June 1984, Light of truth-1

      There are three types of people, 1st those who confess their own faults and mention the excellence of others, the highest type, second there are those who highlight their own excellence and decry the faults of others, they are worse, and third, those who parade their own faults as excellence and deride the excellence in others as faults, they are the worst. The last type is most common nowadays and most rampant.

      Indira Gandhi was of this last type and now the Govt of India represents this same category.

      These articles are dedicated to all of the Sikh men, women and children martyred in “Operation Bluestar” and in the subsequent “Operation Woodrose” in defending the sacred sanctum sanctorum “Darbar Sahib,” also known as the Golden Temple from the invading Indian army in June 1984.


      Indira Gandhi was debarred through a historical verdict by Chief Justice Jagmohan Lal Sinha of Allahabad high Court in 1975 and subsequently banned from contesting in any election for the next six years but this cunning criminal, rather than follow the Court’s orders, declared “state of emergency” in India and became self appointed dictator of India. Furthermore, all the most important senior leaders of opposition parties were arrested and quickly shuffled behind bars. Press was immediately censored. The propagandist department under “Congress party government; the Home Ministry, issued anti-democratic slogan, “INDIA IS INDIRA AND INDIRA IS INDIA,” though today the “great India” still exists but where is this “Indira?”

      This book is dedicated to the BRAVE FIVE SIKHS who in 2013 in the U.K. attempted to take vengeance upon Maj. Gen. K.S. Brar, the man responsible for the atrocities, humiliation, defamation, attempted suppression, and killing of more than 15000 Sikh pilgrims during  “Operation Blue Star” in June 1984 in an invasion by the Indian army at the Golden Temple in Amritsar India.

Brave four

On the 13th of April 1919 British General Michael O’Dyer massacred more than 350 innocent native Indians in Jalianwala bagh in a public gathering (Jalsa). More than 350 unarmed people were killed and nearly 1000 were seriously wounded. The purpose behind this massacre and subsequent shoot-out was to threaten and suppress the native Indians so that they may never dare to criticize the British govt. or protest ever again.

A young man named Udham Singh from a village known as “Sunam” also went there to pay homage to these martyrs. On seeing the blood spread all over the ground, he took an oath to avenge this massacre. Twenty years later, he applied for a passport in the fake name of “RAM MUHAMMAD SINGH” and embarked on a journey to England.  Unfortunately on the same date in 1940, the British were honoring General O’Dyre for his distinguished services in Caxton Hall, London when Udham Singh drew out a pistol and shot the General, who was consequently killed on the spot. Udham Singh did not attempt to escape, more willingly he surrendered himself to British Police. He was executed on the 31st of July 1940 for killing General O’Dyer.

Further innocent Sikh blood was spilled in June 1984 in Amritsar at the Golden Temple, situated just 100 meters from “Jalianwala Bagh,” the site of the “O’Dyer massacre.” The Indian army had invaded this holy place of worship and demolished the historical supreme seat of Sikh faith – The “Akal Takhat sahib,” which had been built by the 6th Guru of the Sikh religion. Subsequently, Sikhs pledged to avenge this attack from all those responsible for this disrespect, the demolition of  the “Akal Takhat” and the killing of more than 15000 innocent devotees (pilgrims) in the complex of the “Golden temple.” These innocent Sikhs had been made captives due to the onslaught of the Indian army at the orders of then Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi – she was and is still held responsible for this attack as she had ordered the Commander-in-chief Arun Sridhar vaidya as….

      “I don’t give a damn if the Golden Temple and whole of Amritsar are destroyed, I want Bhindranwale dead.” (Indira Gandhi, Indian Prime Minister, communicating with Gen. Vaidya during “Operation Blue Star.”) On 31st October 1984 she was assassinated by two valiant Sikhs Beant Singh and Satwant Singh at her official residence in Delhi. Her son Rajiv Gandhi was unanimously elected as next PM. The first thing he did in this nation was pogrom of Sikhs which continued for 72 hrs (three days and nights) in Delhi and other parts of India. More then 20000 innocent Sikhs were killed brutally by garlanding of Tyres around their necks and burnt alive most often being drenched in kerosene or by pouring a chemical WHITE PHOSPHOROUS. We can say that India used chemicle to kill it’s own citizens.

On the contrary two Sikh youths killed the retired Colonel-in-charge, A.S. Vaidya in Pune, these two valiant Sikhs were Bhai Harjinder Singh Jinda and Bhai Sukhdev Singh Sukha. They were arrested after sometime and executed on the charge of murder on the 9th Oct.1992. They were also responsible for the murder of Arjan Dass, the person responsible for orchestrating the Sikh genocide in 1984, after the assassination of Indira Gandhi in Delhi.

More than 33 years have passed since this attack on the Golden Temple, code named “Operation Blue Star,” that took place in June 1984. The Sikh people loathe all those to blame for this assault, it should also be noted that upon the death of former Sikh General RS Dayal, who himself commanded this operation, proper sikh last rites for his departed soul were denied, as required per Sikh religion. Not a single priest was willing to perform his last rites. Even the elected body, the “SGPC,” or “Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee” too backed up this decision.

Ajmer Singh Randhawa,

New Delhi.

According to Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India, S.M. Sikri, “Operation Bluestar is a massive, deliberate and planned onslaught to the life, property and honor of a comparatively small, but easily identifiable minority community.”

 Perhaps govt. of India and it’s army is unaware that Amritdhari Sikh severs all worldly alliances but that of allegiance Khalsa.

“Ik ongkar satnam karta purakh nirbhau nirwair akal murat ajuni saibhang gur Prasad”.

After Amrit initiation, one from amongst the five beloved ones should explain to the initiates the discipline of the order : *Today you are reborn in the true Guru’s household, ending the cycle of migration, and joined the Khalsa Panth (order). *Your spiritual father is now Guru Gobind Singh and spiritual mother, Mata Sahib Kaur. *Your place of birth is Kesgarh Sahib and your native place is Anandpur Sahib. You, being the sons of one father, are, inter-se yourselves and other baptized Sikhs, spiritual brothers. You have become the pure Khalsa, having renounced your previous lineage, professional background, calling (occupation), beliefs, that is, having given up all connections with your caste, descent, birth, country, religion, etc. You are to worship none except the One Timeless Being (Waheguru) no God, Goddess, incarnation or prophet. You are not to think of anyone except the ten Gurus and anything except their gospel as your savior.

So religious prism it is for the devout who honor and respect their vow and oath of initiation.

But what is the status of Sikh Qaum (nation) in India to-day, whether we are given equal rights, whether we are second class citizens, whether Sikhs are criminals, whether Sikhs with their articles of faith (five mandatory religious signs) are terrorists as ………..This excerpt from the official document exposes that in fact all practicing Sikhs were considered terrorists and were targeted by the government?

In June 1984. “Some of our innocent countrymen were administered an oath in the name of religion to support extremists and actively participated in the act of terrorism. These people wear a miniature kirpan round their neck and are called “Amritdharis”. They have to be subdued to achieve the final aim of restoring peace in the country. Any knowledge of the “Amritdharis” who are dangerous people and pledged to commit murder, arson and acts of terrorism should be immediately brought to the notice of the authorities. These people may appear harmless from outside but they are basically committed to terrorism. Page 157.

I need to remind those ignorant Sikhs among us who foolishly seek to justify the Indian Government’s actions against the Sikh Nation. I challenge my brothers and sisters who make such ridiculous comments to spend some time to seek out the facts. This was an organized and calculated attempt by Rajiv Gandhi to commit genocide against the Sikh nation. Why must we have to explain this to our own, 30 years after the fact?

Though enough has been written on Sikh genocide of 1984 but every writer has his own vision and wisdom to assume the ongoing before he/she explains but my views are entirely different as I have decided to introduce the viewers with malicious game plan of the congress party—which is ruling as govt. of India. I shall try to explain them truthfully so that all citizens of this nation may come to know how an elected govt.-by people for the people in fact went against the people  and secretly tried to eliminate the brave Sikh nation in India in 1984? To play with the lives of thousands of innocent people of its own nation just to gain power in states, you will not find the dirtiest game other than in India, the Congress which calls it secular but is most communal party of India. India is the biggest racist nation.

The opposition party Bhartiya Janta Party has itself declared a Hindu party to itself so that is basically a communal Hindu party. It’s also involved in killing of more then 2000 thousand Muslims in riots in 2002 in Gujrat state of India. Both the major political parties are anti-minority in nature. Whenever there is any thing concerned to Hindu religion, both these rival parties function in one manner with same motto, there internal disputes and differences gets over and both these parties becomes enemies of minorities and quench their thirst with blood of innocents in India. There faces may be different at times but while functioning, they both behave in a similar manner. Hence it becomes difficult to know their real faces.

This is not the first instance in history where the govt. of any nation went against its own people and killed them to terrorize others, there are number of such disgusting evidences  like in Yugoslawia where Muslims were killed, in Germany—Yahudis were killed by Hitler in gas Chambers, Hosni Mobarak of Egypt killed more then 900 civilians in a coup against him at Tahrir square, China killed more than 3000 students protesting at Tinanmin squire but in India which was liberated from British colony only 37 years ago and the credit to maximum sacrifices goes to Sikh nation in its freedom movement. The Sikhs were betrayed by  these killing of innocents twice in 1984 by Govt of India. Though thousands were killed and more were again made homeless after 1947 but the moral of Sikh nation was not shaken despite a major attempt to eliminate it. The Sikhs are again in their high spirit blessed by their 10th master of religion – Guru Gobind Singh.

Then the question arises what did the Indian govt. gained by killing of these innocents? Whether after killing the peace, harmony and normalcy returned in India? No ! In fact, if we have a look on next 10 years, we find the Sikh militancy on its extreme. The Beant Singh govt. (the Congress govt. in Punjab state ruled by Chief Minister Beant Singh) killed more than hundreds of thousands Sikh youths in fake encounters. A complete Sikh youth generation in the age group of 18-35 was thus wiped out.

To day the Sikh nation is in dilemma whether to call this nation as their home or not. The Sikhs in India are in dire need of a fearless but strong leader, whenever it gets the answer to this question shall be found whether the future of Sikhs is within India or not? But can you imagine any picture of India without Sikhs? Earlier this nation has been  divided on religion and Muslims got their own nation—The Pakistan. But I am sure if none of these perpetrators of  Sikh genocide are not punished, and if govt continues discrimination and injustice with Sikhs then India should be ready for its one more division and then we Sikhs shall not be held responsible for this division. Only the majority Hindus and Congress shall be alleged for this division.

Though the same Congress was also responsible for the division of India in 1947 but if it’s leaders had a will, this nation would haven’t been divided. The Indian sub-continent would have not to witnessed killing of more then one million people out of the total population of 330 million in United India. More then 10 millions were made homeless in their own nations and called refugee. Even then this Indian national congress learnt no lesson—if it had learnt, it would haven’t dared to kill Sikhs brutally.

At the time of the partition of India in 1947, the Sikhs as a community had decided to be part of India as it had been promised autonomous powers as a reward for the pivotal role it had played during the Indian independence movement. However those promises were soon backtracked upon by the Congress party when it came to power. The Sikhs were not recognized as a separate religion in the Indian constitution and instead regarded as an extension of the majority Hindu faith.

The blatant secret policy against the Sikhs continued right from the dawn of so-called independence if you read the role played by Suhrawardy, with Gandhi’s blessings, who held discussions with Pakistani leaders. These dealers had the cheek to describe Sikhs, who suffered most because of the partition, as ‘impossible’. S Kapur Singh speech on betrayal of Sikhs in the parliament must be on the record. It is a matter of shame that Akalis continued to have faith in Indian democracy in spite of S. Kapur Singh’s strong messages.

And readers may note that there were only two Sikh Divisional Commissioners in Punjab, one Sirdar Kapur Singh ji at Kangra and the other at Gurgaon. So this circular must be noticed by other Sikh DC too but he might have ignored it but Sirdar kapur Singh ji objected to it by sending a protest letter. Kindly read the book to know more truth.


Kapur Singh

In 1947, the governor of Punjab, Mr. C.M. Trivedi, in defference to the wishes of the Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru and Sardar Patel, the Deputy Prime Minister, issued certain instructions to all the Deputy Commissioners of Indian Punjab…These were to the effect that: “without reference to the law of the land, the Sikhs in general and Sikh migrants in particular must be treated as a “criminal tribe”. Harsh treatment must be meted out to them…….to the extent of shooting them dead so that they wake up to the political realities and recognize “who are the rulers and who the subjects”.

Kapur Singh, Sachi Sakhi, Amritsar: SGPC, 1993, p. 4-5 “.

 Other D.C. could not have dared to tell about this letter full of prejudice against the Sikhs. It was only Kapur whose conscience was awake and dare to protest against it and paid a heavy price for.

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 Continued : Please keep connected till 5th June 2014.

AS Randhawa
Ajmer Singh Randhawa




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