Bibi Nirpreet Kaur

I request Bibi Nirpreet Kaur to contest Parliament election from Sri Anandpur Sahib ji. I had heard about her previously but fortunately i got the opportunity to stay with her camping for Bhai Iqbal Singh ji Bhatti at jantar Mantar Delhi.

She is main witness against Sajjan Kumar, perpetrator of 1984.


Arvind Kejriwal with Bibi Nirpreet Kaur

Only there i came to know and realized whatever i claim to have worked for upliftment of victims of 1984, that’s almost zero compared to her sacrifices and her seva. She spend whatever she collects from donations and from her own earning. I witnessed igiving financial help to many women who came to see her, were paid by her. She pays for fee of children, for their livelihood and for their homes also.

If Florence Nightingale is famous and called as Lady with the Lamp for her services to wounded then certainly Bibi Nirpreet Kaur is GRACEFUL LADY IN SERVICE TO HUMANITY in modern times.

Kindly persue her to contest and then raise her voice in Parliament of India for these suppressed families of 1984.

Her phone numbers are : 09212113995 & 09780063896.

If we welcome. support and wish to see Kamaldeep kaur sister of Bhai Balwant singh Rajoana, we would like to see this lady also to enter parliament with smile.

Ajmer Singh Randhawa.


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