Call of boycoot to Jathedar Akal Takhat as he has failed to sort out Sikh issues.


How said this day is when I myself being an admirer of Jathedar Akal Takhat is compelled to question him on his failures? I feel very disappointed but as usual I can’t suppress my inner voice or stop my pen to reveal the truth.

Jathedar ji, I am sorry to allege you on your failure on all accounts in Sikh issues. The list is very long because since the day you got appointed to this highest seat of Sikh faith, you always ignored the concerned issues which needed your guidance like your first failure … you could not establish a committee on authenticity of Dasam Granth, instead you kept the issue to linger on. What for? Whether you mean or Akali dal wants the Sikh qaum always be divided to keep its control by fuelling in fire on this issue and then hurt their religious sentiments for votes to Akali dal Badal?

You rightly excommunicated few traitors but why did you never made any effort to sort out the burning issue?

Answer please.

Akal Takhat is a Supreme Authority and its main function is to keep control on religion and save the religious places but why did you lack your duty to question Akali Dal Badal, Uttrakhand govt and Development Authority of Haridwar for demolition of a historical Gurudwara (Gian Godri) at Har Ki Pauri in 1984? Why did the Development Authority allowed it to demolish and erected a market on it? It shows either the then UP govt. or in-charge of Development Authority played a key role in its demolition being hands in glove. Why no case is filed against these guilty, corrupt officials or what have the Punjab govt. did to expose them? Did you ever approached CM Punjab and ordered him to any inquiry on its demolition?

If not why?




Three letters were written and sent to you by Gurcharan Singh Babbar dt. 08-10-13, 15-11-13 and 20-11-13 but to no affect. Now he has lost all hopes from this supreme authority. It’s your incapability to which this man is compelled to give a call of your boycott. I too support him and give this call in the interest of Sikh nation.

The same story is of historical Gurudwara Pawwa sahib of sixth guru Hargobind Singh ji in Gwalior. It was torched to flames in 1984. A historical ‘khadaaun’ or ‘Paawa’ of beloved guru has been destroyed by flames. Not only this, the lumpen Hindus took control of this historical Gurudwara and converted this holy place into KALI TEMPLE. A Court case was filed by few learnt Sikhs but politics and influence of higher authorities of MP govt. proved so influential that the verdict was given in favor of Hindus. How could the court give this false verdict and what you did when you got this information? See evidence

Please explain here. 

As I see complete failure of your authority on Akal Takhat and find you incapable to run this prestigious Supreme authority, I too hereby give a call of your boycott. Please resign from this post if you have little bit shame left in you to save your honor, otherwise people will call you another incarnation of Arudh singh who honored the butcher Michel O’dyer in darbar sahib. The whole panth still feel ashamed of his mean act which caused defamation to panth and injustice with dead in Jalianwala Bagh and their families.
I hope your honor will surely follow my suggestions. Either do the needful to uplift the Sikh community, use your influence to eradicate differences among khalsa, make efforts to take control of these two Gurudwaras from Uttrakhand and Madhya Pradesh govt. or step down.

My warm regards and Guru fateh.

Humble servant of Panth:
Ajmer Singh Randhawa


6 Responses to “Call of boycoot to Jathedar Akal Takhat as he has failed to sort out Sikh issues.”

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