Sikhs marching Haridwar on Baisakhi day


Kindly share and forward the message quickly to every home of Sikh. If Sikhs shall not come forward to get back the possession of their historical gurudwara Gian Godri at Har Ki Pauri, who else will make efforts?

So come forward, the DSGMC or SGPC has no interest as their lips are tightened by Badal as he has political alliance with these fanatic Hindu organizations who are responsible to demolish the Gurudwara.

DSGMC could play politics in Tilak Vihar to possess disputed land, being renovated by a Sikh Seva org. but it has no guts to come openly and march to Haridwar to take the possession back from administration and rebuild the Gurudwara at centuries old historical place. They are KAGZI SHER, who can block traffic and cordon off a police station in Sikh dominated area, hence they are cowards.

So Sikh youths are appealed to join the march at 5.00 am at Gurudwara Rakabganj on 14-04-2014.

Please contact Gurcharan Singh Babbar at 9971359517 & 9312262300, Delhi.


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