False propaganda against Sikh by Congress in election time.

A report was published in NewYork times on 3rd April 1984 by Sanjay Hazarika. In this report he gives the number of people killed in Punjab during peak militancy in two years as 300 though we should condemn each and every single murder of every innocent but Congress govt. carried out Operation bluestar to flush out militants from Golden temple and 43 other Sikh Gurudwaras (places of worship). Indira govt. then alleged killings of hindus during militancy in punjab was over 35,000.

Lal Krishan Adwani, President Bhartiya Janta Party lead a protest march in Delhi and persuaded Indira to attack on Darbar Sahib also known as gilden Temple. He himself confessed in his autobiography, ‘My country my life’ that he put pressure on Indira to attack. 

But when this news of NewYork Times came in front of me, i immediately decided to share it with you as it’s an evidence that the killings and worst conditions of law and order were falsely propagated in Punjab to justify attack on Golden temple whereas it’s already  proved that the preparations to attack by army were already going on in hills of Chakrata nearly 340 kms from Delhi, for the last 18 months and soldiers were given training on a replica of this sanctum sanctorum. It only proves the anti-Sikh policy of Congress govt. which had enmity with Sikhs since 1975 when Sikhs in Punjab opposed emergency and raised their voice against dictatorship of Indira Gandhi.

Some reports were also published in Tribune Punjab which denied any hand of Sikh militants in killings of innocent Hindus but held responsible to Indian agencies to defame Sikhs and then take action to eliminate them. It only exposes lust of power and rule of Congress by indira Gandhi who disturbed Punjab and organized these killings to prove her savior of Hinus whereas she herself embraced Islam, married to Feroz (a parsi muslim) and adopted new name MAIMUNA BEGUM.

Tribune newspaper on 11-11-83 printed a report called ‘Discovery of Turbans’ written by Dr. Lalawati & I.S Iyangar thought to believe in this that the passengers “Hindus” were dragged out of the bus and killed was not work of the real Kharku’s (Militants) but work of the non- kharkus who happens to be dressed like Sikhs and were wearing Turbans.  As Darbar Sahib complex was garrisoned along with other Gurudwara’s every person going in and out was searched properly including ration as it was believed that so called Terrorists were hiding in the Darbar Sahib Complex and they would come out and kill innocent Hindus and go back in hiding.  List of 40 Singh’s with proper names was sent to center Govt. and C.R.P, B.S.F & Punjab police along with few intelligence agencies were on the spot to catch these Singh’s but during 18 months of Garrison they failed to arrest or catch EVEN one Singh with so called weapons or Singh’s killing any innocent Hindu.  

So now the Question is who were killing these innocent Hindus?  Comrades being revolutionaries yet the ass lickers of the Govt. of India were on the pay roll to provide information of any Singh whom they did not like so for job security they were giving names of innocent Sikh youths who were taken to Police Stations, extorted for money, tortured and eventually killed.  State sponsored Terrorism was at it’s best and to date properties of these Singh’s have been taken over by Police officials and few has been turned into Police Stations or such.  If Govt. of Punjab and Comrades are so pure human being than why human rights organizations were not allowed in Punjab to tell the world truth?  Let’s not forget Shahid Jaswant Singh Khalra a human right’s activist who exposed 25000 deaths of innocents from the cremation grounds by the Punjab Police just in one district of Punjab.  All these boys and their families were extorted for money during repeated arrests, tortured, female members of the family were gang raped, their are living victims who have stated that they were stripped butt naked and were forced to lie down on their father and much more went on and yet these comrades are talking about bringing what revolution with their lies of Kharku’s killing innocent Hindus? Jaswant Singh Khalra revealed how a 3 yrs old boy was also cut open and peppers were stuffed in his wounds and eventually boy died.  And nobody would want to be repeatedly torture to such extend or humiliated so few boys un willingly ran out of their homes and joined the real Kharkus for revenge and gave the hell to the forces of State sponsored terrorism now the deal was handful vs. the whole state funded by A country and they gave the real MATCH for these goons in uniforms. Back to Question how did some of the fake Kharkus that who created them? Sarab Hind Congress i issued a report ‘Conspiracy Exposed’ and was printed in Indian Express dated September 4, 1984 which stated “Pakistani agents disguised as Sikh were trained in Kasur area of Pakistan by brigadier artillery regiment.  These men, in batches of 300 – 400 were given there to four months intensive training.  Most of those trained in these camps & training centers were smugglers, proclaimed offenders and criminals….”  There were other active centers and they were brought in via Rajisthan border.

S.M. Sathananthan Managing editor Transatlantic India on 15-12-83 wrote under article “Hindu-Sikh Conflict in Punjab, causes and cure” in this he writes ‘Sikh leaders claim  that the recent killings of innocent Hindus in the bus, near the border were not committed by the Sikhs, appears to be credible and thought provoking’ May 1985 Magazine Surya on page 42 writes something like this “Mrs. Gandhi had decided that she was to take on the new role in her life the role of the protector of Hindus…. She had planned that there shall be a conflict between the Hindus & Sikhs, in which the grand strategy was that the Hindus shall be first left unprotected, let them be killed for a while, let them become angry, so angry that they will seek revenge.  The Hindus & Sikhs will then go at each other’s throat.  and then I will tell the Hindus, ‘Look I can only protect you.”

More than 300 people have been killed in Punjab since the latest series of violence began in the summer of 1982. Of this figure at least 50 people were slain in clashes between Sikhs, Hindus and the police during an outbreak of violence in February.

If only 300 people were killed in violence within two years, i wonder if BJP+RSS were so terrorized that Adwani led a march to persue Indira Gandhi to attack on Golden temple? He himself confessed that he persuaded Indira in his book ‘MY LIFE MY COUNTRY’. It seems Indira also took it threat to peace and harmony of nation so it took suicidal step to attack on Darbar sahib but It’s Radio and TV channel propagated killing of thousands of Hindus in Punjab. 

By looking this report, it gets clear that Indira Gandhi had one mission in life to see rule of Congress in every state, she played malicious moves, used article 356 frequently to uproot the state govts and impose President rule and form Congress govt after fresh elections in which govt. machinery was used to benefit her goal.This report also certify the reports of Tribune. Both of these prestigeous news papers have given true reports. Had indira not helped Gurbachan singh Nirankari to escape Delhi after he killed 13 Sikhs in Punjab, the seeds of militancy would have never been sown and she had not to pay  a heavy price. Not only she but whole India still paying the price and shall always pay as Sikhs shall never for get Operation Bluestar and Sikh genocide in same year 1984.

Capt. Amrinder Singh  is trying to woo max. Hindu votes by raising the issues of past by highlighting congress.. saviors of Hindus in Punjab…It is election time again and every candidate who is taking part in the election, is ready to tell any kind of nonsense and rubbish. Captain Amrinder has done the same too Because as a experienced politician and very loyal of Congress Party he knows very well that he has got no chance to be elected in the coming election by the vast majority of Sikh voters because of the Sikh Genocide of Sikhs in the Golden Temple in June 1984 and in November 1984 in the whole India . Now he wants to get the sympathy of Hindu voters and tell absolutely rubbish about the killing of 35000 Hindus during the period of 1980’s by the Sikh militants Because the Hindu voters are his only hope to be elected. But it won’t happend Because he is neither clean nor he is smart. Indira Gandi was rewarded her punishment to attack on the Golden Temple called Darbar Sahib, the Holiest Shrine of Sikh Faith on 31 October 1984 and just because of killing one murderer, in the whole India more than 37000 innocent Sikh men ,women , children and elderly were brutally murdered by throwing kerosene on their bodies and putting TYRE around their neck and this Genocide of Sikhs was going on for four long days.The whole India saw it and the world knew it also up to a certain level But no case was registered, no arrest was made , no investigation took place,no case was submitted in the court and one was convicted Because of 37000 innocent Sikh lives and Captain Amrinder expects that everyone shall believe him that 35000Hindus were killed and there was no reaction in the Ruling Hindu majority . Hindu mindset Ruling Elite was not able to register a single case of hindu murder out of so called 35000 killings of Hindus in Punjab ? Who is going to believe Captain Amrinder and his shameless fiction ? Only Fools and Donkeys . The figure of Sikh Genocide is taken from the total number of people , who were given the compensation by the Indian Government . This figure is not complete yet Because a big number of people had left India and many of the victoms families were move to the other parts of India and they never claimed any compensation. There are many who were not given the chance to report the loss of their love ones.

Captain Amrinder and people like him are just charecterless, collaboraters, shameless, conciousless, greedy dogs, a real piece of Shit and son of a Bitch who deserve no Mercy of any kind and should be given the maximum possible punishment of their crimes against the Humanity by themselves and to help other murderers of innocent Sikh population .

The readers should not forget that Capt. Amrinder Singh is sion of Patiala state of Punjab, he is the king but his greed to be the Chief Minister of Punjab has placed him in line of beggers who eye on Sonia Gandhi to give the alms to rule. He is born king but circumstances have made him beggar and enemy of his own community. He also walks on footsteps of those traitors who once uprooted Sikh empire by treachery with Sikh forces in 1849.
Ajmer Singh Randhawa.


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