June 1984, Light of Truth-05.

Ashwin kumar, the former President of Indian hockey Federation and who was a DIG in Border Security Force, he revealed in April 2006 in a seminar organized to honor 10 Sikh Hockey Olympians which is an evidence and approves Indira had enmity with Sikhs.

In fact Indira had animosity with Sikhs in general as they were the only community who opposed the emergency in 1975 when all his opponents were terrorized by her. Sikhs protested in large numbers and filled jails in Punjab.

“WHEN INDIRA GANDHI ASKED: ˜WHY SIKH PLAYERS ONLY?” And see Hockey is ruined in India now.

“In 1974 when I was an Inspector-General in the Border Security Force I received a call from the Prime Minister’s Office that Mrs Indira Gandhi wanted to see me urgently that evening.

“I was on an inspection visit to some border posts in Kashmir near Gulmarg. I was stunned at this SOS from the PMO. A chopper flew me from Gulmarg to Srinagar from where I took a regular flight of the Indian Airlines to New Delhi.

“I could not guess the reason for the summons. There was not much happening in either the Border Security Force or Jammu and Kashmir. Anyway, I reached Delhi and went to call on the Prime Minister at the appointed time.

“After a formal exchange of greetings, I mustered some courage to ask the Prime Minister: ’Madam, you asked for me. Is there anything specific?’

“No, nothing much. The only reason I have called you here is to tell you that the Education Minister recently pointed out to me that you have been recruiting too many Sikh hockey players,’ said Mrs Gandhi.

“I kept quiet though I was very upset. I returned to the guest house and signed my letter of resignation from the post of president of the Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) and sent it immediately to the then President of the Indian Olympic Association, Raja Bhalinder Singh. All my friends in sports in general and hockey in particular advised me against this step. But I was determined. I had so much faith and trust in my hockey players, most of whom were Sikhs. I could not have left them down.

“The contribution of Sikhs to Indian hockey has always been immense and I salute them.”

This is a part of the speech Mr Ashwani Kumar, who was once the doyen of Indian hockey, made at a function held in the union capital in April, 2006, to felicitate the top 10 Sikh hockey Olympians of India. The second part of his speech was how he and other members of his family fought violent protestors and arsonists during the anti-Sikh riots in Delhi in 1984. He then eulogized the contribution of great Sikh hockey players like Sahib Singh, Sarup Singh, Udham Singh, Harmik Singh and Ajitpal Singh to Indian hockey.

He complimented Sikh hockey players for their devotion, commitment, sincerity and hard work.

Now you can see the game of Hockey is ruined in India, and who is responsible for this lost charm to which Sikh youths were fascinated once?

Salman Khurshid on 1984

India’s  Minister of External Affairs  justified the genocide of Sikhs as he is happy to get avenge from Sikhs on their role in 1947 and held them responsible for killing of Muslims. He alleges both the communities—the Hindus and Sikhs to kill Muslims in 1947 but in his book he discloses his views on justification of killing of Sikhs. He writes in his book ‘AT HOME IN INDIA’  that Sikhs paid the price for blood of Indira but it seems his another wish is not fulfilled that Hindus have not paid any price yet? His desire of elimination of Hindus also reveals, when he talks of avenging. You may read this para below in the picture and assume yourself what he means?

Indira Gandhi was debarred by a historical verdict by Chief Justice Jagmohan Lal Sinha of Allahabad high Court in 1975 and banned her to contest any election for the next six years but this cunning lady instead of following the Court orders declared emergency in India and became a dictator. All the important senior leaders of opposition were arrested and sent behind bars. Press was censored. The propagandist department of Congress govt—the Home Ministry gave a slogan ….INDIA IS INDIRA AND INDIRA IS INDIA but the great India is still there but where is this Indira?

Now there was no opposition and not a single voice against her in free India due to emergency rule. The brave Sikhs couldn’t bear this tyranny and they raised a voice against her atrocities. They started an agitation against her. They offered their arrest in batches of 100 persons in each batch and filled the jails. Now Indira was in question so she decided to free the arrested leaders but as a voice was raised from Punjab and by Sikhs so since then she started to have enmity with Sikhs. She had decided to teach a lesson to fearless Sikhs. In this hate she committed an unforgettable historical mistake that she had to pay the price by her own life. She not only ended the enmity against Sikhs here but since after the army attack on Golden Temple, she knew that the brave  Sikhs shall never forgive her so she started to play dangerous and malicious moves against Sikhs in her last days.

Veer Sanghvi—who is an editor of India’s leading news paper ‘The Hindustan Times’ once interviewed Sonia Gandhi– the daughter in law of Mrs. Gandhi. This video is available on youtube also. In this interview Sonia Gandhi herself admits that Indira used to give tips to her son Rajiv Gandhi to what to do in case of her sudden death as she was feared of her assassination by Sikhs who could avenge the attack on Golden temple with her life so she used to give lessons to her son to how to avenge Sikhs after her sudden demise. The highly decorated posts were already being adorned by her trustworthy appointed faithful bureaucrats and other senior posts in Police, Army and …….. security forces. These trustworthy officers could give their services to fulfill the ambitions of Rajiv Gandhi and help him to achieve his goal.

The roots of 1984 go back to independence and partition of India.  Prior to 1984 Sikhs weren’t calling for independence.  Actually they were campaigning for things like better access to water and electricity, recognition of the Punjabi language, the right to broadcast radio from Sri Harmander Sahib and the state capital being located within the state!

Akali Dal is the only largest political and religious party of Sikhs in India which has the responsibility to safe guard interests of the Sikhs worldwide. Due to changing political scenario in Punjab and by discrimination with Sikhs and then due to interference of Central govt. of Delhi into state matters, it tabled a draft of Anandpur Sahib resolution while the core of the basic resolutions passed by its working committee at Anandpur Sahib in 1973 (October 16-17, 1973) namely attainment of special Constitutional state for the Sikhs to ensure their growth in accordance with their own socio-spiritual traditions and tenets was fully endorsed by the General House of the Shiromani Akali Dal, the scope of the greater autonomy to the state of Punjab for the aforesaid purpose was widened to include all the states.

It was endorsed in the form of a succession of resolutions at the 18th All India Akali Conference of the Shiromani Akali Dal at Ludhiana on 28-29 October, 1978.

Thus, the shape and scope of the Anandpur Sahib resolution as tit finally emerged out of the Ludhiana meet of the Shiromani Akali Dal envisaged;

The attainment of pre-eminence of the Khalsa through special constitutional safeguards and powers for the Sikhs.

  1. Greater autonomy to all the states by recasting the Centre-State relations on the basis of limited powers for the Centre.

Resolutions adopted, in the light of the Anandpur Sahib Resolution, at open session of the 18th All India Akali Conference held at Ludhiana on October 28-29, 1978, under Jathedar Jagdev Singh Talwandi as President.

It was not accepted by govt. of India. If it had been accepted the interference of center in State matters would have stopped with immediate effect. Earlier the govt of many states were fallen by the misuse of article 356 by center and president rule was imposed. All this was intentionally done for re-election in states and then pave way for Congress to return in power.

This resolution was refused by Indira govt.

Now some efforts were made to normalize the relations of the state with center by Akalis. Whenever a meeting was held, the Akali Dal always gave its consent to all the proposals but the Indira govt. always ignored those proposals in later stage and blamed the Akalis for breakaway of commitments . And then Sikhs and Akali Dal were defamed by govt. controlled All india Radio and the TV Doordarshan. In the end Sikhs were sure of betrayals by Indira and her cabinet so they concluded that Indira was not having any interest to sort out the Punjab problem but in fact her govt. was blood thirsty of Sikhs.

Due to her this mean thoughts, she tried to justify the attack of army on Golden Temple and that she wanted to wipe out the Sikh militants (extremists) from this sacred place and thus army action was necessary.  Whether the govt. would like to answer if the army attack on Golden temple was to wipe out extremists from this sacred place then why did it attack on more then 40 other important historical Gurudwaras all over the Punjab at the same time , this was given the code name ‘Operation Wood rose’? Why the Amritdhari Sikhs (The persons of Sikh religion wearing all the five mandatory signs of a Sikh) of all ages, male and females were killed in every corner of Punjab?

Former Foreign Minister K Natwar Singh made an interesting revelation about Indira Gandhi’s affinity to the Mughals in his book “Profile and Letters” (ISBN: 8129102358). It states that- In 1968 Indira Gandhi as the Prime Minister of India went on an official visit to Afghanistan. Natwar Sing accompanied her as an IFS officer in duty. After having completed the day’s long engagements, Indira Gandhi wanted to go out for a ride in the evening. After going a long distance in the car, Indira Gandhi wanted to visit Babur’s burial place, though this was not included in the itinerary. The Afghan security officials tried to dissuade her, but she was adamant. In the end she went to that burial place. It was a deserted place.

She went before Babur’s grave, stood there for a few minutes with head bent down in reverence. Natwar Singh stood behind her. When Indira had finished her prayers, she turned back and told Singh “Today we have had our brush with history.” Worth to mention that the Mogul emperor Baabar was the founder of Mogul rule in India, from which the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty have descended.

I would like to remind you that Babar was an invader and founder of Mogul kingdom in India.

Holwel memorial

The British built the HOLWEL memorial in Calcutta to commemorate the brutalities of Indians upon British but our agony is … we even can’t build a memorial to commemorate the martyrdom of our brothers, sisters ad children in this country even after their brutal deaths after 28 years are gone by. The Indian govt. objects to it.  Why? Whether the Sikhs shall forget the atrocities faced by them in 1984, the rapes on their women, the killing of their brothers, children or the brutality of army?  No never, we shall never forget 1984.

Hence we shall reveal the malicious moves of Congress, its political ambitions, Indira’s greediness to form its congress govt. in Punjab by hook or crook, discrimination with Sikhs and betrayals by pro Hindu officers and disclose to our readers whether the army attack on golden temple was required and justified or if there is any improvement in lives of Sikhs after 28 years are gone of Sikh genocide in 1984, all that shall be discussed in this book.


Ajmer Singh Randhawa.


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