Brief introduction on role of Murderer Amitabh Bacchan in 1984 Sikh genocide who is visiting Melbourne, Australia on 1st May 2014.




Basically Amitabh bacchan is a coward by nature. He can’t dare to face any public protest or a stage show where his role in 1984 Sikh genocide is probed. Before this, in 2012, he was supposed to inagurate IIFA in Toronto, Canada but he came to know that Sikhs are preparing to protest against him, he immediately resigned from it’s chairmanship and cancelled hi visit. BUT NOW …..

It has been revealed that Amitabh bacchan is visiting Melbourne on 1st May 2014 to attend Film Festival of Indian films. I wish that the journalists may ask him about his role and why a case against him was registered there in Australia when he visited Queensland university to receive a purchased honorary degree of Doctorate?

I challenge him to face me on any TV show, any stage or a public platform to answer his role in instigation Hindus to spill blood of Sikhs by his sponsored hatred slogans on Delhi Doordarshan, the only TV channel owned by Govt. of India.


Amitabh Bacchan— a celebrity star of Bollywood (Indian cinema) but a murderer? Yes, but a murderer is called who might have killed one, two three or few more murders but this man is a witch —- he incited killings of innocent Sikhs in 1984 Sikh genocide through Indian govt owned TV Channel—the Door Darshan. In his direct LIVE telecast he incited the majority Hindus of this nation to spill blood of Sikhs. This is not only a rumor ——- but a bitter truth. He shouted the hatred slogans against Sikhs like, “KHOON KA BADLA KHOON means Blood for blood and the slogan was telecast intermittently for three days from Door Darshan until the pyre of Indira Gandhi was not set in flames.

The Government of Delhi State has, by a Notification dated May 08, 2000, assigned to Justice Nanavati all matters relating to the 1984 massacre of Sikhs. Here are some key Questions for the Commission.

Once I thought to write an article on the 1984 genocide of Sikhs but I have, time and again, restrained myself, as the article would forewarn the culprits because my reference to various aspects of the case may lead to destruction of even the remaining relevant records.

Here are two out of 36 of the questions given to the Nanavati Commissionindeed the Government – must answer.

Eminent jurist and Retd. justice of Punjab & Haryana High Court, he raised some question which were never answered. In his questionnire

3. Who was the clearly visible and identifiable man who continued to be shown on the Doordarshan television throughout the first part of October 31-Nov. 1 night (standing at the threshold of the room where lay the dead body of Indira Gandhi for public view) shouting: “Sardar Qaum ke ghaddar” and “Khoon ka Badla Khoon” – openly inciting spilling of Sikh blood.

(Ans. It was Amitabh Bacchan)

4. Why no action has been taken against that man, till date, for openly spreading disaffection between communities and provoking bloodshed of identifiable persons ?

Amitabh was famous as an angry man in Indian cinema. He was liked by viewers of all religions and castes. He had his good and close relations with the ruling family of India and Indira Gandhi herself. That was the reason that his films could easily get the No Objection Certificate from Censor Board. This was the only reason that very soon he was seen as a successful star of Indian Cinema. His name had been known as guarantee of success of film.

After assassination of Indira Gandhi her son Rajiv Gandhi was made the Prime Minister (by going out of constitution and leaving aside the elected parliament members) by Congress Party, to avenge the killing of his mother from Sikhs, he organized the Sikh genocide in India with the misuse of Police and other para-military forces of India including Army.

Many of Congress leaders played a key role in this genocide, few names of these perpetrators are as; Hari Kishan Lal Bhagat, Jagdish Tytler, Sajjan Kumar, Kamal Nath, Arjan Das, Dharm Das Shastri, Lalit Makan and Amitabh Bacchan.

The others than Amitabh Bachan participated like street dogs who bite in their own area, similarly these politicians orchestrated the massacre in their constituencies only. But Amitabh Bacchan —- which was a celebrity of Indian cinema, he appeared LIVE on Door Darshan and appealed the majority Hindus to spill blood of Sikhs through his hatred slogans. . Due to his hatred call, the violence against Sikhs was spread all over India and Sikh were killed in trains, at Railway Platforms, in buses, on roads mean to say everywhere Sikhs were targeted. More then 20,000 innocent Sikhs were brutally killed in India. Now only god knows if the thirst of blood of this witch is quenched or he wanted more and whether really quenched—-only he might be aware). The Sikh women were molested and raped too at many places. Their children were also not spared. They were also burnt alive, (you can see the evidences in these following pictures). Their movable and non-movable property was either looted, destroyed or set on fire.

Amitabh Bcchan—-the famous Indian cine star — who arrived Delhi in the evening on 31st October the same day when Indira Gandhi was killed in Delhi. Though our unconfirmed reports( as given to us by our one friend on facebook—a social site) that as soon he landed at Palam Airort, a Sikh security person on duty saluted him but he slapped on his face and said that ‘you Sikhs have killed our mother so you too have no right to live” We do not confirm this information but share the information received by us.

The grand children of Indira Gandhi were given in the custody of Mrs. Teji Bacchan who was mother of Amitabh Bacchan. She too belonged to a reputed Sikh Bedi family but had given up her parental religion —-Sikh by marrying outside of religion with a Kaystha Brahmin Harivansh Rai Bacchan. The credit to join Amitabh in film line also goes to Indira Gandhi only because she used her influence and sent an approach letter to Kjhwaza Ahmad Abbas, in which she had requested to give a role to Amitabh Bacchan. He gave a side role to Amitabh in his Hindi movie “SAAT HINDUSTANI” And when a movie on violence was released (Zanzeer), it was cleared by Censor Board under influence of Indira Gandhi.

The only but govt. owned TV Channel of India was covering the visiting crowd and distinguished people arriving to pay their tributes to late Prime minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi at Teen Moorti Bhawan which was earlier the official residence of India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru who was also father of Indira Gandhi. We saw Rajv Gandhi and Amitabh Bacchan discussing in a corridor. We saw Rajiv Gandhi turned towards Amitabh Bacchan and whispered something in his ears and than Amitabh turned towards camera crew which was already waiting there.

And then I witnessed which I have never dreamt of. I was just stunned when I watched Amitabh inciting Hindus to spill blood of Sikhs?

The state media show looped video clips of Amitabh Bachchan raising slogans like “Khoon ka badla khoon” (blood for blood) and “Khoon ke chintey sikhon ke ghar tak pahunchni chahiye” (Splashes of blood should reach the doorsteps of Sikhs).

Then Amitabh was seen walking 10 to 15 steps with his fists closed in anger and waiving in air, shouting hatred slogans ….KHOON KA BADLA KHOON means BLOOD FOR BLOOD. This video clip was telecast intermittently to provoke majority Hindus to spread violence against Sikhs and to kill them. This video was proved like fuel in fire. Due to this hatred video, Sikhs were attacked all over India. More than 20,000 innocent Sikhs were killed, their women molested and raped too, their moveable and immoveable properties were either looted, destroyed or set on fire. The meanness of Hindus was noticed when they raped Sikh women on dead bodies of their husbands, brothers, children and relatives.

I was stunned as I had no blood in my veins. I was in dilemma if he (Amitabh) was liked by only majority Hindus? If this was same Amitabh who was a failure on box office. His maximum movies were rejected by audiences. Even then I was his fan and a regular viewer of his films as he did some good performance in few films like ANAND. So we were not in his fan list and only Hindus were given credit? Since than a feeling of hate for this man is placed in my mind.

Now it had been clear that he (Amitabh) was a fanatic Hindu and targeted Sikhs with his biased hateful thoughts. He was inciting majority Hindus to kill Sikhs all over India by inciting them through his hatred LIVE telecast on TV channel and we were helplessly watching him and killing of innocent Sikhs. We were crying on our failure as we could not save our brothers from these butchers. I was also feeling ashamed of calling myself an Indian. INDIA which was liberated by us and we Sikhs sacrificed 93% for its liberation from British Colony. These were only Sikhs who sacrificed their blood to help India get free and today we were backstabbed by our own govt and the people? These Hindus are thankless nation as earlier during Mogul empire, they were saved by Sikh gurus otherwise would have been known as largest Muslim country with all its citizens as Muslims. Sikhs saved them from forced conversion by fighting with Muslims to save them but to-day they back stabbed us? Had the Muslims not defeated by Sikhs, Hindus could not be seen in this Indian sub-continent. It was not possible to believe on own eyes but the betrayal was there in front of my eyes?

Due to hatred call of Amitabh, more than 20,000 innocent Sikhs were killed in whole India. Their moveable and immoveable properties were looted or set on fire, their homes and business establishments were also looted and destroyed. Thus they were made homeless and penniless second time in India after 1947. The massacre was continued in Delhi for three days continuously from 1st November to 3rd November. As per official reports (through govt records 2733 Sikhs were killed but unofficial records reveal it more than 10,000 in Delhi only. No legal action is ever taken against this celebrity Amitabh bacchan for creating animosity in two brotherly communities, to destroy public property by incitation and provocation, and to make way for another division of India on religious basis like 1947 when Muslims opted for their own nation and they got as Pakistan. There are many reasons of legal failure. He moves scot-free under security of National Security Guards. It’s almost impossible to take a legal action against him on his involvement in Sikh genocide in India as he is protected by Indian govt.

Alas if we too had our own nation which could help us in this critical time and had raised it’s voice against injustice, discrimination and attempts to eliminate us than govt. of India could have never dared to orchestrate a well planned massacre of Sikhs. Since than we do not consider this nation as ours, never.

When people ask me to show an evidence of his involvement, I just look at their faces in amusement only. Either they are fools or oversmart? During that genocide, our own govt was enemy of our lives, there was no one outsider to eliminate us but our own brothers who shared a mutual trust for centuries. Just due to misguidance and provocation, these our own brothers of Hindu community became our worst enemy and back stabbed us? The fire brigade was given orders to not receive any call f arson but if they are compelled and have to go to douse the flame, than they should spray water on adjoining houses of Hindu families but not spray water on Sikh homes. We were not sure if we will be alive and see the next moment, so we were busy to make all efforts to save ourselves and our families from our own. Who had the time to record his hatred slogans, and forget recording of video as the video camera were not available in every home. Some families had the Video caste player but that too rarely. Even the TV sets were not in every home. People had to watch at their neighbor’s homes. Mobiles were not invented than how could it be recorded? It was not possible for Sikhs as they were facing death squads in every street but if someone else from Hindu or Muslim or Chrishtian community recorded it, I am not aware. This video clip is available with Door Darshan but that can be viewed only by order of a sitting judge only.

It’s not like that Amitabh shouting hatred slogans is not watched by others? Hundreds of thousands would have watched him mostly who were residing outside Delhi but to whom could they reveal?


To-day on 14th December 2009, S. Tarlochan Singh, MP raised his voice alleging Rajiv Gandhi and actor Amitabh Bacchan and revealed their involvement in Sikh genocide of 1984 in Parliament of India.

see the link;

Any legal action against him is not possible in India. It took me 25 years to spread my voice. The credit of revolution in Indian struggle of freedom of 1957 goes to Mangal Pande … as he was the first person who dared to give a befitted reply to British —— it needs to ignite a single spark to revolt and when I myself has watched Amitabh LIVE on Door Darshan inciting Hindus to spill blood of Sikhs than I decided to knock the Court. I was hesitating to pay Court fee and litigation expenses. Therefore I filed a Public interest Litigation (PIL) in Delhi High Court on 19-09-2009.

On 24-10-2009, it was refused to be heard by honorable judge Man Mohan Kumar with a remark as the case is filed after 25 years. Now I was again in need of money to file revision, no advocate came forward to fight this case without money, possibly they were frightened to appeal against a highly influential celebrity.

I demanded a copy of video clip from Door Darshan aftermath assassination of Indira Gandhi in 1984 from 1st November to 3rd November but I was refused to provide the same and called vague. And when I became sure that I can’t get justice and can’t appeal in Court, I better decided to write on net and expose him. I learnt Internet and than all the material in relevance to this PIL and involvement of Amitabh in provocation and inciting Hindus to spill blood of Sikhs pasted on net. People were amazed, they had no such information. Though the Karnail Singh Peer Mohammad had revealed it on net before me but he was not having any witness. After my statement on net, this was proved a big support to their voice. Within last four years only, whole world is now aware of his involvement, his role in Sikh genocide is well informed. We have shown the real black face of him within this short period. Now wherever he goes in any part of world, Sikh youths protest against him and he is called MURDERER, MURDERER. The success which I would have not got by filing a legal case against him, I have got more than that on net. He didn’t pay a visit to Canada in fear of protest but resigned from Chairman post of IFF. Sikhs for justice , an NGO gave a memorandum to President Barak Obama which includes his name as perpetrator.

Than he went to Oxford university, England and his interview was aired by BBC, TV ONE to promote his film ‘PAA’. There he had to face protest of Sikhs. After that he went to Queensland University, Australia where a law suit was filed against him on his involvement in 1984 Sikh genocide. He again visited London in 2012 to run with OLYMPIC TORCH, here again he faced Sikhs protesting against him and who shouted as MURDERER, MURDERER. Than he was so frustrated that he sent an application at Sri Akal Takhat (the Supreme and temporal seat of Sikh faith) about his innocence, he tried to misguide the clergy whereas we are the eye witness and know the truth. Truth always prevail, one may try to cover it by his falsehood.

If there Hindus killing the innocent Sikhs in Delhi and other parts of India under influence of Congress party, and were thankless to Sikh nation, thankless to Sikh gurus who sacrificed their lives to save Hindu religion and were marking a blackspot to their religion, there were many savior Hindus too who risked their lives to save innocent Sikhs, gave them shelter, food and water despite opposed by Congress goons and the govt which was keen to eliminate Sikhs. We are thankful to all those known and unknown Hindu brothers and bow our heads in due respect before them. The brotherhood, harmony and love if still persists among these two communities is due to their selfless service. We Sikhs shall always be grateful to them.

For more information, please go through these following blogs and see the video in which he (Amitabh) is openly alleged. If he denies these allegations, he should come forward and file a case of defamation in any court of his choice but in the end he shall not find any place to hide his dirty face. Truth will always chase him.                                                                                     9 inAustralia)

Qatil Amitabh-

Monster Amitabh-

Truth of Amitabh bacchan–


Ajmer Singh Randhawa.



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