June 1984, Light of Truth-06.

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General Shubeg Singh had also come to know about training of Indian soldiers in Chakrata. He was decorated with Mahavir Chakra, a military honor given during war, for his gallantry in Bangla Desh Liberation war in 1971 by Govt. of India. He knew that the govt. of India under rule of Indira Gandhi shall not change its decision and they must attack on Sikh youths to eliminate them. They may make their base anywhere in Punjab. The training to soldiers was being given much prior to shifting his base to Sri Akal Takhat by Sant Jarnail Singh ji.

Gen. Shabeg Singh. Gen. Shabeg Singh after his initiation into Khalsa

Hence he too decided to give army training to these Sikh youths of all ages. As per the valor of Khalsa which inherits in vein of every Sikh, a Sikh never surrender and he gives a befitted reply to his enemy and here the enemy was none other then mighty and a largest force-the Indian army. So he first fortified the complex of Golden temple as they were totally outnumbered in front of Indian army. They were less  in number but greater in courage because they had a motto to defend the religion and get martyrdom defending the supreme temporal seat of Sikh faith to which Indira was keen to invade.

Had he not given training to these Sikh youths, the army would have flushed them out in minutes but this battle shall always be remembered in history where outnumbered Sikh youths against a mighty force stopped advance of Indian army for 72 hrs and didn’t allow it to proceed an inch until its Infantry division surrendered, Generals swept and took the decision to deploy heavy Armor and Tanks to demolish historical building of Sri Akal Takhat to kill last remaining only 14 militants.

On the other hand, Sant ji had to fight another battle with Akali leadership who were doing jeopardize in faith. The Akali leadership had one motto only—to be in power of Punjab by hook or crook. They could use anybody to achieve their mission and this time they tried to use popularity of Sant ji.

Mr. AR Darshi, ex-joint Secretary of Punjab (a Brahmin be his religion) revealed the ruth of Sant Jarnail Singh and honored him TRUE DEFENDER OF SIKH RELIGION. E revealed conspiracy of senior Aklai leadership with Sant ji.  Parkash Singh Badal a shrewd Akali leader wanted to be Chief Minister but there were three big hurdles on his way. First was Gurcharan Singh Tohra, (an Akali stalwart) , he was sworn in President of Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee for 27 times. It’s also called as Sikh mini-parliament. Its said whosoever will control it, shall rule Punjab.

The second was Sant Harchand Singh Longowal, President of Akali Dal. Akali dal started DHARAM YUDH MORCHA and Sant ji gave his full support for it’s success. The main focus of this agitation was to bring  more fame and popularity to Akali leadership. Daily 100 volunteers produced themselves for arrest and it continued for over one year. The main demand of this agitation was to implement Anandpur Sahib resolution drafted and passed by Akali Dal in 1973 at Anandpur Sahib, it grants more power to states like a Federal system but Indira opposed it and accused Akali Dal on weakening the center.

The third main person was Sant Jarnail Singh ji of Bhindran. He was only a Sant. He had no political ambition but he wanted everyone should follow his/her religion without any interference. He preached Hindus to be Hindu, Sikhs to be Sikhs and Muslims to be Muslims by heart and his popularity took him on high  peaks within a very short time. The Indira Gandhi was also scared of his popularity.

Parkash Singh Badal played a con move. He assured Gurcharan Singh Tohra and offered him Chief Ministership of Punjab and the Presidentship of SGPC to Sant Harchand Singh Longowal. He decided to be President of Akali Dal. And Sant Jarnail Singh had no wish. He was a preacher, and  head of Damdami Taksal, a religious school, his only wish was to see Sikh religion in it’s high spirit and youths following faiths. Thousands of Sikh youths in Punjab had given up drugs and use of Alcohol and followed Sikh religion, this worried many Hindu fanatic organizations like RSS (Rashtriya Swaynsewak Sangh) and BJP ( Bhartiya Janta Party). They too started defaming Sant Jarnail Singh and opposing him, lead protest march to pressurize Indira to take action against Sant Jarnail Singh and his followers. It’s said on their advice Indira made a secret plan, a replica of Akal Takhat was made at Chakrata, 90 kms from Dehra Dun and training was started given to soldiers of Indian army much  much prior to before Sant Jarnail Singh occupied Sri Akal Takhat in late 1983.  The senior army Generals have also confirmed about training.

The changing scenario in Punjab brought Parkash Singh Badal closer to Lal Krishan Adwani, President of BJP. LK Adwani writes in his book, “My country my life’ that he pressurized Indira to attack on golden temple. We have the evidences of Parkash Singh Badal also who made secret meetings with center and invited Indira Gandhi to take military action  against Sant jarnail Singh.It shows aboutt LK Adwani and PS Badal were hands in glove. Now BJP and Akali Dal are in alliance for decades in Punjab. 

To conclude, the invasion on Golden temple is story of lust of power, treason by Akali Dal, betrayals by Akali leaders for vested interests, animosity of Indira Gandhi with Sikhs, Govt. desire to eliminate Sikhs, to suppress them and teach a lesson so that their martial spirit may die forever and  they may not walk with their heads high but in humiliation, show the power of army against its own citizens.

Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her two Sikh bodyguards but before her assassination, she used to advice her son Rajiv Gandhi to avenge the Sikhs as she was sure that Sikhs must kill her. She had enmity and hate with Sikhs so in the month of June same year in 1984, she had ordered attack on the sanctum sactorium of Sikh religion—The Darbar sahib (Golden temple) on the martyrdom day of fifth Guru—Sri Arjan Dev ji of Sikh religion, thus she proved her enmity. Due to this attack both sides had to suffer heavy casuality. This attack was given the code name as “Operation Blue star”.

Lieutinent General Kuldip Singh Brar (Major General then) who himself was born in a Sikh family but had discarded his parent’s religion commanded it. He disclosed the number of wounded and died in his book, “ Saaka Neela Taara” in Punjabi language.


Kindly see this picture showing a page description of his book where he disclosed the dead soldiers 15307 and wounded 17897, 43 officers were also killed whereas the number of civilians killed by army was also in thousands but the Sikh youths who stopped the advance of Indian army for 72 hrs were only numbering in 200-250 only. They retaliated consequently for 72 hrs. They had not got any army training, If the youngest among was only 10 years old, the oldest was above 70 years of age. They were given training by a retired Sikh Major General Shubeg Singh who was senior to KS Brar. Shubeg singh ji trained Mukti wahini of Bangla Desh (East Pakistan) in 1971 war and he was master in gurilla war tactics.

There is no doubt that Indian army suffered a heavy loss due to indira Gandhi’s decision to attack on Golden temple. I remember the Military hospital all over northern India were full with wounded soldiers.

General K Sunder ji also confirmed the number of high casuality. In a press conference soon after the Operation blue Star on June 6 at Chandigarh, he admitted in a very sad tone that his 20% army is killed in this operation. And that the army had not got such loss in all its previous battles fought with Pakistan. He also paid his homage by his words of appraisal in honor to these Sikh warriors as… “If any army has such brave warriors, it won’t lose any battle.”

He meant to say that the 20% army personals deployed out of total one hundred thousands was killed. It approves the disclosure made by general KS Brar who gave a full account of dead and wounded. It’s very close to that account.

Col. Israr Khan of Indian army also praised these Sikh militants in his words he paid homage by saying that if he had three brigades of army consisting these militants he could  take-over Pakistan easily.

These valiant Sikh youths though less in numbers got martyred in this operation but none of them surrendered before army. The total casuality suffered by Indian army was much higher then it suffered during all it’s three major wars fought twice with Pakistan and once with China.

General Shubeg singh was a war hero of 1971 in Bangle Desh. He trained the Indian soldiers and Mukti Wahini of Bangla Desh in Gurilla tactics as stated earlier also but the day before his retirement, he was dishonored by a false allegation and terminated from Army —- remember just one day before his retirement….? He felt humiliated and then to avenge from Indira Gandhi and from Indian govt, he reached Amritsar and provided his services to Sant Jarnail Singh ji Bhindranwala by showing his loyalty to Sikh religion. He wanted to avenge his termination and his trained Sikh youths fought so valiantly under his command which Indian army shall never forget in its war history. He had given training to only 200-250 Sikh youths but they proved disastrous for Indian army and completely wiped out the army regiments in this battle of Amritsar.

The Indian army couldn’t bear this huge loss of lives. In frustration it started killing of innocent civilians in Punjab. Wherever it saw a Sikh in turban and with his five mandatory articles of faith, it killed him/her on the spot. According to Geneva treaty,  the army has to behave properly with all the arrested soldiers of enemy but here  our own army carried atrocities upon Sikhs that when we read it, we get stunned to read and know about their tyrannies. We feel ashamed of calling ourselves as Indians. We can’t believe if Indian army could really carried such atrocities on fellow Indian civilians of this same nation? On an eye witness account, I give a report page 69…’ from the book DIARY DE PANNE JO ITIHAS BAN GAYE, written by famous journalist Harbir Bhanwar as follows;

There is hundreds of years old Dera behind Akal Takhat sahib known as Baba Sham Singh Da Dera in Atta Mandi. Daily in the morning before the day breaks, the Deg of Kadah Parsad was prepared and sent to Sri Darbar sahib every morning and then Langar is prepared during the day time. When the BSF personals covered this Dera and entered in it, the sevadars (volunteers) were preparing langar (Community food for free of cost) at that time inside the Dera.

First the soldiers looted the Dera, A Sikh devotee Daulat Singh had sold his land near Chandigarh and an amount of Rs. 60,000 was kept in an almirah in a room, it was also looted and  taken away by soldiers but kept on beating the Sikhs by their Rifle Buts. After this man handling, all the 19 Sikhs were tied their hands at their back with their turbans and brought them in the bystreet. They were about to shoot when an elder Sikh requested the officer to pray them before they are killed.

They were granted the permission, Sikhs prayed before the almighty Waheguru, did their final prayer (ardas) and when they said …WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH. All of them were shot dead.

DSP city Apar Singh Bazwa had cremated the bodies of these innocent Sikhs after three days.

AS Randhawa

Ajmer Singh Randhawa.


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