Back into June 1984 with light of truth.

30 years have passed when our holiest place the Darbar Sahib also known as Golden temple in Amritsar, Punjab was invaded by Indian army when it’s Infantry division surrendered and refused to attack. Finally the sweating Generals ordered deployment of Tanks and heavy armor to destroy historical building of Akal Takhat and to kill the last 14 Sikhs inside who had stopped the advance of Indian army and caused Infantry to surrender. The defeat of mighty Indian army by handful Sikh youths shall always remind us the valor of khalsa and defeat of Indian army which couldn’t proceed an inch to cover a distance of merely 200 meters in 72 hrs. 

Nearly 50,000 innocent Sikhs were killed all over Punjab and almost same number missing. Indira was responsible for this racist attack. She had lust of power and wanted to ee Congress rule in every state. She misused article 356 of the constitution to impose President’s rule in state and then after few month, elections announced for a fresh mandate for Congress rule. Every C of every state ruled by opposition was afraid of misuse of this article as it could be imposed to maintain law and order in state. It was almost impossible for Indira to rule in Punjab as Akalis were more powerful and had firm grip in public. Indira had already faced challenge in emergency when she had imprisoned every eader of opposition but the leaders in Punjab openly raised their voice against emergency. Since then Indira had animosity with Sikhs.

So for the next 30 days, we shall write an article daily on’ VOICE OF SIKH NATION’ about the atrocities, killings, attack on Golden temple, govt. white paper and suitable answer to Indian govt. through pen, we mean we shall try to keep you informed daily by giving true information on OPERATION BLUESTAR. We may also share whether attack on Genral Brar in London, f it was justified and whether he deserved it or it was just a provocation to see him late in the evening in a London street.

Please be connected and don’t miss the chain which will be difficult to find elsewhere. It will be like sharing an encyclopedia on events of 1984.

Ajmer Singh Randhawa



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