrators and organizers of Sikh genocide may be a reality in a very short time.

So we can say that the mission of Bhai Iqbal Singh bhatti by keeping his FAST UNTO DEATH for 57 days invited attention of AAP and it’s leader Arvind Kejriwal sent a LETTER OF ASSURANCE to Bhai Iqbal Singh and requested him to end his fast. He made silent the critics by his statement that the Sikhs are not Americans or Pakistani nations but are our Indian brothers. Thus he won the hearts of Sikh nation by his this statement and then he stuck to his commitments. He has done a remarkable job and Sikhs can hope on him in future too.

Thanks To Iqbal Singh bhatti who was determind to continue his FAST UNTO DEATH until his demands not accepted and to aware the Sikh nation. The warriors have chosen a peaceful method to invite attention of world and proved that the martial Sikh nation getting master in this art also.

Sikh nation is highly grateful to Arvind Kejriwal and all his team members who came forward to support humanitarian demands of justice and against discrimination as the previous govts. always denied. I hope that the kind efforts of AAP may fulfill the gap in both the peaceful communities of Hindus and Sikhs created by Congress as it believes in ‘DIVIDE AND RULE’ I had never thought if Sikh community will ever trust on Hindu majority as none of it’s leaders came forward to stand with Sikh nation or ever assured of justice. Now this gap may be fulfilled by AAP and harmony, trust and peace may prevail again.

With thanks to Arvind Kejriwal and Iqbal Singh,

The humble servant of Sikh nation,

Ajmer Singh Randhawa


6 Responses to “After 30 years Sikhs are now called Indian nationals, only by Arvind Kejriwal (AAP).”

  1. Rai Jagdev Says:

    Well done Randhava ji for once I agree with you 100%

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    After 30 years Sikhs are now called Indian nationals, only by Arvind Kejriwal (AAP). | Voice of Sikh nation

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