Image Amitabh bacchan is visiting Melbourne to attend film festival award on 1st May 2014. I request the press reporters, media personals and all invitees to ask him questions on his involvement and instigation of violence against Sikhs in 1984. If Azmal kasab could be hanged on attacking and killing the innocent Indians in mumbai (though he got injured in cross firing and he killed 4-5 persons only) but this man spread violence throughout india by using his celebrity image and proved him racist and communal, a fanatic Hindu though born of a Sikh mother. Why no action is taken against him is itself a question on Indian agencies, judiciary and the govt which protects him and provide top security to roam-free. Film festival award shall begin on 2nd may and Amitabh is visiting on 1st May, a day before, i appeal a large staged protest as he faced in London in Olympic torch rally. Sikhs in UK named him MURDERER !! MURDERER !!

Please public pamphlets and distribute them during film festival to general public, invitees and to media personals so that this man may be exposed and questioned by media. Prepare banners to display at every crossing and in venue in Melbourne to invite attention of the world. Every visitor should get aware of his racism and fanatic Hindu views.

551181_388932874493634_2127609423_n I ask the Australins if any Nazi visits their country, would they welcome him? If not why this man is welcomed all over the world? Why no question is asked from this mass murderer? In 2009, Queensland University declared Doctorate degree to him but he refused with a remark that the Indians were being attacked by racist Australians so he refuse to accept this degree from Australia but i wonder he was invited again by same QU in Oct. 2011 when he paid for to set a chair in the name of his late father harivanshrai Bacchan? That means a deal was stuck in between Amitabh and Queensland university, he paid the price and QU honored him?

Amitabh bacchan is felicitated with a Doctorate degree by Queensland University of Technology (Australia) today on 20th Oct despite our objection on any award to be given to a killer of innocent persons. We Sikhs made our all efforts to inform the VC of this reputed university but all on deaf ears. They did whatever they wanted to, we were killed, our sisters raped, our children were orphaned but the world has no concern with it. We may shout and raise our voice but all on deaf ears. We may send thousands of evidences but they ignore.

I sent email to VC of QUT, many Sikhs too requested to stop awarding a killer of humanity but all on deaf ears. Shame onAustralian University which supports racism and award the killers of humanity. They should feel more honored if they declare a trophy to commemorate Adolf Hitler and Idi Amin if they can honor Amitabh bacchan from India.

I wonder if this an institute of honor propagates the ideas of killers of humanity? Why does it not set a chair to commemorate Adolf Hitler if it honors Amitabh bacchan—an accused of provocation, molestation, rapes, damage of properties, loot and mass killing of innocents? It (QUT) honored accused Amitabh Bacchan despite a case booked in Australia against him.

Image Image I request every person who loves justice, equality and humanity, please see this blog before he ever greets this man or honor him. http://amitabhaxed.blogspot.com/

The facts of 1984, which are secrets so far; these are the reasons i hate this man who instigated violence against Sikhs and incited Hindus to spill blood of Sikhs. Due to his hatred call  of blood of Sikhs (KHOON KA BADLA KHOON means BLOOD WASHES BLOOD or BLOOD IN LIEU OF BLOOD) which was made LIVE on Delhi Doordarshan, the only TV channel of India, owned by Govt of India, more then 20,000 (assumed 35,000) innocent Sikhs were butchered alive on streets, theire movable and immovable proerty was either looted or destroyed, their documents burnt to make them penniless in future, their women raped, children made orphans. The most disgusting part of these Hindu mobs was–they raped Sikh women on dead bodies of their male members of family or in front of their children. It shows (proves) their downfall of character which they never mourned and presently the capitol of India Delhi is called as RAPE CAPITOL. Image

Eyewitness Testimonies:

“On the morning of 1 November, when Indira Mata’s body was brought to Teen Murti, everyone was watching television. Since 8 a.m. they had been showing the homage being paid to her dead body. At about noon, my children said: ‘Mother, please make some food. We are hungry.’ I had not cooked that day and I told them: ‘Son, everyone is mourning. She was our mother, too. She helped us to settle here. So I don’t feel like lighting the fire today.’ Soon after this the attack started. Three of the men ran out and were set on fire. My youngest son stayed in the house with me. He shaved off his beard and cut his hair. But they came into the house. Those young boys, 14 and 16 years old, began to drag my son out even though he was hiding behind me. They tore my clothes and stripped me naked in front of my son. When these young boys began to rape me, my son began to cry and said: ‘Elder brothers, don’t do this. She is like your mother just as she is my mother.’ But they raped me right there, in front of my son, in my house. They were young boys, maybe eight of them. When one of them raped me, I said: ‘My child, never mind. Do what you like. But remember, I have given birth to children. This child came into the world by this same path.’

After they had taken my honour, they left. I took my son out with me and made him sit among the women but they came and dragged him away. They took him to the street corner, hit him with lathis, sprinkled kerosene over him, and burnt him alive. I tried to save him but they struck me with knives and broke my arm. At that time, I was completely naked. I somehow managed to get hold of an old sheet which I had wrapped around myself. But that could easily be pulled away unless I held on tight to it with my arms. It inhibited my physical movements. If I had had even one piece of clothing on my body, I would have gone and thrown myself over my son and tried to save him. I would have done anything to save at least one young man of my family. Not one of the four is left. ” – Gurdip Kaur, block 32 Trilokpuri.

“There were six members in our family. The three men, my husband and my two brothers-in-law, were murdered. Now only three women are left. My husband was first beaten and then burnt to death. I was sitting and crying when a big group of men came and dragged me away. They took me to the nearby huts in front of block 32, and raped me. They tore off all my clothes. They bit and scratched me. They took me at 10 p.m. and released me at about 3 a.m. When I came back, I was absolutely naked, just as one is when one comes out of the mother’s womb.” – Baby Bai, Trilokpuri.

“All night, the attacks continued. My husband was hiding in a trunk. They dragged him out and cut him to pieces. Another 16-year-old boy was killed in front of my eyes. He was carrying a small child in his arms. They killed the child, too. We women were forced to come out of our houses and sit in a group outside. I was trying to hide my daughter. I put a child in her lap and dishevelled her hair so that she would look older. But finally one of our own neighbours pointed her out to these men. They began to drag her away. We tried to save her. I pleaded with them.

They took Koshala to the old masjid. I don’t know what happened to her. At about 4 a.m., when we were driven out of the colony, she called out to me from the roof of the masjid. She was screaming to me: ‘Mummy, mujhe lechal, mujhe lechal, Mummy’[take me with you]. But how could Mummy take her? They beat her because she called to me. I don’t know where she is now.” – Rajjo Bai, Trilokpuri

The first relief to be given to the Trilokpuri victims was not by the authorities but by a voluntary group of over two dozen who brought them food, medical care and concern. Even though a women had given birth to a child among the victims, the authorities had not even arranged for medical care for her or the other persons seriously injured more than a day earlier. Members of this voluntary team rescued Sikh families who were hiding in Hindu homes as late as 7.30 in the evening. These rescues were made in the presence of the District Commissioner who had to be cajoled into helping. The authorities assured the victims that they will be given all help and things like blankets though they had none on hand. In fact the authorities have been using the Farash Bazaar Camp (where Trilokpuri victims were sent ) to show their efficiency whereas a great deal of the work there has been done by voluntary agencies.


AS Randhawa





Ajmer Singh Randhawa


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