Australia made history today when it welcomed a mass murderer from India

Amitabh is an alleged mass murderer, a perpetrator of 1984 Sikh genocide. Today Australia has announced scholarship on his name, the day is not far when Australia may declare another scholarship to honor Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Goebals.If a mass murderer of India can be honored, why not Nazis?

Amitabh the alleged mass murder couldn’t dare to enter in Princess theater but chose back door, made mockery of agitators on stage inside, protesting against him outside in the venue. Had he not been protected by top security and Australian govt too not bowed before the money offered by him to start a scholarship in his name, the small numbered Sikhs could teach him a lesson if he had dared to face them. 

But why Amitabh is chosen to start a scholarship on his name?

In fact his celebrity is encashed by Australia to woo Indian students. One friend rightly revealed the hidden truth in these words;

Dear students, don’t fall prey. It’s a gimmick to attract Indian students.

So sad to see La trobe uni is offering a AB scholarship to attract international students from India, but Vic would not give any concession to students in Public transport which costs 12 $ / day but is offered to Aussie students. We indians are seen as cash cows who would pay 50000$ in two years for education but when applying for jobs most of them are not even called for a interview. Most of them end up driving Taxies and cleaing toilets to repay the 50000$ loan that thy have taken back in india. So sad to see how low Latrobe uni would go to attract Money……Raj …..Ex student Latrobe uni

I am fully hopeful that in near future Australia will start a scholarship in the name of Nazi leaders too, They like Adolf Hitler and alleged mass killers needs to be honored if alleged mass murderer from India can be honored. After all two wrongs there but one can’t be justified? Either we condemn both or praise both. If Hitler killed Jews, Amitabh played a key role in killing of innocent Sikhs in India in 1984 Sikh genocide. I wonder why do the journalists fear of him and never dare to question him in detail? If i am given the opportunity to share few minutes with him facing camera, i shall expose him in minutes.

I still remember a chair in the name of his late father Harivanshrai Bacchan was o[ened in Queensland University, hundreds of mails were sent in protest but ignored by QU as it received a hefty amount from this mass murderer. See full report at

The numbers of protesting Sikh brothers increased nearly to 50 (as reports received later on)as many more present in Melbourne joined. It was a successful protest as many locals too inquired of his role from our brothers. Just see more pictures of protest inMel bourne, Australia.

The first picture of protest in Melbourne against Amitabh Baccha, Sikhs did protest, may be less in number but successfully exposed the mass murderer of 1984 Sikh genocide. The protest with banners, his pictures and slogans were shouted exposing him.

Protest in Melbourne against Amitabh-3


Protest in Melblurne May 2014

Protest in Melbourne against Amitabh -1

Protest in Melbourne against Amitabh-2

Protest in Melbourne against Amitabh-4

Eyewitness Testimonies by victims of 1984:

“On the morning of 1 November, when Indira Mata’s body was brought to Teen Murti, everyone was watching television. Since 8 a.m. they had been showing the homage being paid to her dead body. At about noon, my children said: ‘Mother, please make some food. We are hungry.’ I had not cooked that day and I told them: ‘Son, everyone is mourning. She was our mother, too. She helped us to settle here. So I don’t feel like lighting the fire today.’ Soon after this the attack started. Three of the men ran out and were set on fire. My youngest son stayed in the house with me. He shaved off his beard and cut his hair. But they came into the house. Those young boys, 14 and 16 years old, began to drag my son out even though he was hiding behind me. They tore my clothes and stripped me naked in front of my son. When these young boys began to rape me, my son began to cry and said: ‘Elder brothers, don’t do this. She is like your mother just as she is my mother.’ But they raped me right there, in front of my son, in my house. They were young boys, maybe eight of them. When one of them raped me, I said: My child, never mind. Do what you like. But remember, I have given birth to children. This child came into the world by this same path.’

After they had taken my honour, they left. I took my son out with me and made him sit among the women but they came and dragged him away. They took him to the street corner, hit him with lathis, sprinkled kerosene over him, and burnt him alive. I tried to save him but they struck me with knives and broke my arm. At that time, I was completely naked. I somehow managed to get hold of an old sheet which I had wrapped around myself. But that could easily be pulled away unless I held on tight to it with my arms. It inhibited my physical movements. If I had had even one piece of clothing on my body, I would have gone and thrown myself over my son and tried to save him. I would have done anything to save at least one young man of my family. Not one of the four is left. ” – Gurdip Kaur, block 32 Trilokpuri.

“There were six members in our family. The three men, my husband and my two brothers-in-law, were murdered. Now only three women are left. My husband was first beaten and then burnt to death. I was sitting and crying when a big group of men came and dragged me away. They took me to the nearby huts in front of block 32, and raped me. They tore off all my clothes. They bit and scratched me. They took me at 10 p.m. and released me at about 3 a.m. When I came back, I was absolutely naked, just as one is when one comes out of the mother’s womb.”  – Baby Bai, Trilokpuri.

“All night, the attacks continued. My husband was hiding in a trunk. They dragged him out and cut him to pieces. Another 16-year-old boy was killed in front of my eyes. He was carrying a small child in his arms. They killed the child, too.

We women were forced to come out of our houses and sit in a group outside. I was trying to hide my daughter. I put a child in her lap and dishevelled her hair so that she would look older. But finally one of our own neighbours pointed her out to these men. They began to drag her away. We tried to save her. I pleaded with them.

They took Koshala to the old masjid. I don’t know what happened to her. At about 4 a.m., when we were driven out of the colony, she called out to me from the roof of the masjid. She was screaming to me: ‘Mummy, mujhe lechal, mujhe lechal, Mummy’[take me with you]. But how could Mummy take her? They beat her because she called to me. I don’t know where she is now.” – Rajjo Bai, Trilokpuri

The first relief to be given to the Trilokpuri victims was not by the authorities but by a voluntary group of over two dozen who brought them food, medical care and concern. Even though a women had given birth to a child among the victims, the authorities had not even arranged for medical care for her or the other persons seriously injured more than a day earlier. Members of this voluntary team rescued Sikh families who were hiding in Hindu homes as late as 7.30 in the evening. These rescues were made in the presence of the District Commissioner who had to be cajoled into helping. The authorities assured the victims that they will be given all help and things like blankets though they had none on hand. In fact the authorities have been using the Farash Bazaar Camp (where Trilokpuri victims were sent ) to show their efficiency whereas a great deal of the work there has been done by voluntary agencies. 

Basically he is coward who always betrayed with those who were very closed to him in his life.

We Sikhs hate him and pray almighty to do justice with us in our life time, we want to see him begging for death but no mercy upon him, he may rot on bed crying for death but even life may not be merciful to him.

AS Randhawa

Ajmer Singh Randhawa.


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