June 1984, Light of truth-03

With the release of these documents, General Brar is exposed. He  is a liar. He lied with nation when he refused visit of a senior officer of British Elite services to help india to plan attack on Darbar Sahib. How could Brar show any information when he was nowhere in planners of attack? In his words, he says that he was called by Indira on 25th may and ordered to report at HQ of western command in Chandigarh. He had to cancel his leave and plan the attack? He means that the Indian army made no plan before that but we have many evidences that Indian army made a replica in Chakrata hills in Doon valley and training was given to soldiers for the last 18  months, what for? 

First Mary Anne Weaver disclosed it soon after the Operation Bluestar in next week, and then Gen SK Sinha too disclosed in his book, “Last Resorts” revealed it.  That proves him (Gen. Brar a liar).


British PM Margaret Thatcher order SAS to ‘collude’ with Indian government in deadly raid on Golden Temple in 1984.

Newly-released British government papers suggest then-PM Margaret Thatcher responded positively to an Indian government request for advice on planning the attack and sent an officer from the elite SAS special air service to help draw up a plan.

The papers, released under the 30-year rule and published on the Stop Deportations blog, indicate that Mrs Thatcher was aware of the involvement of an SAS officer in drawing up a plan – although it is not clear whether the Indian army operation followed this advice.

The request for British advice is disclosed in a letter, dated February 23 1984, from Brian Fall, private secretary to then foreign secretary Geoffrey Howe, to Hugh Taylor, his counterpart under home secretary Leon Brittan.

The letter said: ‘The Indian authorities recently sought British advice over a plan to remove Sikh extremists from the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

PM Margaret Thatcher gave full support over Golden Temple raid, the letter shows.

Thatcher also, reassured Gandhi that British police were “devoting considerable resources” to safeguarding Indian government personnel in Britain.

Other documents in the file make clear Whitehall’s interest in lucrative arms sales to India at this time. A secret Foreign Office briefing dated 22 June 1984, which was sent to Downing Street, stressed that British “commercial interests” in India were “very substantial. It is a large and growing market for both commercial and defense sales. British exports in 1983 exceeded £800m and since 1975 India has bought British defense equipment worth over £1.25bn,”

One main revelation omitted from the investigation, As revealed by B. Raman, former head of raw’s counter-terrorism division, in his 2007 book The Kaoboys of RAW, two MI-5 intelligence liaison official at the British high commission had scouted the Golden Temple complex in as far as back December 1983.

They briefed a senior SAS officer sent by the UK to Delhi in Feb 1984 who deemed the special operation feasible.



Copies of letters:

I may remind you all that 1984 was a Genocide of the Sikhs. More than 100,000 Sikhs were killed. The whole world watched on live TV, as silent viewers, the manner the Sikhs’ holiest shrine was demolished. Sikhs were garlanded with Tyres in their necks and torched alive, Sikh’s young ladies were gang raped and then killed, Sikh’s babies and toddlers were thrown live from the balconies to their death. These killings happened in Delhi too.


* Today on 4th February 2014, in the UK Parliament, during an almost two-hour long debate, the UK Government’s involvement in the planning of the attack thirty years ago on Sri Harmandar Sahib, was clarified. William Hague answered questions on the Cabinet Secretary’s report released today, which looked into the documents from that period and interviewed those that were in the government at the time in question. MP’s from both sides of the house, expressed in no uncertain terms, that the Sikh community to this day are still seeking justice for the thousands of innocents who perished in the deadly attack and the truth about the events that occurred during and in the aftermath – when thousands more were tortured, raped, murdered and ‘disappeared’. Inadequacies in the report were also highlighted by some MP’s, who stated that after reading and digesting it, the Sikh community may feel it has not gone far enough.

Two letters released under the 30-year rule. A 1984 letter from the prime minister’s office stated that a British adviser had “visited India and drawn up a plan” which had been approved by the Indian government.

At the time of Bluestar, Girish (Gary) Saxena headed the R&AW. But the legendary Rameshwar Nath Kao was the security adviser to Mrs Gandhi and was closely associated with the handling of the Punjab issue. Even though India was supposed to be close to the Soviet Union, the R&AW headed by Kao was firmly aligned with the western camp. It had, in any case, been set up through the recommendations of British advisers in the 1960s, and had liaised with the US in matters related to China, such as the infamous Nanda Devi caper. US personnel were involved in training the Special Services Bureau, now the border guarding force for the Nepal border. At that time, the SSB was seen as a “stay behind” force to conduct a guerrilla war against putative Chinese occupiers

The failings of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office 33 years ago is likely to come under particular scrutiny for failing to protect its own British citizens and their families in 1984 by warning them not to travel to the Punjab given direct knowledge and intelligence of the military build up of 150,000 troops. 

The Sikh Federation (UK) has also appealed to prominent Sikh organizations in Canada, USA, Australia and Malaysia to look into whether their governments also failed to protect their Sikh citizens and residents 30 years ago.

It is understood these governments also remained silent and did not warn its Sikh citizens or residents of the Indian authorities’ plans for making Punjab a military state with shoot to kill orders.  They were not alerted they should not travel to Punjab and did not arrange for those who were there to be immediately evacuated.

Whereas Canada is concerned, it was silent on atrocities upon it’s Sikh citizens. We have a recorded evidence of Mai Harinder Kaur of Seattle who was molested during interrogation in Amritsar in June 1984. This will also be given in full detail in coming days.

Sikh Lawyers from Canada and USA have told the Sikh Federation (UK) they are also hoping to explore with their respective governments if legal action can be taken against the UK Government for killing its Sikh citizens who would have also travelled to Punjab.

Sikh Lawyers have suggested their may also be a case that Sikhs who were in India from the UK, Canada, USA, Australia, Malaysia etc. in November 1984, especially citizens of those countries and survived or lost family members may also challenge why their respective governments failed to act against the Indian authorities at the time to provide them protection and assistance to return home without delay.

Ajmer kesri


Ajmer Singh Randhawa.



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