AAP Ticket to contest Parlimentary election by Jarnail Singh


News 24 objects on ticket to Jarnail Singh and remarks result of flunged shoe on Chidambaram. It may be true but another reason is his revelation on 1984 in his book which is ignored by media. Well if we accept shoe flung award then is it worst then giving award to Devendra Nath Pande and Bholanath pande on hijacking a plane and demand release of Indira gandhi ?

Sant Jarnail Singh was also irritated on treachrously killing of hijacker Manjit Singh alias Musibat Singh at Rajasansi airport on 20 Aug. 1982. He commented that there were two laws in india, Pande brothers were awarded for hijacking whereas a Sikh was shot dead without trials. See evidence at


So justify yourself whether bhai Jarnail Singh is a right candidate or not,  representing Sikh community in next Parliament through AAM AADMI PARTY He has good knowledge on Sikh genocide and well aware of these perpetrators sitting in Parliament for the last 30 years. Congress protects them and provide top security whereas the victims are being harassed in India, they have to attend every date in Court with the hope of justice which is denied to them. The perpetrators and Chief organizers are rarely questioned as Indian govt. was itself a party in this holocaust. Sikh nation have it’s hopes on Bhai Jarnail Singh and we also are grateful to Arvind Kejriwal for his support to Sikh nation on their demand of justice.

Sikhs all over India should cast their vote only to AAP as both Congress and BJP’s hands are stained with blood of innocent Sikhs.

Hijack a Plane, Get Rewarded by Govt of India.

Did you know that an Indian airplane was hijacked on Dec 20th, 1978? Indira Gandhi was in prison for her crimes. Here’s what the Wiki notes in the list of aircraft hijackings in the 1970s:

December 20, 1978: Devendra Nath Pandey and Bhola Nath Pandey hijacked Indian Airlines flight IC-410. They demanded the immediate release of Indian National Congress party leader Indira Gandhi who was imprisoned at that time on the charges of fraud and misconduct. Later, they were awarded with party tickets for this act by the Indira Gandhi government in 1980 such that Devendra Nath Pandey rose to become a minister in the government of most populous state of India, Uttar Pradesh. This case was also mentioned by Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale to justify his claim regarding the hypocrisy of the Indian government. {Emphasis added.}
[Hat tip: Aditya Kuvalekar.]

Let me repeat the important bits:
1. Indira Gandhi was in prison for her crimes. She was a criminal serving time in prison.

2. A criminal act was done — hijacking of an aircraft — to free a criminal — Indira Gandhi. (This is not unusual. An Indian Airlines plane was hijacked and taken to Kandahar some years later, which led to the freeing of Islamic terrorists.)

3. The criminals who hijacked the plane were rewarded by Indira Gandhi.

And for that we have the Indian capital’s airport named the “Indira Gandhi International Airport.” Is it any surprise that the Indian parliament and the government is bursting at the seams with criminals and crooks. India is a kakistocracy — rule by the most corrupt and the least principled.

Why is India a kakistocracy? Because Indians are collectively ignorant. Many of us have little bits of information about the criminality of politicians — both past and present — but this information is mostly private and generally not widely known. We have to make this information shard public information so that it becomes common knowledge.

History matters. Ignorance of what happened and why can be seriously damaging. If we don’t know why and how we got to this sorry state of affairs, we will never be able to fix the system. If we are ignorant of how awfully disastrous the Nehru-Gandhi family led Congress party has been for India, we will never be able to set India on a path of recovery because the same mindset motivates the current Congress party.

Let’s work together to collect all the Nehru-Gandhi horror stories into a comprehensive volume. And then let’s make it not just general knowledge but common knowledge.
– See more at: http://www.deeshaa.org/2011/12/23/hijack-a-plane-get-rewarded-by-govt-of-india/#sthash.FPiOG38i.dpuf

Report by;
Ajmer Singh Randhawa.


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