Amitabh Bacchan suffering from curse of 1984 , having cancer?

The time of justice is arrived, Amitabh is reported to be suffering from Cancer. He is alleged of provocation and instigation the violence against Sikhs throughout India in 1984. Other perpetrators were responsible for killings of Sikhs in their own constituencies like dogs bite and bark in their areas but Amitabh was the first person who gave a call to Hindus to spill blood of Sikhs in 1984. His celebrity was thus encashed by Congress and Rajiv Gandhi used his celebrity status to avenge death of his mother who was killed becuase of her orders to invade Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple)in same year June 1984.

So it’s said that their is delay but not injustice in the house of God and we had a wish to see this justice by our own eyes, we wished and cursed him that he may beg for death but death shall not come to him, he may cry in pain as the innocent Sikhs cried when they were burnt alive by mobs provoked by him. He may also rot on bed and feel the heat of his own sins lying in an AC room.

And that tie has come (Read this news) :—–

According to Rumours Bollywood’s Big B Amitabh Bachchan and who was also involved in 1984 Sikh riots and shouted Blood for Blood has been allegedly diagnosed with cancer.A highly placed source at the suburban hospital close to his home informed some media reporters that Amitabh visits the specialist once every month without fail for his check-up. “Amitabh comes calling at least once every month and his reports suggest that he is suffering from an intestinal ailment that could be cancerous
Ajmer Singh Randhawa


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