Decreasing population of Sikhs in India-a major concern to Sikh world.


Dasam Patshah ji blessed khalsa to gain strength of 96 karod (960000000) [1 karod=10millions] but the population of we Sikhs is on sharp decrease. it has sent a serious concern to all intellectuals. Generally Sikh nation counts 2 kraoo but any family do not grow more than two children in a family to provide them good standard of life, education and prosperity in life but where the concern is of whole community, i do support giani Gurbachan singh ji who has appealed every Sikh family to have 4 children.

When i was a child and studying in early sixty, the ratio of Sikh population was given as less then two karor Sikhs in India, the Muslims counted nearly 8.5 karods who have crossed more than 20 karod and now form a major Vote Bank in India. Every political party needs their votes, their voice is heard. 

In a democratic system, you need to form strength to be given waitage to your presence otherwise nobody shall give any importance. that’s what we are facing now in India. Hindus and Muslim form the majority and we are still stand at the same number of 2 karors after 50 years?

Guinnies record shows …There are 19,215,730 Sikhs in India as a whole with the majority, around 11 million, living in Punjab, north India.

So all the intellectuals and learnt scholars of Sikh nation should have to sit together and make a decision on this importance issue in the interest of coming generations whose future is not safe if they too live in minority status and if their voice is also ignored like us. Then certainly coming history shall not forgive us.

Ajmer Singh Randhawa


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