Current report and the reasons behind disturbance by DSGMC in Tilak vihar, Delhi.


Manjinder Singh Sirsa & Manjit Singh GK, conmen of DSGMC. 

Why did Manjinder Singh Sirsa broke opened the Lock at disputed which was earlier locked by Police to ensure peace and harmony in the locality? Then AKHAND PATH started, Nishan sahib fixed up and unfurled, Police kept on watching. Police was falsely assured by Sirsa that they will vacate the building once Akhand path is completed but on Tuesday soon after bhog ceremony, Sirsa and GK announced a series of 51 Akhand path one after one just to keep the possesion in their hands? Who allowed them to misuse sarup of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji which caused dis-respect and Akhand Path disturbed? Are these both the conmen not responsible for this disrespect and then playing with religious sentiments of Sikhs? Is this not an attempt for political benefits to BJP in coming election? 

Are the authorities fools?

In such case when election are going to be held just after one week, the administration took a prompt action and failed the malicious move of DSGMC which is keen to provoke Sikhs on a religious issue by hurting their religious sentiments on disrespect of Guru Granth sahib ji and on Nishan Sahib but people are not blind. This is Delhi not Punjab where people are more educated.  The confiscated sarup was taken to Gurudwara Sisganj by Police and handed over with due respect to management there as reports received. Police also videographed to record whole action in camera which they will produce at right time.

Akal dal forms alliance with BJP in Punjab and here a candidate Pravesh Chandra is in fray from BJP + Akali Dal Badal. It fired the situation to gain in coming election, Congress too tried to fuel in fire.

There only motto is to defame AAP and woo the voters towards their side which is an uphill task. The popularity of Jarnail Singh ji has frustrated them.

I had predicted it few months ago of repeat of violence and disturbance in Tilak vihar locality when Police opened fire on these poor victims of 1984 and Mahabal Mishra (Congress MP) did nothing for these people instead he supported the Balmikis of the area.

This said building was an old heritage home, a ruined building in locality. We people met the local MLA OP  Babbar and requested him to hand over this building to Seva84 which is working for the upliftment of victims of 1984 and working in the field of education and medical other then religion also.

He inquired through his sources and was delighted to see Seva84 charity work in the area. He granted permission and allowed us to use the building and assured that legal possesion shall also be given to soon. But unfortunately BJP lost the Assembly elections and he couldn’t do much to keep his words but he was firmed on his decision. Luckily it was Jarnail Singh, A Sikh person elected MLA from this area from AAP. He too supported mission of Seva84.

On the contrary Ravi Singh of Khalsa Aid, UK entered into scene in the area, our volunteer Jagdish Singh cheated us by not giving full account details of expenditure on renovation of this building. Seva84 spent nearly Rs. 3.5 lacs on renovation but details of expenditure we were provided was only amounting two lacs. We persued jagdish Singh to give us full detail. He contacted Ravi Singh and Ravi Singh of Khalsa aid provoked him to not to give any detail ti us and lured him to work for khalsa aid, Few volunteers from Patiala contacted Jagdish singh, they planned to give Uniforms to school children. Our center was chosen for this purpose without informing us but we remained silent as the charity work for victim families was being carried out. And then it was locked by Jagdish Singh, he became in-charge with consent of Ravi Singh of khalsa aid.

We approached OP Babbar and contacted Jarnail Singh local MLA, they got annoyed on role of Jagdish Singh and Ravi Singh of Khalsa Aid. They came to the center. Police was called by them and they locked the buiding, the keys were given to In-charge Tilak nagar police station to avoid any conflict between different groups of people as still it was a govt. property.

Now shrewd Jagdish Singh met Manjit Singh GK and Manjinder Singh Sirsa, convinced them to take possession of this building. They were lured and Manjinder Singh Sirsa visited Tilak vihar. He broke opened the lock of Police and started an Akhand Path there on this Sunday.  I was informed by some of our volunteers. I decided to call Sirsa as both of us are good friends for the past many years but to my dismay when I called him on Monday the 31st March, his PA received the phone, I gave him my introduction. He assured me to call back when Sirsa comes. I kept waiting but as Sirsa is now holding high profile seat, he ignored my call. I wished to warn him to keep his dirty hands away from this issue as this building was renovated by my team but unfortunately Sirsa missed the opportunity.

And rest you have already read in the beginning of the post how DSGMC caused the dis-respect to Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji, used the sarup for illegal possession and then to hurt religious sentiments of Sikh nation to benefit BJP and congress in coming elections and damage the popularity of Jarnail Singh of AAP.  I feel ashamed of these leaders of DSGMC who didn’t hesitate to incite Sikhs to disturb peace and harmony in the area for political advantage only. If they continue playing to play with sentiments of Sikh nation, we shall oppose them in their every move as we did earlier to uproot Sarna. If sangat of Delhi chosen them to lead Sikh samaj in Delhi, they should respect the mandate and honor it otherwise their future shall be no different them then Sarna.

Ajmer Singh Randhawa.


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